37 Signs Your Husband Still Loves You

If your partner still does these things, you had hit the jackpot all those years ago.

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Do you think about those days when you dated your boyfriend, and now he is your husband? We are sure before marriage he was head over heels for you, but now you are searching for signs your husband still loves you. This experience is quite common and can happen at any stage of your relationship. While dating, the partners do not think twice about expressing their love. But after a few years of marriage, the responsibilities pile up, and the juggling between personal and professional lives begins. With this, emotional intimacy might take a back seat. You will start doubting whether he still loves you. It is common to feel vulnerable in such situations and get confused by assuming distance as a sign of breaking a relationship.

While this is not an end to your relationship, you might feel the love is no longer present in your lives, but how sure are you? The 37 signs listed below can assure that your husband still loves you. Read on!!

1. You Are A Part Of His Plans

While making plans for the future, does your husband still consider you in them? Does he involve you in the little things like vacations and bigger dreams such as buying a house? Does he seek your opinions for important matters like financial decisions? You may also want to watch out for his language when he talks about the future. If he uses the word ’we,’ it is a sign that he wants to spend the rest of his years with you.

2. He Keeps Checking In With You

Do you get text messages from your husband during the day? It could be to ask if you have had lunch on your hectic workday or a simple heart emoji. These short messages are signs your husband cares and still loves you. Such short two-minute interactions are enough to keep your marriage going when both of you are neck-deep in your work.

3. He Agrees With Most Things You Suggest

He agrees with most things you suggest are signs your husband still loves you
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Some women find it frustrating to be the only ones to plan dates with their husbands. However, it is not because they do not want to. Research says that serotonin level is lesser in men than in women who are in love (1). It is this hormone that makes you happy and allows you to express the feeling of love. Instead of getting disappointed that he is not as active as you in planning romantic moments, take solace in the fact that he agrees with your plans.

4. He Lets You Win The Arguments, Even When You Are Wrong

Fights happen and things can get agitated pretty fast. However, if it is your husband who extends the olive branch despite being on the right side, take it as a sign that he is still madly in love with you. He is not doing it to move on quickly. Instead, he knows that you are hurting, and he wants to make the situation better for you.

However, keep in mind that it is not okay for him to take the fall even when he is right. Even if he does come to console you, you must take the initiative and own up to your mistakes if you know he is right.

5. He Puts His Phone Away For You

Our smartphones have become an addiction in today’s time, and social media feeds have replaced conversations. If your husband cuts down his time on technology to spend time with you, it is a sign of his honest effort to connect with you. If he asks you to put your phone down when the two of you are discussing something, it means he wants your undivided attention.

6. He Still Showers You With Surprises

Planning a surprise takes work, and more so when you live under the same roof. It does not matter how big or small the surprise is. The point is that he is making an effort to bring an element of fun into the relationship. Secondly, he wants to contribute to your happiness and is willing to go the extra mile to see your smile. So the next time he gets your favorite gift or candy, appreciate his effort and let him know how much it means to you.

7. He Confides In You

Being in a marriage means you have to share everything, right from the physical space to your emotional states. If your husband is sharing insecurities or problems that he is facing at his workplace, he seeks out your support. He is doing this because he values your opinions and trusts your inputs. It is a sign that he wants your involvement in making decisions that could be life-changing for him.

8. He Wants To Know What Is Going On In Your Life

Does he take interest when you rant about your work or tell him about your friends? If yes, it means he genuinely wants to know what is happening in your life. Do not get offended when he tries to offer a solution to your problems. He is only trying to help you out. You can tell him that you are only looking for an ear to hear you out if his suggestions bother you.

9. He Tries To Make You Happy

He tries to make you happy are signs your husband still loves you
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What does your husband do when you have had a bad day? Does he try to make things better in his own sweet little ways? If yes, that is his way of showing that he cares for you and wants to see you happy. His dumb jokes or an attempt to try out a new dish are his ways of turning things around for you. He cares and wants you to go to bed happy.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Little actions like opening the car door for you, or keeping his phone at bay while you both spend quality time together say a lot about how much he still loves you.

10. He Helps You Out

If your husband lends a helping hand when your plate is full, he is definitely into it for the long term. We say he is a keeper. It is fine as long as he does it without unnecessary push-backs. At times, he may not know how pressed you are for time. It is perfectly fine if you have to ask him for help.

In a survey of 1,775 U.S. adults, it was found that 20% of women are twice as likely as men to claim they do all of the household chores. 40% of women, in contrast to 16% of men, state that they do “most” of the chores in their homes. These results highlight a notable gender disparity in the distribution of household responsibilities, with a higher proportion of women taking on a significant share of chores compared to men.

11. He Gets You Flowers For No Reason

Do you still get unexpected deliveries of flowers from your husband? If yes, these are signs he still loves you and thinks about you when you are not together. He cares for you, and the flowers are much more than just pretty little things to adorn your desk. They are a token of his love and your affirmation that everything is well between you two.

12. He Remembers Important Dates

If he remembers birthdays and anniversaries after so many years of being together, he values his relationship with you. A few women expect their husbands to surprise them on such days. However, men may have a different way of spending these special moments with their wives. Instead of buying expensive gifts, they may want a quiet dinner at home. It is alright as long as he remembers and tries to make it special.

13. He Thinks You Are Perfect

We all have our insecurities and moments of self-doubt. How many times do we doubt a perfectly well-fitted dress and change before leaving the house? Many, right? How does he react when you share such issues with him? Is he indifferent to it, or does he take time out to tell you how perfect you are? If he helps you build your confidence with his encouraging words, he is not going anywhere.

14. He Checks You Out

Does he still have eyes only for you and gives you that flirty glance from time to time? If he still has the hots for you, your marriage is safe. So the next time he stares at you with a twinkle in his eyes, do not shun him out. Enjoy the glory and tell him you still love him.

15. He Is Intimate With You

He is intimate with you are signs your husband still loves you
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If your husband still wants you in bed, he is in love with you. Sometimes, men may not be great at expressing what they feel. At times, you will feel the distance cropping between the two of you. That is when you must look for meaning in the small moments. For instance, if he still wants physical intimacy with you, take his advancements as signs your husband still loves you.

16. He Looks You In The Eyes

Do you reminisce about the times when you were dating, and he would look straight into your eyes and make you go weak in the knees? Does he still do that when you two are talking? If he does, it means he is attentive to you and is interested in hearing what you have to say.

17. He Is Interested In Your Social Circle

Do you find your husband honestly trying to befriend your pals? Does he still come along to a party even though he does not want to? Does he move his other commitments to join an event where you expect his company? If yes, he cares for you and does not want to leave you alone. Actions speak louder than words, and if this does not represent his love for you, then what does?

18. He Tells You He Loves You

If you have been married a good number of years, you have probably forgotten how many times your husband has told you these magical words. After spending a good deal of years with you, your husband may not say it as much. However, when he does, he says it with his heart. When he says “I Love You,” he wants you to know that he really does.

19. He Supports Your Dreams

Marriage is so much more than two individuals living together. It is about supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. Is your husband appreciative of your dreams and encourages you to follow your passions? It could be your hobbies, profession, or pursuing a career change. If he is the constant voice pushing you to pursue your aspirations, he still loves you.

20. He Protects You

Does your husband guard you against any harm that could come your way? We are not only talking about physical injuries or abuse. It could be a jibe from a relative or a negative situation that could take you down emotionally. If he stands up for you and your honor, you have no reason to worry. Of course, you do not need a man to come to your rescue, but it is still nice to have someone by your side.

21. You Are His Priority

Although he may be juggling work, children, and other responsibilities, a committed husband will always prioritize his wife and her needs. However, you may not see any big gestures after a couple of years in your marriage. Try to look for smaller moments. How does he react when you fall sick or when your car breaks down? Does your husband step up quickly and rise to the occasion to give you the help you need? If he does, he is still madly in love with you.

22. He Remembers The Little Details

He remembers the little details are signs your husband still loves you
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Does your husband remember to put the seat down for you? Does he order the pizza with extra pepperoni just the way you like it? If he remembers these little details, it means he is listening to you. He cares for you and is ready to make sacrifices for you.

23. He Still Gets Jealous

Jealousy is an indication that he still considers you as his own and wants to keep you away from any roving set of eyes. Jealousy is a natural emotion and means that he is insecure about the attention you are getting. Bask in that feeling and let him know he has no reasons to feel that way.
Please make a note that this could just be a friendly level of jealousy and nothing toxic.

24. He Looks After You

Husbands who love their wives look after them every step of the way. If your husband takes care of your financial needs and supports you when you are feeling down, he is still grounded in love with you. He does not mind stepping out of his comfort zone to show you what you mean to him.

25. He Never Makes You Doubtful

If your husband is always transparent with you and does not make you doubt his intentions, he has his heart in the right place. Try to think of the time when there was a moment of doubt. How did he react? Did he go out of his way to clarify his stance and clear your doubts? If yes, take it that he does not want any misunderstandings between the two of you.

26. He Misses You

A husband who misses you when you are not in town is definitely in love with you. He may either say it clearly that he is missing you or express it through his actions. He may call you or text you frequently during the time when you are not together. Or he may want to tell you everything that happened and ask you about your day. It is a sign that he does not like distance in the relationship and would rather be in your company than on a business trip.

27. He Accepts You The Way You Are

He accepts you the way you are is a sign your husband still loves you
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We all have our quirks and flaws. While it is easier to ignore them in the initial days of a relationship, they may get on your nerves when things are not going right. However, if he still accepts you the way you are and does not ask you to change yourself, he is your man. After all, what else is marriage if it is not accepting the other person with all their virtues and vices?

28. He Tries To Make Things Work

Every couple gets into fights, and arguments are bound to happen when two people stay together. What is important is how your husband manages such days of conflict. Does he go into a shell, or does he try to correct the situation? If he makes an effort to clear the air and admits that he was wrong, it is a sign that he is not thinking of separation.

29. He Is Proud Of You And Shows You Off

Does your husband tell you how proud he is of you? Does he brag about you to his friends and family? Does he make no qualms about introducing you to his friends and colleagues? If the answers to all the questions are affirmative, these are signs your husband still loves you. After all, we do not show off what we do not love, right? So the next time he tells his friends how lucky he is to have you, you may want to count your blessings.

30. He Accepts His Faults

You will agree that at times, saying sorry is hard. Call it an unjustified ego, but it becomes a part of our personality as we age. It may happen more in men than in women. However, if your man accepts his mistakes and takes responsibility, he is showing that he is ready to get over his pride to make the relationship work.

31. He Does Not Like To See You Upset

In all likelihood, a man who still loves his wife will get affected by her moods. Is your husband sensitive towards your feelings and shows support when you are down? Do your tears melt him down, and does he try to make the situation better for you even when you broke down after a fight with him? If he gets bothered by your moods, he still loves you a lot. A husband who tries to make the world a better place for his wife through his jokes or antics is not going anywhere.

32. He Appreciates You

He appreciates you are signs your husband still loves you
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Is your husband social and likes to talk about you in public? Does he talk about how well you try to manage work and family? If yes, he still very much loves you. However, if your husband is an introvert, do not expect him to go out of his way for you. You are in a good place as long as he is not speaking negatively about you.

protip_icon Pro tip
Appreciate the love and affection that you receive from your husband. Return the gesture because actions speak volumes.

33. He Knows How His Words Or Actions May Affect You

We all have our pet peeves, and your spouse is the one person who is the most aware of yours. If your husband understands how his behavior could affect you and is sensitive about it, he still loves you a lot. Of course, there are moments when we all tend to lose our cool. What is important here is to come around and talk about it. If he still tells you that he is sorry for his actions, you have nothing to worry about.

34. He Has Never Spoken About Separation

What is in the mind will make its way in the form of words. If he has never spoken about parting ways or uttered the dreadful ’d’ word, it is a sign that he is not thinking about it.

35. Your Heart Believes He Loves You

Nobody knows your marriage better than you do. You are the expert here, and if you know it in your heart and soul that your husband still loves you, there is every reason to believe it. All you may need is to spice things up and add a new charm to your relationship.

36. There Is Willingness To Change

A clear sign that your husband loves you is his willingness to change for the better. It is good if he acknowledges and addresses the issues that are causing you concern. His efforts to improve himself and the relationship reflect his commitment and love towards you. The mutual growth and a shared desire can then contribute to a stronger relationship.

37. There Is Mutual Respect Between You Two

If your husband values your opinions, supports your goals, and treats you with kindness, it is a sign of deep love. When there is a foundation of respect and mutual understanding, you can expect a flourishing relationship and a deeper bond.

A lot changes once you get married, but the romance between a couple should not be one of those things. After so many years of being together as life partners, you might feel that your husband might not love you anymore. However, put all these doubts at rest if your partner shows any of the above signs. For instance, if they keep checking in with you throughout the day or agree with most things that you suggest, the love between you is still fresh and growing.

Key Takeaways

  • With the responsibilities piling up after marriage, it is normal to wonder if your husband still loves you as romance begins to take a backseat.
  • Despite all his familial duties and work stress, if your husband is still affectionate toward you, listens to you, and gives utmost importance to you, then he still loves you.
  • Making a marriage work can sometimes be challenging, but do not assume that he does not love you anymore because the excitement has faded.

Wondering if your partner still loves you? The next video offers insights and observations about behaviors or gestures that will help you recognize love and affection in a marriage. Watch now to learn more.


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