25 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Written by Harini Natarajan

Nothing lasts forever, even relationships. It is perfectly fine for the sparks you initially felt in your relationship to fizzle out and die. The person who was your pillar of strength may now feel like the primary source of distress. When it comes to a relationship, you need to know when to fight for it and when to let it go. You change as you grow, which often gets difficult for your partner to accept and deal with. Here are 23 early signs that pop up when your relationship is over.

1. There Is No Communication Between You Both

Sharing your thoughts with your partner is the backbone of a strong relationship. We often shudder at the thought of being judged and try to keep it all in. You may feel that your partner will not understand what you are trying to tell them. Such circumstances may push you to stop putting any effort into expressing yourself. Thus, lack of communication can kill a relationship.

2. You Both Want To Escape And Be Elsewhere


Seeing your partner after a tiring day should feel refreshing and relaxing. If you are trying your best to avoid your partner and finding excuses to not meet them, your relationship is in big trouble. So, if you feel like you would rather be alone in a bar than at home snuggling with your partner, know that your relationship is over.

3. You Find Flaws In Everything They Do

Their habits that you once found adorable when you first met now feel like a big hammer striking your head every time they do them. With time, the love you had for them fades and leaves you with reality, which takes a lot of maturity and patience to deal with. You cringe when you see their shoes thrown all over the place, the sink filled with dirty utensils, and their excessive spending. You begin wondering what made you settle for this relationship.

4. Lack Of Physical Affection


Be it a cheeky kiss in public, sneaking away from the group to make a quick gesture of love, or making things exciting in bed, a relationship is all about making your partner feel loved emotionally and satisfying them physically. However, if you stop craving physical contact with your partner, it’s probably time to call it quits.

5. Any Communication From Them Fills You With Dread

You remember those butterflies you felt in your tummy every time you saw a call or text from your partner? Well, now, if all you feel is a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see a notification on your phone, that is not a good sign for your relationship.

6. You Are Mentally Ready For A Breakup

After you are done trying your level best to fix your relationship, you realize that what is broken cannot be put back together again. You have also probably started picturing your life without your partner and it does not feel impossible anymore. In fact, you start feeling happier when you are by yourself than when you were with each other in the last stages of your relationship.

7. You Feel The Need To Repeat Everything You Say

We all want a partner who is a good listener. They may not be able to solve every problem in your life, but they need to be there any time you need a sounding board to talk things out. When your relationship is in turmoil, you often feel like your partner is not even paying heed to what you are saying. You feel the need to repeat everything you say, which frustrates you more with every argument.

8. Your Mental Health Is Affected


What should have relaxed your mind and soothed your heart is now stressing you out. Your anxiety and frustration are pushing you to the verge of an emotional breakdown, and talking to your partner does not make these feelings go away. Once depression hits you, there is no way to recover your relationship.

9. You Feel Like Everything Has Changed

The person you felt the most connected to now feels like a different person altogether. You feel like you are being introduced to his terrible habits in a new way, and living with him gets more and more difficult with every passing day. Though changes in a person are inevitable, adjusting to and living with those changes can be difficult and lead to the end of a relationship.

10. There Are Trust Issues Building Up


Breakdown of trust is the worst thing that can happen to a relationship. Everything you say to each other sounds like a lie, and all the promises you made together seem futile. Trust issues can crush a relationship into a million little pieces.

11. The Spark Between You Two Is Lost

Earlier, after every quarrel and mild misunderstanding, you got back together because the familiar spark of love reignited every time you looked at each other and expressed sincere love. However, sparks fizzle out, and your relationship has now dulled down.

12. There Are More Fights And Less Love


Arguing over almost everything and still being on the same page as your spouse is something that is only found in a healthy relationship. However, constant fights and unhappiness choke a relationship to death. Even though fights among couples are inevitable, each one must end with a sincere apology and an urge to make things work. If you can’t find a reason to put in the effort to make things work, your relationship is over.

13. You Find Other People Attractive

When you are madly in love with your partner, everyone else seems absolutely invisible. But as things start getting monotonous in your relationship, you begin to develop crushes on other people and find them attractive.

At this point, one of things could happen: you both decide to break up or one of you cheats on the other.

14. The Future Of Your Relationship Seems Dark


The adorable times you spent lying side by side planning a future together now seem a lifetime away. The lack of trust, love, and respect forces you to survive each day in their presence. If you can’t see a future with your partner, know that your relationship is resting on an unstable foundation.

15. Your Gut Tells You Something Is Wrong

Instincts are never wrong. When you feel like something is not right in your relationship, it probably isn’t. It could just be a general feeling of unhappiness or unease, or your gut may be telling you that your partner is not being faithful to you. Regardless of what it is telling you, always trust your instinct.

16. You Spend More Time With Your Friends


Another sign of a relationship ending is that you spend more time with your family and friends than with your better half. You try to hang out with your partner only in public or in the presence of company to avoid any serious conversations about the issues in your relationship.

17. You Don’t Want To Negotiate

Anything can be solved with a heart-to-heart conversation and the willingness to make things work between you two. However, sometimes the damage is already too big to even want to fix the relationship. With the spark between you two now long smothered, you detest trying to explain yourself which leads to the end of the relationship.

18. You Are Not A Priority Anymore

When things kicked off between you two, you were the focal point around which your partner’s world revolved. Now, hearing things about them from other people breaks your heart. A relationship cannot survive such a change in affection and priorities.

19. You Begin To Lie And Cheat

If your relationship is robbing you of your happiness, you begin to seek it elsewhere with other people. At this point, it best to ends things with your partner because cheating and lying will only bring you down in your own eyes.

20. There Is Visible Boredom In The Relationship

With the sparks of love long gone, your relationship feels like a mere duty. You are as bored with your relationship as with yourself for not being able to change it. Eventually, unhappiness creeps in and you long for happiness elsewhere.

21. You Don’t Want To Go To Therapy


Even if going to therapy could stall the breakup, you would prefer not going for it and want to put an end to it the right way. This is a sure sign that the love between you two has completely faded.

22. You Feel Alone Even When You Are With Your Partner

Even when your partner is sitting right beside you, you don’t feel like they are the same person anymore. You feel lonely and long for a person who would understand you. Regular conversations are replaced by baseless arguments, and the peace and tranquility in your relationship is lost forever.

23. You Don’t Feel Good About Yourself Anymore

You begin to hate the person you have turned into in the span of your relationship. You are angry for not being able to resist the changes thrust upon you by your partner, and now, you feel like you have lost the person you were.

24. You Don’t Miss Them

When you really love someone, you miss them any time you are apart. It could be when one of you is away on a trip, or even in the middle of a regular workday. The thought of going back home to them fills your heart with happiness. If you don’t miss your partner and even look forward to being away from them, it’s probably over between you two.

25. You Want To Give Up


If your heart is yearning to be set free and happy again and you are tired of being unhappy, you need to realize that your relationship is over. At this point, you start looking out for yourself for a change, and giving up on the relationship seems like the only way to make things right for each other.

In a world where each day is a challenge, a relationship should make you feel safe and happy. If you are looking for excuses to break up with your partner, it’s time for you to sit them down and do it in the most sensitive way possible.

Have you ever gone through a breakup? When did you realize your relationship was over? Comment below to let us know.

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