21 Signs Of A Relationship That Will Last Forever

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

The start of any relationship feels good, but you can never know whether it will be a lasting one or not. It is only when a relationship progresses, and the monotony begins to set in the potential of any relationship becomes clear.

You learn about your partner’s habits and understand how far you are accepting of their behavior. This brings clarity to your relationship depicting whether you both will continue in the long run or not.

In this article, we will be looking at the 21 signs that a relationship will last. So, the next time you are with someone, you can know where you are headed with them. Keep scrolling.

21 Clear Signs That Your Relationship Will Last A Lifetime

1. You Have Complete Trust In Each Other

No relationship can survive without trust between the partners. If you and your partner question and doubt each other, it is a red flag. On the other hand, things are positive if both of you accept that your partner has a life away from you, and they are free to follow that. When you both do not doubt each other, be sure that your relationship is going to last.

2. You Do Not Feel The Need To Be With Each Other All The Time

Who does not like to spend time with their partner! But if this becomes compulsive where either of you cannot accept that your partner has a life outside your relationship, it is a hitch. Neither should you worry about who your partner meets when away from you, nor should you feel guilty about spending time with others. It is good to be connected but staying glued with your partner all the time indicates unhealthy co-dependency.

3. You Feel Secured With Your Partner

If you find yourself grappling with feelings of fear, jealousy, and sadness in a relationship, there is a good chance that things are not headed in the right direction. When you are confident about your partner and do not feel the need to question them, be sure that your relationship stands on a strong foundation and you both share strong feelings. The only thing that remains for you is to nurture this bond for as long as you are together.

4. You Share Similar Goals

Whether it is about moving in together or your travel goals, if you share the same vision as your partner, you both will end up with true bliss and lifelong togetherness. When shared goals between partners are not the same, things can get bumpy.

5. You Are Moving At The Same Pace

It is not difficult to know if the relationship will last if you are moving at the same pace as your partner in terms of life goals. If your partner plans to move abroad for work or education, but you expect to get married within the same time frame, there is a slick chance of making things work.

However, if your future goals and plans are aligned with each other, you can make your relationship work and last even for a lifetime.

6. You Show Equal Respect For Each Other

Mutual respect can cement the foundation of your relationship. If you both do not take advantage of each other, give each other space and privacy, and communicate as often as the other party needs, consider it a sign of equal respect. A true win for couples is when they fight but do not forget to respect each other.

7. You Do Not Hold Resentment Over Disagreements

Sometimes, arguments may not reach a solution, but that does not mean you will force your partner to agree to something. It is okay to have different opinions, and if you can move forward with your partner without holding resentment, you are heading towards a strong and lasting relationship.

8. You Make Time For Each Other

People always make time for their priorities. You may need to be biased towards your partner and make time to go out on a movie or dinner date. You can also plan to spend a day doing something they like. This shows that you genuinely care about your partner and take their likes seriously. But if you are constantly avoiding plans with them, your relationship might not head somewhere serious.

9. You Tend To Avoid Explosive Fights

The chances of an explosive fight between you and your partner are higher during the initial days of your relationship. As you settle down with each other, you form a mature understanding and pull away at the first hint that a fight is imminent. It is a good way to know if your relationship will last.

10. You Have Strong Relationships Outside Of Your Partner

How do you look at your relationships with your family, friends, peers, and co-workers? Are you paying enough attention to them, or are you too busy nurturing your bond with your partner?

While it is important to spend time with your partner, you must also build strong relationships with others. You cannot be glued to your partner all the time, and they will not either. There will be times when you are also going to need others.

11. You Are Not Just About Sex

Are you spending time with each other only to get intimate?  Relationships built on the premise of sex alone may easily come to an end. You may learn about each other as you go along, but if the ultimate focus of your relationship is sex, there is little scope for it to turn into a long-lasting bond.

12. You Share Complementing Personalities

You do not have to be perfectly matched with your partner to be compatible with them. Even if you have contrasting personalities, you may help each other by filling a void.

However, if you cannot adjust to certain aspects of their personality, it may pose a problem at later stages of life. If this is the case between you both, it is an indication that you should reconsider things.

13. Your Partner Is Consistent And Reliable

How far do you deliver on your word to your partner? How often are you available for your partner when they need you? These questions answer how reliable and consistent you are when it comes to committing yourself to a relationship. And if you can trust the presence of your partner when you need them the most or the going gets tough, you will head towards a great future with them.

14. You Understand The Co-relation Between Money, Time, And Life

Money may not buy you everything, but lack of it will definitely brew troubles in your relationship. If your partner does not understand their responsibilities with money, the situation might get complicated.

If you are with someone who manages finances thoughtfully, expect to go a long way with them. A good balance between work, life, and money is essential to achieve satisfaction in your personal life. This is also a sign of a responsible relationship in the future.

15. Your Expectations Are Reasonable

If you want to know if your relationship will last or not, ask yourself whether you expect your partner to change beyond reasonable limits. Expecting your partner to change themselves without any justification only invites dissatisfaction.

Your relationship is meant to last if you find yourself improving under the influence of your partner. On the contrary, if you are picking up qualities that you are not proud of, it is not a sign of a positive influence.

16. Your Partner Motivates You To Be More Successful

Partners who encourage their significant other to progress in their career are people with whom you can build a rewarding future. If your partner does not let you give up on yourself and always motivates you towards improvement, be sure that your relationship will last. It shows that you are not insecure of each other as a couple and only reserve feelings of motivation and respect.

17. Your Partner Knows You Well

How can you look forward to a lasting relationship with someone who does not even know you properly? People who intend to make the relationship permanent will tend to make an effort to understand their significant halves. They take an active interest in gathering details and information about their partner. This habit goes a long way to establish a strong bond between partners.

18. Your Partner Does Not Hesitate To Seek Help

Asking for help is a sign of trust between partners. It shows that your partner does not let any negative feelings come in the way of your relationship. If your partner is willing to go that extra step and ask for your support, take this as a clear sign that they are serious about you.

19. Your Partner Forgives And Forgets Easily

For a relationship to stand on solid ground, it is vital to be with someone willing to forgive. Words may be said, and accusations may be thrown during arguments. But how easily you two let go of these matters will determine how likely you are to continue with each other.

It is important to forget things and let go because your partner may say things mindlessly under stress and exhaustion. Holding on to words uttered during such circumstances will only increase your apathy towards your partner. A relationship where partners forgive each other easily tends to last long.

20. You Earn More Praises From Your Partner Than Anyone Else

Does your partner take a genuine interest in telling you what they feel about you? You are indeed headed for a serious relationship if your partner praises you for your efforts and achievements, and encourages you to perform better. You will always value these gestures of your partner more than anything.

21. You Can Move Over Your Past

Your past is a window that you may want to close and move forward without any baggage. If your partner understands your wish and does not force you to open up about your past, it shows they are trustworthy and willing to create a new beginning with you.

Toxicity arises when partners try to pry open the past and make accusations. It is always better to get out of such relationships before you hurt yourself.

You may not always find someone who ticks all the boxes on this list, but now you know what to look for when you are in a relationship. If you realize your partner is not worth your time, the best thing to do is withdraw from such a relationship and give yourself the space to find someone better.

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