4 Simple Hairstyles For Kids With Short Hair

Written by Jyotsana Rao

As much as it’s fun to style out your own hair, styling the hair of a little girl is way more fun – it’s like playing hairstyle with a live doll!

So whether you have a little sister at home, a cute niece or your little girl – here are a few Hairstyles for kids with short hair that you can work around and add some more fun! Enjoy.

1. Bunched Up Knot:

Image: Shutterstock

Adorable isn’t it? The adorable bangs and the knot on the little girl’s hair are absolutely cute!

  • The idea here is to keep the front bangs short and let the hair part at the side.
  • The other side should have bangs that are longer and reach till the chin.
  • Part the front part of the hair.
  • Let the remaining hair go at the back.
  • Hold all of it up in your hands and bunch up at the top towards one side.
  • Now knot this up and secure with a hair elastic. And voila, it’s done!

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2. Princess Braid:

Image: Getty

A befitting look for any little princess. I absolutely adore the way the hair is braided up and then merges into the entire look.

  • First comb out the little one’s hair completely to remove any knots and tangles
  • Works best if there is a front bang – not too long, till about the middle of the forehead will do
  • Using a fine comb, part hair in various sections, keeping enough width to be able to braid each section
  • You can either braid each section into regular or French braids, or even do a twist braid
  • As you finish braiding each section, secure it at the top back of the head with an elastic
  • Once all the sections are done, bunch them up together at the top and tie in a short ponytail
  • If hair is longer, tie it into a bun.
  • Add a cute ribbon bow to highlight

3. Twisted Ponytails:

Image: Getty

This is preferably one of the easiest short hairstyles for kids that won’t take too long and can be really decked up with cute hair accessories, even ribbons!

  • For this look, the little one’s hair needs to be nicely combed out till its soft and tangle-free
  • Part hair on the side
  • If your girl has front bangs, you can leave them free as it will be difficult to pin it in
  • Using a fine-toothed comb, divide hair in multiple sections
  • Start with the one at the front
  • Take the section and begin twisting it inwards
  • You should ideally let the twisted part come over till it is aligned to the eyes
  • Now take a hair elastic and tie it up
  • Repeat this with all the other parts
  • Do this for hair till the crown area and leave the ones that fall behind at the back of the head
  • Use cute accessories and tiny clips to highlight the hair

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4. Criss Cross Pigtails:

Image: Getty

This is one super interesting and different hairstyle that would go well with short as well as medium length hair.

  • Once the hair is combed out to remove all tangles, part at the middle
  • From the side front, take a strand of hair and tie in a tight ponytail
  • Now bring this back in a criss cross fashion towards the middle back of the head and tie with an elastic again tightly
  • Repeat the same for the other side in the front
  • Taking the loose end of the ponytail, bring it in slant pattern towards the back of the head at the nape and tie tightly with an elastic
  • Repeat with the other pony

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These are some of the cute Hairstyles for kids with short hair. Which is your favourite among these?

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