What Is Brahma Kumaris Meditation And How To Do It?

by Ramya Achanta

Sitting in silence and contemplating on your thoughts and actions always feels good. Doesn’t it? Maybe not if you react to each one of them. What do you do then?

Not allowing your thoughts to affect you is one way, and that is not easy at all. But, hey, there’s always that one easier method to do it. And, that’s what we have here. Brahma Kumaris meditation – your answer to purity and tranquility. Read on to find out more about it.

Before that, let’s find out about the Brahma Kumaris Organization.

Before that, let’s find out about the Brahma Kumaris Organization.

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The Brahma Kumaris

In the 1930s, a spiritual organization called the OM Mandali came to be in the North-West Frontier of India, which later became the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and spread across India and the world.

Women play a significant role in this organization. It is aptly named ‘Brahma Kumaris’, meaning daughters of Brahma. Since its initiation, the organization has had women in major positions, which was unlikely back in the day. Also, there’s no caste restriction. Anybody can be a part of the Brahma Kumaris. The organization advocates women to be strong and independent individuals and urges them to make their own choices whether it is about education, marriage, or celibacy.

But, what do they exactly do?

The society urges one to go beyond the physicality of self and recognize the inner soul and realize the Supreme Soul or God through genuine feelings, right actions, charity, lifestyle choices and, most importantly, meditation.

And, that is what we are going to discuss in detail here. Keep reading.

 The Brahma Kumaris Meditation

The Brahma Kumaris Meditation focuses on souls instead of identities and works towards establishing soul-conscious individuals because it believes that all souls are inherently good and reflect the goodness of the Supreme Soul or God.

The Brahma Kumaris Meditation is simple and involves purifying the mind. Instead of sitting in a peaceful corner to meditate, it believes in engaging in meditative states while going about everyday activities.

Let’s learn how to do that now.

The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Technique

Also called the Raja Yoga Meditation, it is fuss free and easy to practice. It is an ideal method to begin your journey of becoming spiritually aware. Check out the procedure below.

  1. Relax Your Being
  2. Free The Clutter
  3. Reflect On Thoughts
  4. Realize The Self
  5. Recognize Your Soul

1. Relax Your Being

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When your body is tensed and stressed, it is not in its best shape. You will experience unnecessary thoughts, overthink and worsen your health. The first step towards meditation is relaxing your body completely. Starting from your head, you must consciously try to slow down and relax.

You could do this either by breathing, singing, or even counting numbers, whatever suits you. But make sure you do something that calms your system instead of aggravating it.

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2. Free The Clutter

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Every day, a clutter of useless thoughts bombards you and wastes your energy. It is also a big waste of time. Once you relax, you will be more conscious of your mind and be able to choose which thought to ponder upon and which one to avoid.

Ponder upon the positive thoughts and focus your mind on them. Along with spreading a positive vibe across your body, this exercise also helps sharpen your mind and improve concentration.

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3. Reflect On Thoughts

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When you intensely focus on positive thoughts and entirely focus on them, you begin to examine them and think about why they are occurring to you. This way, you completely understand the working of yourself and why you are how you are. It gives you a glimpse of your inner world.

Through this process, you will be able to scrutinize your values, beliefs, and way of life, thereby giving you a clear understanding of how you as a single unit affect the world.

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4. Realize The Self

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When you make sense of the thoughts you have and completely understand them, actual realization occurs. You are more aware of your reality, which gives you a sense of right and wrong, and you will be able to view matters in a more balanced and less emotional manner.

Realization is when you are almost there. It is a profound experience where your reality is more meaningful and understands your feelings better. Everything syncs well to form one actual reality.

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5. Recognize Your Soul

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When you go beyond thoughts and feelings and reach a tranquil state of bliss and awakening, you have reached the meditative state. Here, you can feel your breath going in and out. You are aware of the flow of life and energy in your body and the eternal state of your being. You realize you are more than the body you reside.

Focussing on a single thought and following a structured path of breathing will lead you to a meditative state. A step ahead would be becoming thoughtless and feeling your natural flow of breath.

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Such a self-elevating practice is sure to have numerous holistic benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Benefits Of Brahma Kumaris Meditation

  • The meditation helps you overcome negative thoughts and habits.
  • It clears your mind and increases your focus.
  • It relieves stress and anxiety.
  • The meditation helps you sleep well.
  • It reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • The meditation improves the immune system and reduces emotional distress.
  • It increases your energy and strength.
  • The method cures headaches and is a relief for asthmatic patients.
  • It helps your nervous system and cures infertility.
  • The meditation builds your confidence and improves your creativity.
  • It rejuvenates you and enhances your relationships.
  • The technique will make you more tolerant and a better listener.
  • It will give you happiness and peace of mind.
  • The meditation will help you stay in the present moment and savor it.
  • It will help you cast aside your ego and lead you to enlightenment.

Now, let’s answer some common queries regarding Brahma Kumaris Meditation.

Expert’s Answers For Readers Questions

Is Brahma Kumaris Meditation religious?

No, it is not. Brahma Kumaris Meditation believes that the supreme soul is God and leaves it to the individual to give it a shape and name.

Is Brahma Kumaris only for women?

No, it is not. It is open for everybody regardless of caste, class, sex, and gender.

To find the purpose of your life is freeing and satisfying. The feeling that you are here for a reason and that your presence matters in the world is uplifting and motivating. And, to do what you do with love, care, and attention adds more meaning to your life. Brahma Kumaris Meditation will help you with it. It is super easy. Do try it and tell us how it worked for you.

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