3 Simple Techniques To Darken Your Eyebrows

Lift your whole makeup look with these easy-to-follow tips that render superb results.

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If you are wondering how to darken eyebrows to make your overall makeup pop out, you are at the right place. Light eyebrows are a genuine problem as they make you look like you have no eyebrows at all. Also, individuals with dyed hair might want to balance out the look by adding some shade to their eyebrows. Properly shaped and dark eyebrows can take your makeup game several notches high. That is why we are here to share some simple techniques to darken eyebrows with eyeliners. Swipe up!

How To Darken Eyebrows?

1. Darkening Eyebrows Through Dyes

Woman darkening eyebrows with a dye


One method to darken eyebrows is by using synthetic dyes. This can be done by a professional at a salon or at home.This is how to make eyebrows darker with dyes:

  • If you decide to dye it on your own, you should purchase a kit that is especially made for dyeing eyebrows and not for hair.
  • You should choose a dye that is a few shades lighter than the normal hair colour, as eyebrows are never the same shade as your hair.
  • If the eyebrows are darker or have the same colour as that of your hair, then they will look unnatural and out of place.
  • If you decide to dye your eyebrows at home, then do remember to mix the dye according to the instructions given in the kit and then apply and leave it on the eyebrows for the specified time.
  • While applying the dye, be careful not to cause injury to the eyes, these chemicals can cause eye irritation and allergy, so keep them away from the eyes!

2. Darkening Eyebrows Through Makeup

Woman darkening eyebrows with mascara


Another method of darkening the eyebrows is through various makeup products available in the market such as brow powder, mascara and eyebrow pencil. However, this method is not permanent and works for a day.

  • While doing make-up, take the mascara brush and simply dip it once in the tube.
  • Lift the brush and get some of the mascara off by rubbing the brush on the outline of the tube.
  • Swipe the brush gently on the eyebrows, so that it applies evenly without smearing and appearing too dark.
  • Sometimes a little bit of touch-up is required to make it look perfect.
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Use a clean spoolie and comb the brows after the mascara dries. It helps remove mascara clumps and tidies your brows.

3. Darkening Eyebrows Through Brow Powder

Woman darkening eyebrows with eye shadow


A third way of darkening the eyebrows is through an eyeshadow. This is the easiest method but the disadvantage is that it comes off very quickly, so one has to reapply it frequently.

  • Take an eye shadow brush and dip it in the color that is similar to one’s original eyebrow color.
  • Simply stroke the brush along the eyebrows to make them look darker and fuller.
  • Choose a lighter shade than the earlier one and brush the color on the eyebrows softly, so that one does not end up with a very dark eyebrow.
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Since the eyeshadow comes off quickly, it is best to do this after you put on all of your other makeup first. Otherwise, you will have to reapply every time you wear makeup.

How To Shape And Style Your Eyebrows

  • If you want to flaunt your eyebrows, then first you have to create the perfect shape and adjust the thickness and contour according to the shape of your face. This can be done with the help of tweezers and scissors.
Woman shaping her eyebrow with tweezers


  • Eyebrow pencils are a must have while styling the eyebrows. Pencils work perfectly as they provide dimension and also add volume to flat and thin eyebrows.
Woman using eyebrow pencil to style her eyebrows


  • Brown powder is another essential tool in shaping the eyebrows. This is ideal if you want to keep the brows dark for longer periods of time and to provide a different look according to the occasion.
  • Gels also help in lightening a dark eyebrow or keeping in place an un-shapely brow.

Proper styling and makeup can take years off the face and also help in flaunting the eyebrows. If one has a great eyebrow then it helps in framing the eye. It also flatters the face and above all, provides balance without compromising the rest of the make-up.

Even social media filters these days will tell you how changing your eyebrows can completely alter the way you look. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to styling them as much as you do with other features of your face. With the proper and helpful techniques listed above, you can work wonders on your eyebrows and achieve a well-rounded makeup look. Follow these simple tips on how to darken eyebrows to make them stand out and give the perfect pop-out effect to your overall look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vaseline darken eyebrows?

No, Vaseline doesn’t darken the eyebrows. There are no specific ingredients in Vaseline that can promote the growth of eyebrows either.

What does putting Vicks on your eyebrows do?

The methanol in Vicks helps clear the pores, and the eucalyptus and camphor help stimulate the hair follicles.

What can I use instead of an eyebrow gel?

You can use non-toxic stationery glue or PVA instead of an eyebrow gel.

Can eyeshadow darken your eyebrows?

Yes, eyeshadow can be used to darken the eyebrows. However, always choose an eyeshadow that matches your eyebrows.

Can I use mascara on my eyebrows?

Yes, mascara can be applied to the eyebrows. It gives a fuller look and a dramatic effect.

Can aloe vera gel be used as an eyebrow gel?

Yes, aloe vera gel can be used as an eyebrow gel. It gives a clean look to your eyebrows.

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