10 Simple Tips To Boost Your Concentration

Written by Jyotsana Rao

A lack of concentration is a common complaint these days. You want to excel in studies but cannot concentrate, deadline is looming large at work, but your mind wanders off – these problems are normal but can create many issues. So here are 10 simple ways to boost concentration and perform better.

1. Get proper sleep:

Mind, like all the other organs, needs rest and proper sleep. You need to concentrate the most when you have something important to accomplish and depriving yourself of sleep at that moment would not be beneficial in any way. Get proper sleep and that will make your mind work with more concentration.

2. Exercise regularly:

Exercising and other physical activity promotes oxygen flow to the brain. This in turn makes the brain work more efficiently and boosts your concentration.

3. Work when the brain is more active:

It is said that 7P.M. to 9P.M. is the time when the brain is most active. Studies or things that require attention and concentration are best done at this time. Instead of indulging in television or other stuff, this time should be utilised in mind related work.

4. Simple exercises:

Simple exercises which indulge your senses to the maximum should be done to improve your concentration. For example, try to hear the sounds of small things around you even when you are sitting idle, try to count the stairs you use in a day and things like that. This will help to increase the involvement of your brain in every activity you do and hence will increase your concentration too.

5. Train your brain:

Like we train our pets, our brain can be trained too. You need to tell your mind every time, what your current work means to you and that you need to complete it well on time. Tell your mind what good things you would be getting if you concentrate on what you are doing and get it right. This way you can train your mind and improvise your concentration.

6. Eat good:

Eat foods that are light and nutritious. Your meals should be such that they give you energy and is a good fuel for your body but they should not be heavy. Try not to eat heavy food on days you need proper concentration with work or studies as heavy food only make you more lethargic and sleepy. Though it is recommended to eat a full breakfast, full does not necessarily mean heavy.

7. Take breaks:

If you expect your brain to work 24*7 or continuously for a stretch of time, then your expectationsare wrong at the first place. Take small breaks between works. Walk in the open air or listen to a song, take a power naps or whatever suits you better.

8. Avoid absorbing stress:

Stress is that big monster that ruins everything and leads to the formation of rust in your brain. When you are stressed out, you cannot concentrate to the best of your potential. Forget about the tension and do every possible thing to avoid stress when you need to concentrate on something.

9. Do one task at one instance:

When you open a plethora of tasks together, your concentration will definitely get hampered and you will not be able to complete any of them on time. Do one task at a time, and tell your mind that you will not jump off to the next thing till the time you are not through with what you are doing first. Multi-tasking, is not really healthy.

10. Yoga and meditation:

Lastly, yoga and meditation is an age old method practiced in Indians (and now worldwide) to increase concentration and mind power. Breathing exercises and yoga practiced in silent and clean environment, enhances your concentration abilities manifold. When your brain is at peace, it can work and perform better and this is what meditation helps you achieve. Yoga is not something practised now and then, but something to be practised regularly.

Psychologists say that a lack of concentration is something that is very common these days. Perhaps these tips can help you not join the crowd?

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