Simple Tips To Maintain Healthy Vaginal Hygiene

Simple Tips To Maintain Healthy Vaginal Hygiene November 6, 2017

The vagina. It is one of the most delicate and precious parts of our body, and requires special care and attention.

We need to monitor for weird growths like bumps to foul smells, and maintain proper hygiene. Healthy vaginas have bacteria. I know it’s gross, bit it’s true. However, these bacteria are not harmful; instead, they protect the vagina from infections.

Ayurvedic Take On Vaginal Hygiene

Almost all of us experience a certain amount of white vaginal discharge, i.e., leucorrhoea, also referred to as Shwetapradara as per Ayurveda. This is our body’s natural way of cleansing, guarding, and lubricating the vagina against any bacterial infection.

However, in excess, it can cause weakness and lethargy. According to Ayurveda, it is generally caused due to excessive intake of oily, heavy, or sweet food, which can cause an aggravation of kapha dosha. This increased kapha dosha impairs the Rasa Dhatu, i.e., the nutrient plasma in the vaginal tract that ultimately leads to a painless discharge from the vagina or other infections.

People with aggravated pitta and vata doshas are more likely to suffer from vaginal irritations or infections, whereas people with aggravated pitta and kapdha doshas are more likely to suffer from yeast infections.

Staying healthy and comfortable down there is not always quick and easy, especially when there are so many factors that can cause an infection. Our vagina is home to a special community of bacteria that protects it from infections. This intimate part requires special TLC, and to help you out, we are sharing some simple tips that can help you maintain a healthy vagina.

1. Wipe From Front To Rear.

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You must always try to keep your vagina dry as the dampness is the root cause of infections. It is always preferred to wipe the vagina with a plain, soft, and unscented toilet paper from the front to the back. If done in the opposite direction, the chances are that you may drag harmful bacteria (or fecal matter) from the anus to the vagina.

TIP- You can also use baby wipes instead of tissues as they are soft on the skin.

2. Go For Cotton Undies.

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Cotton inner wears are comfortable to wear, dries faster, and prevents the growth of unhealthy bacteria and yeast. On the other hand, synthetic ones may cause irritation.

3. Say NO To Douching.

You must avoid douching at any cause as it contains chock full of chemicals that wash away the healthy bacteria that helps in keeping the vagina free from fungus and other infections. If required, you can apply essential oils such as lavender or rose oil mixed with water and even coconut oil. These oils do not harm to the skin.

4. Trim Regularly.

The shorter the hair, the lower is the chance of infection or odor. This is why you should regularly trim the pubic hair.

5. Wash After Intercourse.

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Washing the vagina after intercourse helps in minimizing the chances of an infection. It will wash away the bacteria that may have entered during sex. Washing up after having sex is actually a good practice for both you and your partner.

6. Order Of Sex Acts Also Plays A Crucial Role.

Make sure you do not go from anal sex to vaginal without properly cleaning off as this can also cause infection.

7. Pee After Intercourse.

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As a result of intercourse, unhealthy bacteria might travel up the urethra. Thus, to prevent any infection in the urinary tract, it is best to pee immediately. Peeing will flush out the bad bacteria, if any.

8. Use Lubricants While Having Sex.

Dry sex can cause abrasions and ruptured skin, which may lead to infections. Thus, before you go ahead, make sure you’re properly lubricated. You can also use coconut oil.

9. Avoid Wearing Very Tight Clothes.

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The vagina likes it best when it is dry (when you’re not turned on, of course!) and when it has some room to breathe. So avoid wearing super tight pants for prolonged periods.

10. Avoid Harsh Soaps And Hygiene Washes.

The vagina itself is a very sensitive part and using harsh soaps or washes can create an imbalance in its pH level. The normal pH level that must be maintained is between 3.5-4.5, and any imbalance can lead to breeding of bacteria. Washing with plain lukewarm water is enough to clean the vagina.

11. Take Extra Care During Periods.

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Maintaining hygiene during periods is very very crucial as the chance of an infection is almost double during this time of the month. You should prefer changing your sanitary pads frequently (every four to five hours). It’s a good idea to opt for menstrual cups over tampons as they are environment-friendly and chemical-free. They also do not cause any skin irritation or disrupt the pH level.

BONUS – You can rinse it out after every few hours.

12. Use Condoms.

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Along with protecting against pregnancy and STDs, condoms also help in maintaining the pH level of the vagina so that the healthy bacteria can thrive.

13. Exercise.

Exercises such as the kegel exercise or cycling help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and thereby helps in maintaining a healthy vagina.

14. Eat Healthy.

A good immunity is a key to protecting yourself from any disease or infection. Thus, eat healthy food. It is a proven fact that the taste of your vaginal juice is related to the food you eat. Fruits such as oranges, mangoes along with yogurt and honey have a positive effect on the vaginal taste.

Avoid eating food with bad breath such as onions as they have a negative effect on the taste.

15. Visit Your Gynae Regularly.

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Some infections do not produce any symptoms but start growing. And this is why you might not be aware that you may have a problem. To avoid such a situation, you must visit the gynecologist regularly.

Health Risks Caused Due To An Unbalanced Vagina

Since vaginas are complex organs, the introduction of harmful bacteria can result in various health problems. Some of them are as follows:

1. Yeast Infection
2. Bacterial Vaginosis
3. Urinary Tract Infection

Home Remedies To Keep Vaginal Infections At Bay

  1. Tea tree oil is rich in anti-microbial properties. Applying it on the vagina is considered to be beneficial for protecting the vagina against bacterial and yeast infections.
  1. Vinegar has anti-fungal properties. You can add a few drops of vinegar in your bath water and clean the genital area with this water.
  1. Yogurt is beneficial in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina. You can eat yogurt or a cup of buttermilk daily to maintain a healthy vagina.

These are a few tips that can help you in taking care of your vagina. Practice them on a daily basis and keep the infections at bay.

We hope you found this information useful. Share your views in the comments box below.