How To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch – 7 Best Ways

Trust us when we say you don't have to live with that stubborn fat in your lower belly.

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If a tummy pooch is a deadweight you want to lose, we can help. Not only does it reduce your vibe but also is harmful for your health. How to get rid of the tummy pooch you ask? We have the perfect and the right solution. Time to be the carefree and confident woman you want to be. Read on to get the 7 secret ways that can help you lose that belly fat quicker than you think and help in weight loss. Scroll down!

How Much Belly Fat Is Too Much?

The amount of belly fat that is considered “too much” can depend on factors like your health, age, gender, and body composition. One common way to determine excess belly fat is by checking your waist circumference. According to NIH, the following is considered as too much belly fat (1):

  • A waist circumference greater than 35 inches for women.
  • A waist circumference greater than 40 inches for men.

You can use a tape to measure your belly fat. Stand straight and breathe out. Place the tape around your middle, just above your hip bones, and note the measurements. If it is greater than the values mentioned above, you may have excess belly fat.

Wondering what causes excess lower belly fat? Scroll down to find out.

What Causes Lower Belly Pooch?

Jesse Feder, Clinical Dietitian at the Memorial Regional Hospital South, says, “Women’s lower belly could be sticking out for several reasons. However, the most common reasons include bloating and/or stomach fat.”

Let’s take a look at the causes:

  • Poor Diet
A woman eating high-calorie junk food
Image: Shutterstock

No surprise! Poor diet is the number one reason more than 59% of adults in the US have belly fat (2).

Consuming too many processed foods (salami, sausage, wafers, pizza, burger, etc.) and not enough vegetables and fruits affects your body functions. This leads to slow metabolismi  The chemical process in the body to convert calories in food and drinks into energy. and chronic inflammationi  A slow, long-term inflammation caused by infection or injury that may last for years. in the body. Chronic inflammation, in turn, induces fat accumulation in the belly region (3), (4).

  • Too Much Alcohol

There goes your weekend out the window! Kidding. Limited alcohol consumption is fine. Things go downhill when you consume more than 60 mL of alcohol every day.

Alcohol causes dehydration (5). Dehydration causes inflammation and inflammation-induced weight gain. Alcohol also gets stored as fat in the body if you don’t drink enough water and workout regularly.

  • Lack Of Exercise

Exercising is the best way to shed fat and feel great.  Leading a comfortable, sedentary life might seem easy, but it’s not recommended.

To keep your body healthy and active, you have to exercise every day. Your circulation, metabolism, digestion, sleep, and brain function will improve 10 fold. The ultimate result – reduced stress and chronic inflammation.

  • Stress

With practice, you can be calm and think of a real solution instead of getting stressed about issues. Stress increases the chances of accumulating fat in the lower belly region. The trigger is the same – inflammation.

  • Pregnancy
Pregnancy can lead to a pooch bellly
Image: Shutterstock

You just gave birth to a squishy and cute life. Congratulations! But the hormonal and physical adjustments your body went through are now showing up in various forms. One of those signs is belly pooch.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It may take months to get rid of the post-pregnancy belly pooch. Trying to get rid of it too quickly may affect breast milk production.
  • Genetics

You can toss away jeans but not your genes. If you are stuck with genes that add to your belly fat problem, we feel you.

Some individuals may have a genetic predisposition to accumulating excess fat in the abdominal region, leading to a belly pooch. According to a Danish study done on twins, the heritability of total fat was estimated to be between 83% and 86%, and that of regional fat (trunk, lower body, trunk/lower body) to be between 71% and 85%.

Various issues like obesity, anxiety, depression, stress, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal ups and downs, etc. are hereditary. You cannot do much about it. But, don’t let that bog you down. You can counteract the effect of your genes and get rid of that tummy pooch. Wondering how to get rid of lower belly fat? Scroll down to find out!

Main Idea: A sedentary lifestyle, stress, genetics, and pregnancy might cause lower belly pooch.

How To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch Fast 

1. A Good Diet Always Rewards

Nutritious and filling foods are best for losing that belly pooch. Add leafy greens and other veggies to your diet. Consume low-GI fruitsi  Fruits with a low Glycemic Index, which have less of an effect on the body's blood sugar levels. like cantaloupes, grapefruits, and berries.

Consume lean protein like fish, chicken breast, and ground turkey. Include plant proteins like lentils, beans, nuts, seeds, and soy.

Don’t ignore healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, ghee, avocado oil, seeds, and nuts.

The best way to consume these foods is to have them raw, boiled, or sautéed.

2. Eliminate High-Calorie Foods

Woman rejecting high-calorie food
Image: Shutterstock

Refined sugar, refined flour, fried foods, frozen foods, canned foods, and fast foods are high in calories.

Some of these may not be high in calories, but the amount of salt, preservatives, and additives they contain make them potentially dangerous for your health.

Start by reducing the consumption of these foods. Gradually, eliminate them from the diet. 

Taylor, a blogger, writes about a week-long challenge she had undertaken to eliminate junk food from her diet. She writes, “To be completely honest this week wasn’t easy for me. I failed many times. But I kept going. In one week of cutting out most of my sugar and empty carbs I lost four and a half pounds. That made me wonder how much food had I been consuming that was actually promoting weight gain? (i)”.

3. Tone Up With HIIT

The best workout you can ever do. Draining yet highly effective, HIIT is a great way to shed fat and get a toned body.

It is anaerobic exercisei  Short, high-intensity exercises that don’t require the body and muscles to use oxygen. , and you will do small bouts of high-intensity exercises at equal intervals. Sprints, jump squats, Russian twists, leg in and out, flutter kicks, and crunches are good for tummy toning.

4. Practice The Tupler Technique

The Tupler technique helps new mommies to rejoin the stretched connective tissues in the belly region and also in waistline reduction. You have to wear a splint for six weeks and avoid vigorous exercises. After your abdominal muscles heal, you may start exercising.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You may pad the edges of a splint with a soft material if it causes irritation or becomes sore. You may also use tape to cover the edges if needed.

5. Minimize Stress Levels

Woman relaxing at a park to minimize stress levels
Image: Shutterstock

Do what you like in your free time. Make time for yourself, even if it is 20 minutes a day. Read a book, dance, paint, cook, skate, put on makeup, sing, walk, play, and meditate. De-stress as much as possible. Unwind every day and not just on the weekends.

6. Avoid Gas-Producing Foods

Certain foods may cause bloating. Avoid those. Most fast foods, sodas, cabbage, radish, cauliflower, etc. may cause bloating.

7. Avoid Being Constantly Seated

“Posture can most definitely cause a lower belly pooch. I see a lot of nutrition and training clients who can already see a big difference in their belly when they sit and stand with good posture,” says Jesse Feder.

Sitting is the new smoking. Be it at work, home, or while commuting, we sit more than we stand or walk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity (like brisk walking) every week to stay active (6).

Main Idea: A good diet, exercise, de-stressing, and leading a better lifestyle can help you get rid of the belly pooch.

What can you do to whittle away the tummy flab? First, follow this diet chart.

Sample Diet Chart To Get Rid Of Belly Pooch 

  • Early morning (7:00 a.m.) – 1 cup water with 2 teaspoons fenugreek seeds soaked overnight
  • Breakfast (8:00 a.m.) – Oatmeal with 4 almonds, 2 dates, and strawberry/blueberry
  • Snack (10:30 a.m.) – 1 cup green tea + 1 digestive biscuit
  • Lunch (12:30 p.m.) – ½ cup brown rice + 3 oz chicken/fish (or 1 cup dahl) + ½ cup sautéed veggies.
  • Snack (3:30 p.m.) – 1 cup green tea + 10 in-shell (unsalted) pistachios
  • Dinner (6:30 p.m.) – 1 cup mushroom clear soup or Kidney bean chili

Next, do these abdominal exercises.

Exercises To Reduce Belly Pooch

1. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches
Image: Shutterstock

Bicycle crunches work on your upper abdomen muscles, middle abdomen, lower abdomen muscles, side waist muscles, quadriceps, and calf. This is a fun workout and here’s how to do it.


  1. Lie down on the floor with legs stretched straight.
  2. Place your hands on the sides of your head. Do not lock your fingers.
  3. Bend your right knee and try to bring your knee towards your chest.
  4. Simultaneously, twist your body and try to touch your left elbow with the right knee.
  5. Return to initial position and repeat step 3 and 4 with the left leg and right elbow.
  6. Repeat it 20 times.

2. Forward Plank

Forward Plank
Image: Shutterstock

This is an excellent exercise to strengthen your core. Forward plank works on your glutes, upper and lower abdomen muscles, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Here is how to do it.


  1. Assume the cat pose.
  2. Now, go down by supporting your upper body on your forearm.
  3. Stretch your legs and support your lower body on your toes.
  4. Hold the position for 20 seconds.
  5. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat.

3. Side Crunches

Side Crunches
Image: Shutterstock

This is a very easy but effective exercise. It works on your mid-abdomen and lower abdomen muscles, glutes, and obliques. Here is how to do it.


  1. Lie down on your right side with your left feet on top of your right.
  2. Stretch away from the body at 90 degrees to your body on the floor, palm down.
  3. Bend your left elbow and place your left palm lightly on your head.
  4. Begin by lifting both your legs towards your head and moving your head towards your feet.
  5. Do it 10 times and relax, and then repeat one more time.
  6. Repeat the same on your left side.

4. Scissor Kicks

Scissor Kicks

This is an exercise that looks simple and easy to do but is very effective when it comes to losing the belly pooch. It acts on your lower abdomen and upper abdomen muscles. Here are the steps.


  1. Lie down flat, facing the ceiling.
  2. Now lift your legs up at 90 degrees to your body.
  3. Move your right leg towards your chest and your left leg towards the floor.
  4. Now move your left leg towards your chest and your right leg towards the floor.
  5. Repeat this 10 – 20 times.

5. U- Boat

U- Boat

This is one more easy exercise that acts on your lower abdomen muscles. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Bend your knees and sit with your feet flat.
  2. Lean back and support your upper body with your elbows, palms facing down.
  3. Lift your legs up, toes pointed, and knees touching.
  4. Bring your legs to the right; do not lift your hips from the ground.
  5. Lower your legs and then lift your legs up and bring them to the right.
  6. Lower your legs and repeat this for 10-15 times.

Infographic: Top 5 Exercises To Lose Belly Pooch

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are the most common causes of a belly pooch. So, to get rid of it, one must start moving and be consistent with exercises. A proper diet and fitness routine can help trim your belly pooch and get a healthy body. The infographic below gives you an overview of the top 5 exercises to help reduce belly pooch. Take a look.

top 5 exercises to lose belly pooch (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

With a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet habits, a belly pooch can gently creep on your waist without much announcement. While it is easier to see changes in other parts of the body with regular exercise, belly fat and the pooch thereof might seem a tad bit difficult to lose. Poor diet, genetics, alcohol, or even chronic stress, can all lead to the formation of a belly pooch. Avoiding junk, high-calorie, or gas-producing food, along with managing your stress levels, and incorporating a HIIT workout routine are some of the few ways that can help get rid of the belly pooch. Complementing these with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle can bring about visible changes in due course of time.

Main Idea: Diet and exercise are a MUST to lose belly flab.

Learn how to get rid of that pesky lower belly pooch with this reverse sit-up technique in the video below! Get ready to tone and strengthen your core and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes upper belly pooch?

Jesse Feder, “The cause of upper belly pooch can also be due to both belly fat and/or bloating.”

Is it possible to lose belly pooch by skipping?

Jesse opines that it is possible to lose belly pooch from skipping. Skipping can be a good cardio workout that can help you burn off extra calories and, in turn, reduce belly fat.

Will my belly pooch ever go away?

“You can start to lose belly pooch in as little as a week. However, results can vary depending on the methods used to achieve your results. If you combine a healthy diet plan with a good exercise plan, you can see results quicker than if you were to do one or the other,” says Jesse Feder.

Why is it so hard to lose a belly pooch?

Insulin resistancei  When the cells in the liver and muscles are sensitive to insulin and cannot absorb glucose from the blood. and slower fat metabolism in the cells could make it harder to get rid of fat in certain areas of the body, including the abdomen (6).

Why am I skinny but have a pooch?

This could be most likely due to genetics, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and underdeveloped core muscles. You need to modify your lifestyle and diet to increase your core strength and tone the muscles by distributing the fat evenly.

Is lower belly pooch normal?

It could seem normal post-pregnancy, and due to genetics or aging. However, you can always work on the core muscles to reduce and get rid of the belly fat.

How to lose lower belly fat?

Following a healthy diet, being consistent with cardiovascular workouts, and a proper lifestyle may help lose lower belly fat. It is also recommended to avoid junk food and sugary beverages to get rid of lower belly fat.

Key Takeaways

  • Poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, alcohol, and hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause a belly pooch.
  • Start eating low-GI foods and lean protein and cut out high-calorie foods from your diet to get rid of your belly pooch.
  • Do HIIT exercises like jump squats, Russian twists, and flutter kicks to tone your belly region.
how to get rid of Belly Pooch

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