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3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Back Fat

3 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Back Fat April 24, 2018

Are you hesitant to wear your favourite strapless top just because you have too much of back fat? Wondering how you can ever get rid of the fat on your back? Back fat, though not very visible, can still make one feel low and overly self- conscious.

So how can you get rid of back fat in simple and efficient ways? Are there any effective tips that can help with the problem without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, there are! Continue with your read to know more!

How To Reduce Back Fat – 3 Simple Methods:

For sculpting a well toned back, you need to take some extra efforts in your daily hectic life schedule. Most importantly, you should maintain discipline and be creative at times!

1. Change In Eating Habits:

If you are addicted to fast foods, canned items, pretzels, candy bars, and soft drinks, it’s time to control your longing for them. These foods should be avoided for reducing back fat.

You can instead go for herbal drinks, berries along with fibrous and high protein delicacies.

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Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables:

You cannot specifically work to reduce back fat. Hence, you need to focus on weight loss in entirety. Like any other diet regimen, here also, you need to largely gorge upon fruits and vegetables. Include them in big portions in your daily diet. They make you feel fuller and cut down your cravings for other high-calorie foods. Make sure you only prefer seasonal fruits and vegetables and not cold or preserved ones.

Have Healthy Protein Rich Food:

If you want to lose back fat, give up your unhealthy eating habits. Lower your intake of saturated fats and processed food items. Instead of choosing white flour or cured meats with additives and hormones, prefer lean and fresh meats. If you happen to be a vegan, it is good to include legumes, buckwheat, nuts, whole grains, low-fat milk, avocadoes, and other fiber rich foods in your diet.

Also, refrain from other processed foods that claim to be diet friendly. Trans- fats, coloring agents, added chemical preservatives should be avoided at all costs.

2. Change Of Unhealthy Lifestyle:

A lifestyle makeover is quite important to attain a healthy body. But to actually do so, you need to be energetic and alert. Reduce stress with constant meditation and yoga. Avoid straining too much because it may trigger fat instigating hormones in your body.

Get Sound Sleep:

Wondering how to lose back fat? To lose weight on your back, it is important to get good sleep. Overstressing caused by less sleep may cause extra weight gain. Make a perfect sleep schedule and follow it regularly.

Sip Water Throughout The Day:

If you want to reduce back fat, then ensure you are never dehydrated. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water daily to combat dehydration. Water is a calorie-free drink that flushes out all the harmful toxins from the body. You can use a separate bottle for this reason. Fill it twice daily and finish it up by the time you go to sleep.

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Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake:

Like any other unhealthy beverage, alcohol aggravates the problem of back fat. It has lots of sugar that causes fat deposition in the areas of your back. If necessary, restrict yourself to just a drink in a week. Also, choose dry drinks over sugary ones, including beer.

3. Exercise Regimen:

To reduce back fat and have a flat midsection, you need to take up exercising. Indulge in exercises that are physically intense and effective. At the same time, remember to choose workouts that target your back muscles.

Cardio Exercises:

These include running, biking, aerobics, Zumba, dancing, etc. They help to cut the stored fat in your back area. Since cardio never focuses on fat reduction, you can combine it with some other exercises for positive results. You can also take up swimming for this reason. Swimming is a cardio exercise that helps to burn the back fat if you use backstroke and breaststroke frequently. Run outside, jog on a treadmill, buy an elliptical machine, or prefer biking to driving.

Basic Plank Drops:

Planks are designed to strengthen back muscles.

  1. To start off, take a plank position keeping your feet at shoulder width.
  2. Use your forearms for push-ups. Slightly take the chest closer to the floor by engaging your abs.
  3. Now, hold it for 10 seconds before you pull your chest up, keeping your shoulder blades apart.
  4. Try to repeat 3 sets of 20 reps.

Hanging Abdominal Leg Raises:

This exercise is quite helpful to reduce back fat.

  1. For this workout, you just need to suspend yourself on a pull up bar.
  2. Raise the legs to bring your knees closer to your chest.
  3. Use your abs to lift your knees up to your chest. Continue slowly till your knees and waist come to the same level.
  4. Now get back to the starting position.
  5. You can repeat as many sets of this exercise as you are willing to perform at a time.

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Rowing Exercise:

Use a rowing machine for this exercise.

  1. To begin with, get firmly seated on the machine and hold the handle tight.
  2. Keep the wrists straight and gradually lean in the forward direction.
  3. Start the machine. Now pull the handle towards you and keep pushing the machine with your feet.
  4. Repeat the action again by bending your legs.
  5. Throughout this exercise, try to keep your core composed and back absolutely straight.

All these methods can definitely help you to burn that extra fat from your back. But you must be regular and dedicated when it comes to following them. So, delay no more and get ready to flaunt your toned back in an elegant strapless gown!

Now that you know how to reduce back fat, let us know if you’ll give this a try. Do you know of any other exercises that can reduce back fat? How well have they worked for you? Do share with us by commenting in the box below! We would love to hear from you!

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