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3 Simple Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Yeast Infection

3 Simple Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Yeast Infection September 19, 2017

Do you need an effective treatment for yeast infection? According to many people, using hydrogen peroxide for yeast infection is considered highly effective remedy (1).

Can hydrogen peroxide get rid of a yeast infection? If you want to get the answer, read this post.

Yeast Infection – An Overview:

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Yeast infection is one of the most common conditions among women. According to statistics, about 75 percent of all women are affected by this infection at some point in their lives (2). Vaginal yeast infection should not be a major concern because it is easily curable. Nowadays, there are many home remedies that you can use to treat it. In fact, they are much better than prescription medications as they are easy to use and very effective. As mentioned earlier, hydrogen peroxide is one such remedy that can help you get rid of this infection.

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Yeast Infection:

You can use hydrogen peroxide bath for yeast infection treatment, as well as other infections (3). There are three methods that you can use to treat the infection with peroxide. Here is a quick look at these methods:

Method 1:

First, take 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and add it to a cup of water. Stir to mix well. It is important to remember not to use too much peroxide. This can cause inflammation to the area around the infection, which in turn will lead to a burning sensation on your skin. Once you have prepared the solution, pour it carefully onto the affected area.

Method 2:

If you want your body to get more hydrogen peroxide to treat yeast infection, you should consider a peroxide bath to soak in. Fill your bathtub with water and pour in 1 pint of full-strength hydrogen peroxide. Stir the water with your hand and then soak in it for 10 minutes at least.

Method 3:

For vaginal yeast infection, you should use a douche made with hydrogen peroxide for treating the condition. To make the douche, you will need peroxide mixed with water and a bottle that comes with a long nozzle so that you can administer the solution into the affected area. Many experts recommend this method as an alternative to antibiotics. However, remember that you should not use too much peroxide. The recommended amount is 9.9 milliliters of 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with 236.5 milliliters of water.

Keep in mind that you should consult your health care provider before you use hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for yeast infection, as you need to know how severe your case is. According to experts, using a hydrogen peroxide solution will not work if the infection is already at a critical stage.

So, these were some of the effective ways to use hydrogen peroxide for yeast infection treatment. Let’s check out why is this used externally and why it is so effective.

Why Use Hydrogen Peroxide Externally For Vaginal Yeast Infection:

Many women ask why hydrogen peroxide needs to be used externally when it is already present inside the body. Well, the answer is simple. Yes, peroxide is present in the vagina, and it is there to perform the task of keeping yeast infection away. However, the growth of Candida is boosted by the environmental conditions inside the vagina, and the amount of hydrogen peroxide that is present will not be able to counter it completely (4). This gap is filled by the external application of a peroxide solution. It also helps your body in checking yeast overgrowth naturally. Hydrogen peroxide does not cause any harm to your vagina nor does it impact your general healthy negatively as the body produces it naturally.

Why Does Hydrogen Peroxide Work So Well?

Because of its ability to break down into hydrogen and oxygen when it is applied, hydrogen peroxide is considered to be one of the most reliable treatments for any fungal yeast infection (5). The oxygen that it contains helps in eliminating the infection. However, as mentioned already, you need to be careful when you are making your own hydrogen peroxide solution as using too much peroxide can cause a burning sensation on the areas that are affected by the infection. The sensation can get very intense, especially if it is a case of severe infection, or the affected area is already inflamed.

It has already been mentioned that a diet change is required to get rid of yeast infections. Experts do not recommend using hydrogen peroxide as a standalone treatment. You must make healthy changes to your diet and use natural treatments like hydrogen peroxide at the same time. You can also use a combination of peroxide and other home remedies like apple cider vinegar, yogurt and garlic paste to effectively treat yeast infections as well as other fungal infections.

There are cases when a patient’s condition has reached a stage where using the hydrogen peroxide treatment does not work as effectively as it should. In these situations, you will need to consult a medical expert for proper diagnosis and to get the right treatment.

Points To Remember:

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are using hydrogen peroxide for yeast infection:

  • As mentioned earlier, you will need to wait for a few days for the effects of hydrogen peroxide to show. The results will show after about a week of using the treatment, and the infection will go away.
  • Always use only household strength hydrogen peroxide for fungal infections. 3% peroxide is recommended (6).
  • Never consume hydrogen peroxide internally. Needless to say, you should also never inject it into your veins.
  • For Candida, always be very careful when you are administering a douche made of hydrogen peroxide. If air is forced into the vagina, it can lead to a rare condition known as air embolism that can become quite serious.

Although peroxide kills harmful bacteria, fungus, and yeast, it can also destroy good bacteria that are naturally present in the vagina. In some cases, this can result in secondary infections. This is why you should take probiotics supplements every day to replenish your body with beneficial bacteria (7).

As you can see, using hydrogen peroxide as a natural treatment for yeast infections is a great idea. It does not cause any harmful side effects as long as you are careful about the amount of peroxide you use. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of fresh fruit juice like cranberry and watermelon to give your body an extra dose of hydrogen peroxide naturally. With the help of peroxide, you can say goodbye to discomfort, pain and other symptoms of yeast infection.

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