45 Things To Do When You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Written by Harini Natarajan

Boyfriend bonfires in which you burn your ex’s stuff and eat copious amounts of ice cream are the yearly Valentine’s Day to-dos for single ladies. These are especially sought after by those who spend Valentine’s Day single – and are pretty bitter about it. But what about some of us, the non-bitter singletons? You know, some of us don’t actually mind being single, independent, and free on Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t we celebrate Valentine’s Day as well? Of course!
Here are some ways you can celebrate this Valentine’s. All the single ladies – have fun!

What To Do On Valentine’s Day If You Are Single


  1. Make some plans. You will end up home alone if you don’t make plans to make plans. Being alone will make you wallow in loneliness, and you will end up crying or eating too much ice cream. Avoid this by making plans already.
  2. Throw a singles-only party. Invite all your single buddies and drink to your independence.
  3. Make chocolates and eat them all. You could decorate them with white, pink, and purple sprinkles, place them in clear cellophane bags, tie the bags with pretty pink ribbons, and gift them to your single buddies.
  4. Plan a “craftsday.” Set out stamps, ink, paper, cards, and stickers. Ask your interested creative friends to join you as well and make Valentine’s Day cards.
  5. Treat yourself. Go for a new blowout, haircut, beauty treatment, facial, or massage.
  6. Get out of town. Plan a Valentine’s Day getaway with a girlfriend or a family member.
  7. Plan a romantic dinner for your parents. Light some candles, set the table, and open a bottle of good wine.
  8. Take yourself out on a date. Go eat at your favorite fancy restaurant. You can sit at the bar and order an expensive dessert.
  9. Sign up for a workout class. After enjoying the endorphins from the exercise, treat yourself to a smoothie.
  10. Bake a layered chocolate cake. Choose a recipe that’s a little complicated and be proud of yourself when you perfect it.


  1. Order champagne. Drink two glasses!
  2. Have a chocolate taste test party. Buy a bunch of different flavored chocolate and invite some friends over to eat them. Discuss how each one tastes.
  3. Wear something sexy and feel the self-love.
  4. Pamper yourself. Take a long, hot bath, put on a face mask, and paint your nails.
  5. Book a couple’s massage – but with your bestie or a family member.
  6. Send a heartfelt “I love you because…” text to all the people you adore in your life, especially your old friends who live far away.
  7. Go for a Sex and the City marathon. Order pizza, make a margarita, and binge-watch the show that famously celebrates single women.
  8. Go to a bar, order your favorite cocktail, and then head to a place that hosts karaoke nights. Sing all the classic love songs with your best friends.
  9. Go on a date with your bestie. Get dressed, put on makeup, go to a restaurant, and order their special Valentine’s Day menu. With wine, of course.
  10. Do something sweet for someone elderly. Send them a bouquet of flowers and tell them how much you admire them.


  1. Explore the neighborhood or head to a place in town you aren’t very familiar with. Walk up the streets, order a cappuccino at the local cafe, or browse the racks of an antique bookstore.
  2. Invite your group of friends and watch your favorite sporting event.
  3. Catch up on your Zzzzz. Sleep in or simply take a nap in the afternoon. You deserve it.
  4. Get off social media. Stalking your ex on Facebook to see how he is celebrating with his new girl is not going to make your day.
  5. Have nephews or nieces? Offer to babysit them so their parents can go for a night out. Be the cool aunt – watch Frozen, order pizza, and bake some brownies.
  6. Go to a supermarket and buy bunches of flowers. Get them home and then channel your inner florist. Make pretty bouquets. Decorate your house or get them delivered to your loved ones.
  7. Go to a live comedy show. Or you can just stream one of the comedy specials on Netflix.
  8. Go and hang out with your grandparents. They will always love you the way you are.
  9. Splurge on jewelry. You are worth it.
  10. Give yourself some self-love. Cut yourself a bit of slack. Do what makes you happy! You are worthy of love.


  1. Watch My Bloody Valentine or some other horror movie that is Valentine’s Day-related.
  2. Post a hottie selfie. Watch a sexy movie like Fifty Shades of Grey with your girlfriends and then post a smashing selfie.
  3. Spend the day with your siblings. Get your sister, get in bed, and eat Ben and Jerry’s.
  4. Go to the gym. Treat it as just another day.
  5. Travel. Go snowboarding by yourself.
  6. Send anonymous love cards and gifts to your single buddies. Make their day.
  7. Get a couple of Mills and Boons books, go home, cook up some mac and cheese, wrap yourself in a plush blanket, turn your phone off, and read yourself to sleep.
  8. Have a sleepover with your single girlfriends.
  9. Make a list of all the good things about being single.
  10. Have a spa day. Go to a posh spa and treat yourself. Get a mani-pedi, Thai massage, whatever!”


  1. Eat. Whatever the hell you want.
  2. Spend some quality time with your mommy. Go shopping with her or out on a nice mother-daughter dinner.
  3. Throw an I-hate-Cupid party. Invite all your single buddies and just have fun.
  4. Watch How to Be Single. It is a really cool movie, and you will feel super empowered as a single girl.
  5. Plot world takeover. Pretend you are a superwoman with special powers and think of how to take over the world.

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day fun ideas for singles. Get out there, have a good time, and don’t mope around on your bed. Even if you are not doing so well in the romance department right now – who cares? It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out, celebrate the day, and enjoy yourself. Depressed and you? Never. Practically impossible with all the amazing plans you will work out for yourself. Get so busy having fun and letting your hair loose this Valentine’s Day that you don’t even remember you are not in a relationship right now, to begin with. Happy Valentine’s, pretty woman!

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