How To Wear Skater Skirts – 25 Style Ideas

It's time to get inspired and show some love to the skirts hiding at the back of your closet.

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Skater skirts are one of those outfits you can never get wrong. No matter what your body type is, skater skirts are a wonderful way to flaunt what you got. If you want to show off those calf muscles, try on a wonderful mini or green skater skirt with a crop top to chic up your look. For all those who want to go the more traditional way, a white or black skater skirt with silk or cotton tops can make you look fun and quirky. Read this article to get some skater outfit ideas!

25 Cute Skater Skirt Outfits Ideas

1. Blue Floral Skater Skirt

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The safest way to style an electric blue floral skirt would be to go with a plain white T-shirt and pumps heels. But, let’s ditch that and the obvious for a second. Pair it with a graphic T-shirt and get grooving.

Fun Fact
The A-line silhouette of the skirts resemble the costumes of skaters, which is why they got the name skater skirts.

2. Burgundy Skater Skirt

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When you are in a mood to match your outfit with your hair, or even the other way around, go with a burgundy skirt. Finish the look with a leather jacket, combat boots, and winged liner.

3. Hot Pink Polka Dot Skirt

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Headed for a casual brunch with friends on a hot summer morning? Keep it casual yet chic with this airy and soft hot pink skirt and nude top. You could either wear elevated flip flops or ankle strap heels depending on where you are going. Throw on a body bag too.

4. Navy Blue Skater Skirt

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One concern most plus size women have is that skater skirts are too short and that they don’t suit all body types. But, it’s just the opposite – and who says they always have to be short? Look at this gorgeous navy blue skirt that is stunning, elegant, and provides a great silhouette. Also, pair it with bold and unusual colors like coral, yellow, gold, etc. to take it all a notch higher. Wear flaming hot red pumps, pearls, and deep red lipstick to show people how it’s done.

5. White High-Waisted Skater Skirt

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A white skirt is a staple. It is one of the most common colors while getting into the groove; one, because it’s easy to style, and two, because you can style it with most tops in your closet.

6. Leather Skater Skirt

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Leather pants, leather shorts, leather shoes, and leather bags – there is something about leather that makes it irresistible, chic, and edgy at the same time. Next time you shop for party wear, keep your eyes open for this.

7. Velvet Skater Skirt

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Now, this is some next level fashion stuff, isn’t it? If you cannot get enough of velvet already, here’s one more thing to add to your(our) velvet obsession.

8. Long Black Skater Skirt

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Black is an obvious choice in any piece of garment we choose. Here’s a more extended variant in skater skirts that can make your workwear interesting. Tuck in a checkered silk shirt, wear a thick collar necklace with black pumps, and carry a leather bag. You can wear it also with a leather boxy jacket. Perfect for work.

9. Mini Skater Skirt

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Want to show off those calves that you have been working hard on? Next time around, do it with a floral mini skirt that looks chic and royal. Pair it with a crop top if you have a party to go to, or a simple tank or V-neck T-shirt will do too.

10. Pink Skater Skirt

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Are you the girly type or in a mood to look all cute and delicate today? Do it with a pink skater skirt and look like a cupcake. While a plain pink skirt seems more like a teenage statement, printed or self-design ones suit mature women perfectly.

The origins of skater skirts date back to 1950s fashion aesthetics. Whereas the modern version of these skirts was in style in the 1980s.

11. Green Skater Skirt

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Make way for one of my favorite looks. Skaters and plaid shirts. You can put this together in no time and look effortlessly stylish. Carry a clutch and wear some gold pumps and jewelry – stunning, I say.

12. Black Skater Skirt

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Black from head to toe – well, almost. Black is one of the most common colors for someone just testing the waters, and the veterans too. You can pair it with checkered, plain or silk tops, or go with a monochromatic look. If you want to break the silhouette a little, add red lipstick, red stockings, or red pumps – or any other color that excites you. Paola Farina, Personal Stylist, says, “You can wear miniskirts also with cuissardes (high-knee boots). Stand out from the crowd using bold colors, such as turquoise, green, camel, or burgundy.

13. Grey Skater Skirt

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If you have had enough of regular pencil skirts for work, try this formal skater skirt and pair it with black stockings if you think it’s too short. Wear flowing silk, cotton, or linen shirts, and look dapper.

14. Pleated Skater Skirt

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Add some extra definition to your outfit with this softly pleated skater skirt. Go with an off-shoulder or crop top to keep up the drama.

15. Checkered Skater Skirt

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How can we not talk about checkered skirts? They look flattering, and when they are paired with pastel tops instead of the regular black or whites, nothing can be better.

16. Knee Length Skater Skirt

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For all of you who are still, still, still not even convinced by the idea of skater skirts – here’s a knee-length polka skirt for you that looks neat, glam, and elegant. Go with colored V-neck plain tops and ankle strap heels.

17. White Skater Skirt

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Pair your white skater skirt with a tank top, and throw on a leather jacket, especially ones with brown undertones. Denim also works well. Killer!

18. Midi Skater Skirt And Crop Top

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Be it a wedding, a pre-wedding party, cocktail dinner, or a night out with your girl gang, this midi style, knee-length skater skirt swings anyway you want. Go with fabrics like silk or something more formal so that you can use it for work too.

19. Jute Skater Skirts For Winter

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If you are bored of just covering yourself up in winters, try this look. Wear a skater skirt in fabrics like wool or jute that keep you warm; wear fleece leggings and ankle length boots – they make your legs look elongated too. Wear a turtleneck sweater and throw on a choker – because we are bored of those bland winter looks, remember?

20. Black Skater Skirt And Turtleneck Tops

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An easy-peasy everyday look to make your weekdays a little more exciting and fun. Feel free to swap colors to match your mood – all of them look equally good.

21. Skater Skirts And Converse

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Pairing skater skirts with converse skirts are the easiest way to look chic. Add a graphic T-shirt, big glasses, converse shoes, and a side body bag. Love it!

22. Denim Skater Skirt

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Denim skirts are just meant to be straight cuts or minis – but skater skirts are totally in too. Dump your old style and try this look.

23. Tulle Skater Skirt

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We all love tulle fabrics, don’t we? They are light, breezy, and fashionable. If you want to feel like a fashionista, throw on a blazer, and wear six-inch pumps or boots. There’s no stopping you. Paola Farina opines that you can also wear a fluffy maxi cardigan with a belt.

24. Ruffle Skater Skirt

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A ruffle skater skirt that fits and flares out perfectly is a must in your wardrobe. The asymmetry and the ruffles are for anyone trying to ace the skater game.

25. Animal Print Skater Skirt

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And, when do you feel that you have tried them all and mastered the art? When you have it in animal prints, period! You HAVE to try this look!

Skater skirts are almost everybody’s favorite because of their stitching patterns. No matter what body type you have, you will never go wrong when you wear them. So if you are looking for ideas for skater skirt outfits, you should be happy to know that you are just on the right page. This article will help you discover all the amazing ways to style your skater dress. Regardless of your age, you are going to look like a showstopper when you ace the styles that we have provided below in the article. The whole world is going gaga over these skirts. So go ahead, join the band yourself and scroll down to try out our ideas too. Come on now! It is time for you to steal the show!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are skater skirts called skater skirts?

Skater skirts got their name from their resemblance to the dresses worn by figure skaters. Their hemline sits just above the knees, and they are usually high-waisted.

Is a skater skirt an A-line skirt?

A skater skirt is a flared variant of an A-line skirt that is shorter and ends above the knees.

Key Takeaways

    • Skater skirts make for a nice, chic look. These skirts in different prints are a must-have in your wardrobe.
    • You can pair your dark color skater skirt with a white or light color top and matching plump heels.
    • You can even ditch your plain top for an off-shoulder or crop top to add more drama to your look.
    • Leather or denim jackets go well with light-colored skater skirts.

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