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Skin Gym Face Fitness For A Younger And Healthy Face

Skin Gym Face Fitness For A Younger And Healthy Face July 16, 2018

Do you find your face showing signs of aging? Wondering what you can do about it? Sagging facial skin or wrinkles are matters of concern, but it all depends on how we approach the issue.

Coming to that, one of the best ways to bring back the glory of your facial skin is by following the tips of Skin Gym.

Wondering what Skin Gym is? Thinking how something related to gym can actually help you get beautiful skin? Read this post to know more!

Aging And Skin

We all know that aging is a natural process that affects all the parts of our body, and that we can’t stop from aging. But certain signs that are clearly visible are associated with the skin and muscles. Aging brings a lot of changes in your body, like development of age spots, bruising problems, loss of skin tone, the shrinking muscles, and so on – this is due to the disintegration of tissues and collagens. All these are natural symptoms of the aging process, but according to facial exercise experts, the sinking cheeks and jaws can be cured without any costly surgery or other cosmetic procedures. There are special exercises that help to slow down the aging process and make your skin look younger and healthier.

A workout routine is the best way to protect your skin from sagging. Taking sufficient water, good diet, and a workout routine can make you look younger. Facial exercise is a natural way to make your face look younger and firmer and reduce wrinkles. This will also reduce eye strain and even decrease neck and facial tension.

By exercising your facial muscles regularly, you can make sure that they remain firm. This will also prevent your cheeks from sinking. Increased blood flow and circulation through these muscles can help prevent wrinkles.

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Skin Gym Face Fitness

Skin gym was opened by a group of middle-aged mothers. According to them, there are 57 muscles in the human face and through a sequence of exercises, the elasticity of skin can be increased thus making the skin firmer and younger.

Skin gym face fitness believes that facial exercise and massage are the best skin care products, and they help you to achieve beauty from the inside. The signature facial workouts are designed to tighten and make the muscles of the face firm, which increase the skin’s vitality and leave a radiant finish. It is believed that massage and movement increase the blood circulation to the skin and help rejuvenate the skin. The process boasts about looking younger without any products, surgery, or other procedures. Instead, the idea is to get the muscles in your face fit.

The effects of massage on the skin are remarkable. Detoxifying, oxygenating, and massaging bring a direct supply of nutrition through increased circulation straight to the skin cells. Touch therapy and exercise increase volume through muscle movement under the surface of the skin, thus diminishing fine lines.

Though the concept of face fitness is not entirely new, the idea behind Skin Gym is that regular 15-minute appointments enhance the skin’s natural ability to re-energize and tone. The workout menu includes muscle interval training, hydration mists, reflexology, infrared therapy and so on.

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Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are easy to perform. While doing these exercises, breathe deeply and remember to do the movements slowly.

1. Forehead Exercise

Exercising your forehead muscles can be very beneficial to get younger looking skin. This is because when your forehead begins to sag, it can cause your upper eyelids to sag, which in turn will make your skin look older.

  1. Place one finger horizontally on top of each eyebrow and pull down slightly.
  2. Raise your eyebrows working against the resistance of your fingers.
  3. Do not stretch or pull the skin.
  4. Hold for some time and lower your eyebrows. Repeat for a few times.

2. Cheek Exercise

Exercising your cheek muscles is very important as they play an important role in the formation of facial expressions. If your cheeks sag, this can cause the corners of your mouth to turn downwards and make it look as if you are unhappy.

  1. Place your fingers horizontally on top of your cheeks just beneath your eyes.
  2. Smile, moving the corners of your mouth upwards.
  3. As you smile and lift your cheeks, you should feel the resistance created by your fingers.
  4. Hold momentarily and relax.
  5. Repeat the steps 20 times.

This exercise will be helpful to tone your cheeks, as they will target the muscles that run across your cheeks and also the muscles that surround your mouth.

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3. Chin Exercise

  1. To get a well-formed chin, pull your chin upward towards your lower lip.
  2. Push your lower lip down until you see your lower front teeth and gums.
  3. Avoid pulling the corners of your mouth down while doing this exercise.
  4. To prevent double chin, position the fist of your hand under your chin. Now open your mouth, forcing the lower jaw against the push of the fist.

If you are worried about the pros and cons of facial exercises, take expert advice from a skin care specialist or facial fitness expert to help you explore your options.

Would you like to try a face gym? Let us know in the comments section below.

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