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Acne, the most unwelcome guest on your skin, occurs in various types. From pesky pimples to severe forms like cystic acne, fungal acne, hormonal acne, and nodular acne, this condition can take a toll on your self-esteem. But learning what acne is, what causes acne, and the different types can help you determine effective treatments. Be it simple home remedies for acne or advanced procedures like laser treatment for acne, finding the right solution is critical to unveil your skin’s natural radiance.

Topical treatments that include home remedies and over-the-counter products can help treat acne-prone skin. From maintaining a consistent skin care routine for acne to following healthy lifestyle changes, achieving clear and radiant skin is now within your grasp.

If you are concerned about acne and want to get relief from it, you have reached the right place. Learn everything you need to know about acne and pimples to achieve clean and clear skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can stress make acne worse?

    Yes, stress can make acne worse. The sebaceous glands have receptors that produce more sebum when you are stressed (1). This increased sebum production may aggravate acne.

  • Can acne be genetic?

    Yes, it can be. Genetics can determine how sensitive your skin is to hormonal changes, cell shedding, sebum production, and inflammation. So, one has high chances of developing acne if there is a history of acne in the family (2).

  • Is acne completely curable?

    Acne can be managed in most cases. However, it may not be completely curable for everyone. The result also depends on the severity of acne, its causes, and the individual’s skin type. Also, even if the acne gets cured, it may recur in the future if there is no proper skin care routine.

  • Why do pimples and acne appear on the face?

    Pimples and acne appear primarily on the face (and sometimes on the chest, shoulders, and upper back) as the area contains the most sebaceous glands (3). Otherwise, the general causes of pimples and acne include environmental factors, lifestyle issues, hormonal fluctuations, and genetics (4).

  • Are pimples and acne permanent?

    Pimples and acne are not permanent conditions as they can be treated and managed effectively. One can achieve clean, clear skin with adequate skin care, lifestyle changes, and treatments. However, some people may experience occasional breakouts due to certain triggers or hormonal changes.


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