Oily Skin

10 Benefits Of Using Milk Of Magnesia For Oily Skin

If your face can't stop overproducing sebum, you should look into the effects of this underrated ingredient.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. M. Khawar Nazir, MBBS
How To Use Multani Mitti For Oily Skin

This earthy ingredient is the answer to your skincare woes and the key to radiant skin.

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Honey For Oily Skin – 12 Best Ways To Use It Effectively

From scrubs to moisturizers - explore the easy ways to use honey to manage oily skin issues.

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Natural Ways To Moisturize Oily Skin

Say 'no' to greasy skin with some hydrating ingredients from your kitchen!

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Facial Steam For Acne: Benefits And A Step-By-Step Guide

Bring the heat to those pesky pimples and rejuvenate your skin right at home.

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Foods For Oily Skin: What To Eat And Avoid

Get that oil-free, clear, and healthy skin with the right foods in your diet.

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