Sofia Vergara’s Beauty & Fitness Secrets REVEALED!

Take hints from the beauty secrets of the woman who radiates exquisite beauty so effortlessly.

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If you are a fan of Modern Family and want to know Sofia Vergara’s beauty secrets, you are in for a treat! This Colombian-American actress has become a household name in the United States.

Vergara is not only a talented actress, but the woman is aging like fine wine. Her sharp facial features, flawless skin, and exotic accent make her a charming presence in every room she walks in. This Columbian diva is confident in her skin and has said, “My mantra is to accentuate my best qualities.” Swipe up to take a peek into her daily beauty regimen!

Did You Know?
In one of her Instagram live sessions, Sofia Vergara revealed that she had done her own makeup throughout the 11 seasons of Modern Family.

Sofia Vergara Beauty Secrets

The gorgeous Sofia Vergara reveals her beauty secrets


1. Sofia on Workout:

Sofia has confessed quite a few times that she is not a workout person. She has never enjoyed doing it and likes supervised training session so that she sticks to her workout sessions.

  • She does 1 hour workout routines for 2 or 3 times a week on weights and cardio.
  • She is a water person and loves water activities like swimming
  • She prefers Pilates , yoga and even dancing
  • She tries to fit fitness around her busy routine. No matter what the excuse, she tries to workout at least 2-3 times a week.
  • She is a proponent of reverse crunches and does them religiously.
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Sofia likes to keep the muscles in her lower body toned. Her hack is to walk on a 6-8% incline on the treadmill for her cardio. This is her secret to a toned booty.

2. Sofia Vergara on Makeup:

Stunning Sofia Vergara in her favorite makeup look


Sofia has confessed that her beauty icon is Sofia Loren. She has also been heard to say that she never leaves home without makeup even if it only means a bit of blush on her cheeks.

  • Her favorites? She absolutely loves the Cover girl Lash blast 24 hour mascara. Her favorite eye shadow is the Cover girl queen collection eye shadow in hot toffee.
  • Her beauty must have is crème de la mer. She stores it in little containers so that she can carry it while traveling. She also wears mascara all the time as she has blonde eyelashes.
  • Her red carpet look consists of loads of mascara, eye liner and darker eye shadows.
Sofia looks gorgeous at an Awards program


3. Sofia’s Secret Tip:

She wears a lipstick all the time as her mother used to stress that wearing a lipstick gives the impression of looking well-put together. She also said that, being a Latina girl, she always watched her mother do makeup and loved applying a little blush or lipstick when she was just fourteen years old.

Sofia's beauty secret to looking put-together is lipstick


She believes in multitasking her makeup and she has confessed to have used lipstick as blush, brow filler as eye shadow and has also smudged mascara as eyeliner.

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In a recent interview, Sofia said she would never let go of her trusted hair and makeup products. But if she absolutely had to choose five, they would be lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, hairspray, and Head & Shoulders products.

4. Sofia’s Diet Plan

  • Her diet consists of chicken and fish turkey. She does not eat red meat. In Latin America each event is marked with food, she always struggles to limit her cravings. She has a sweet tooth and loves all desserts like macaroons and cake. She limits her wine intake.
  • She takes 5 meals a day and still indulges in a few confectionery items. Her regular meal plan looks like this
    • Breakfast – She opts for fresh fruits and raw vegetables along with healthy fruit drinks
    • Snacks -She prefers some sweets or dairy products
    • Lunch – She opts for pasta or lean proteins
    • Snacks – For her second snack she chooses fresh fruits or oatmeal along with a glass of juice.
    • Dinner – Her emphasis is on Low carbohydrate meals.
    • She washes her hair every day. She usually blow dries her hair with a drier and brushes it along to make the hair look thicker.
    • She likes to keep herself hydrated with lots of water intake during traveling

Her Survival Against Cancer:

Sofia fought cancer and came out stronger


Sofia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her 20s. She claims that after the cancer, she realized the need for a healthy body. The cancer episode changed her priorities and she strictly believes that it is very important to be good to one’s body. After her battle with cancer, she has not eaten red meat for seventeen years and never smoked either!

Sofia Vergara’s fitness and her perfect looks amaze everyone. Many are curious to know Sofia Vergara’s beauty secrets that make her age like fine wine. Her workout routine consists of cardio, weights, swimming, and yoga. Even in her busy schedule, she works out at least 2 to 3 times a week. Her makeup routine also helps her achieve a picture-perfect look every time. Sofia’s diet consists of fresh fruits, raw vegetables, lean protein, and fewer carbohydrates. She also has battled thyroid cancer and has never consumed red meat. She believes one has to be good with one’s body – an ideal that always holds true.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sofia Vergara have rosacea?

Yes, Sofia Vergara revealed that she had developed rosacea due to spending too much time under high-heat lamps. She uses gentle cleansers and products recommended by her dermatologist to keep her skin hydrated and healthy.

How is Sofia Vergara’s hair so shiny?

Sofia Vergara follows a simple hair care routine of washing her hair with a gentle shampoo and using a hydrating conditioner to keep her hair nourished and shiny.

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