73 Sincere “Sorry” Messages You Can Send To Your Wife

Sometimes, the sweetest and most heartfelt of words can cool down her anger right away.

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There are some moments in life when a terrible decision or bad behavior can cause serious issues in your marriage and relationship with your wife. You should accept full responsibility for your conduct during those times and express your heartfelt apology to her.

You are probably looking for some “sorry” messages for your wife right now. Don’t worry – to help you out, we have compiled a list of the most thoughtful and heart-touching “sorry” notes and phrases that you can send to your wife. Use this wonderful assortment of romantic apology messages to express your sincerest and sweetest gratitude to your wife. Keep reading to find the ideal and romantic sorry text messages for her. Keep scrolling!

protip_icon Quick Tip

Always be specific while writing an apology message for her. Don’t mix one issue with the other. Instead, focus on the current challenge and apologize.

“Sorry” Messages For Your Wife

Sorry messages for your wife
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  1. I long to see that beautiful radiant smile on your face again. Your forgiveness means the world to me. I promise to learn from my errors and make things right. Let’s put the past behind us and create more heartfelt memories together.
  1. No matter what happens, you will always remain my biggest priority. I promise never to disregard your wishes again. Will you forgive me for what I have done?
  1. I never meant to insult you, hurt you, or put you through pain, and I promise to never do this again. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  1. I am sorry for hurting you so deeply, sweet wife. I want to be your hero again. Can you forgive me?
  1. Whatever happened was because of me. I was a fool to not see it. I really repent from my heart. So baby, let us make a brand new start. I am sorry, my love!
  1. I do not know how words can convey the magnitude of my feelings. All I can say is I am truly so very sorry.
  1. I am sorry for feeling so protective… it is just that I cannot bear to see anything take away that smile on your face.
  1. I am sorry for hurting you. I do not know the best way to say sorry in a text, but I wanted to apologize now and not wait. Could you please forgive me?
  1. I know I am not perfect, and I make mistakes, but I am so glad that I have you to help pick me up when I fall down and help me grow into the best person that I can be.
  1. I took your love for granted and inadvertently caused you pain. I regret what I did and promise never to repeat it. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
  1. Everything that happened was my fault. I realized it, and I am truly sorry for the pain I caused you. Can you please find it in your heart to forgive me?
  1. Honey, I understand that my actions hurt you, and I deeply regret taking your love for granted. I know I messed up. I am sorry. Can you please forgive me?
  1. Words fail to express the remorse I feel. All I can say is that I am sincerely sorry. What can I do, babe, to make it up to you?
  1. My love, it pains me to know I’ve hurt you. It was never my intention to cause you pain. In your kindness, I ask for your forgiveness. I promise to do better.
  1. Each fight breaks my heart even more. I promise to learn from my mistakes. My heart truly grieves. Can we please have a fresh start?
  1. You’ve always been patient with my shortcomings. I regret failing to meet your expectations. Having hurt you hurts me too; please forgive me.
  1. Sweetheart, I understand I’ve upset you. Your love for me never wavered, but I ended up leaving only scars in your heart. Today, I promise you to do better, to learn, and to make sure to not let this happen again.

Romantic “Sorry” Messages For Your Wife

Romantic sorry message for wife
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  1. My dearest wife, I hate to see those sad tears in your eyes, especially knowing I’m the reason behind them. I am truly sorry for my actions. I vow to make it up to you and to always be the partner you deserve. Please forgive me, my love.
  1. I only ever want to make you happy and see you smile. To know that I have done the exact opposite breaks my heart. I know your heart is hurting, too. I am so sorry that I was the cause of that, and I promise that I will never act like that ever again.
  1. You are a truly wonderful person who deserves to be treated with love and respect, and I really failed you. I will never cause you so much pain again. Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?
  1. I am sorry that we fought and argued. I am sorry for all the trouble that ensued. I am sorry I took you for granted. I promise it was not what I had intended. I am sorry I made you feel bad. Forgive me, baby… I am going mad.
  1. For all the mean things I said, I am sorry. For all the times I have been rude, I am sorry. For all the times I made you cry, I am sorry. For all the times I have not been the man I promised to be… I am sorry.
  1. I am so very sorry. All of this was completely my fault. I promise you that I will try to be a better person from now on. I really love you and cannot imagine my life without you. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
Husband asking for forgiveness from his wife
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  1. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I cannot believe I jeopardized our relationship. You are the most important person in my life. I am so sorry, and I will do anything you want to make things right.
  1. Knowing how well I want to treat you, and knowing how I wound up treating you, I am completely ashamed of myself. Please forgive me. I know saying that I am sorry just does not sound good enough, but I really am so sorry.
  1. Sweetheart, I apologize from the depths of my heart for the hurt I’ve caused you. I know I should have acted better. Please forgive me, and tell me how I can make you feel better.
  1. I am deeply sorry for my mistake; you don’t deserve to be treated that way. I promise to do everything in my power to make things right. Can you please forgive me?
  1. Honey, I can’t imagine I am the reason for those tears in your eyes, and I regret causing them. I promise to make it up to you and try my best to not repeat this again. Please forgive me, my love.
  1. I am sorry for letting you down. I promise to learn from my mistakes and be the husband you deserve. Can you give me another chance?
  1. Darling, I regret that I have been so unkind to you recently. You are my everything, and you deserve my best. I promise to be a better partner and do what it takes to make you feel loved.
  1. Words fail to describe my regret, my love. Knowing that I’ve inflicted pain on you hurts me more than you can ever imagine. Nothing I say can mend the hurt, but please accept my sincere apologies. I am truly sorry, baby.
  1. I am really sorry for hurting your feelings and disappointing you. I understand my mistake and offer not just an apology but a commitment to make up for it too. Please forgive me.

Sweet “Sorry” Messages For Your Wife

Man apologizing with folded hands
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  1. Sweetheart, I realize my errors have caused you great pain, and I am deeply sorry for that. I vow to prioritize your happiness and treat you with the love and respect you deserve. I want us to embark on a new journey filled with understanding, patience, and unwavering love. I am sorry, Mi Amor.
  1. Words cannot express how sorry I am. My heart hurts every minute. I wish you would let me express my heartfelt apology because, my darling, I know you are hurting, too. I am sorry.
  1. My love, you have every right to be upset with me. I know that I have hurt you when all you have ever done is show me love. I have learned from this, and I have grown. I promise to continue learning and growing. Please forgive me and help me bea better person.
  1. I do not have anything to show you how sorry I am except the tears in my eyes. Give me a chance to show that you are the most precious prize of my life. I love you. I am sorry.
  1. I am so sorry for what I did, darling. Give me the chance to be the man you fell in love with. Give me the chance to make it up to you. Give me the chance to do right by you.
  1. You are the joy of my life, my sweet darling wife. Please, my love, forgive me!
  1. When we got married, you said, “I do.” Why not give me the same answer when I ask you, “Do you forgive me?”
  1. Do you know why your husband wants to give you a really long apologyyyyyyyyyyyyy? That is because he is really sorryyyyyyyyyyy.
  1. You have always been the mature one between us two. I hope you will forgive me like you always do. Apoogy Messages For Your Wife
  1. I am sorry for taking you for granted. It kills me that I have made you feel that way. I see what I did, and please know that I appreciate you far more than I have ever shown. I am going to start showing you how much I truly appreciate you so you never feel this way again.
  1. I cannot begin to explain to you how sorry I am. I really let you down, and I know how much I have hurt you. I cannot stand the thought of you being angry with me or the thought of how I treated you. Please forgive me and give me a chance to make it right.
  1. More than what I did, I am ashamed of who I have become. I am sorry.
  1. The words “I am sorry” are just not enough to convey all the feelings in my heart. I cannot figure out exactly how to say it, but trust me when I say I genuinely feel so terrible about hurting you. I am so sorry, my love.
  1. Please forgive me and give me a chance to express to you in person how sorry I am. I know this probably is not the best apology text ever, but I just cannot think straight knowing I hurt you. I am really so sorry.
  1. Nothing is right in this world if I cannot make this right. Please give me another chance to become a better version of myself. I am sorry, my dearest.
  1. Have you not heard that people fight only with those whom they love the most? The fact that I have fought with you means only one thing – that I love you a lot. Sorry.
  1. Baby, you are my queen, and I am truly sorry for my actions. You are the most precious thing in my life, and I promise to make it up to you.
  1. I never wanted to see you hurt, but I did. It pains me to see you like this. I will do everything to make you happy again. I am sorry.
  1. I’m genuinely sorry for hurting you, my darling. You bring me so much happiness, and I regret all that I said to you in anger. Please forgive me so that we can move past this.
  1. My dear wife, please accept my apology with all the love and kisses that you deserve. I’m sorry for causing this pain in our relationship. Please forgive me.
  1. Baby, I know I’ve let you down, and I will try to be a better person from now on. I need your help. Please accept my sincere apology.
  1. Knowing I was the cause of your sorrow hurts me like nothing else. I acknowledge my mistake, and I am awfully sorry for causing you pain, dear.
  1. You’re the most important part of my life, and I promise to express myself better. Please forgive me.
  1. I regret everything I said when I was angry; my ego got the best of me. I know you felt neglected and hurt by my actions. My love, I promise to make amends and share my feelings in a better way.
  1. My heart aches knowing how I’ve hurt you. I’ve not shown the love and appreciation that you deserve. I am willing to hear you out and make a change to help us focus on healing. Can we do that, babe?
  1. Honey, please know that it was never my intention to hurt you but I wound up doing that very thing. I promise to be a better partner because our happiness means the world to me. Can you please forgive me?
  1. Baby, I value you and our relationship more than anything, and I am sorry for acting out the way I did. Please let me know how I can make amends and help you feel better.
  1. I have no way to express how sorry I am, and I take responsibility for my actions, babe. Please forgive me.
  1. I am sorry, sweetheart, for my recent actions and behavior. I realize that I have hurt you and caused you pain in so many ways. I can’t imagine how it must make you feel. Can you try to forgive me, please? I promise to do better.
  1. I can’t bear to see you upset and in pain. And it hurts me to know I caused it. I love you more than anything, and I’m truly sorry. Can we start over, babe?
  1. I cherish you so much, and I regret my behavior. Can you help me understand you better so that I can make amends?

“Sorry” Text Quotes For Your Wife

Man sending sorry message via mobile
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  1. I am sorry that in your eyes, I could not stand tall. You, of all the people in the world, do not deserve this at all. That smile on your face, I desperately want to see. The man I really am, I promise to be.
  1. It is impossible to change the past, but you have my promise that I will make it up to you in the future, starting from right this moment in the present. I am truly sorry.
  1. Big or small, lies are lies. I am ashamed that I made you cry. I am miserably drowning in regret. For your forgiveness, I am desperately waiting.
  1. For all the memories we share, for all the smiles we had, for all that we are – it breaks my heart to see you sad. I am so sorry, baby.
  1. Seeking the forgiveness of the best wife in the world… Yours sincerely, the dumbest husband in the world!
  1. I am sorry for not being there for you when you needed me the most. I promise to remain by your side from now on no matter what. Please accept my apology. I love you, baby.
  1. I love you, and I always will. Never forget that. I know I hurt you, and I am sorry for that.
  1. Darling, I miss your smile, and I’m sorry for giving you pain. I promise to make it up to you and do whatever it takes to see you happy again.
  1. I understand that my actions have caused you pain. Your happiness is my priority, and you deserve nothing but the best. I will do everything I can to make it up to you.
  1. I messed up, sweetheart, and I’m really sorry. You mean everything to me, and I shouldn’t have reacted like that when you asked for my help. Please forgive me. Tell me, how can I help you now?
  1. Hey babe, I’m so sorry I hurt you like that. I wish we could have talked more about it. Please forgive me.
protip_icon Quick Tip

Sometimes, she may need more time for reconciliation. Be understanding to her, give her time, and let her express her anger, sorrow, and sadness.

Infographic: Why Should You Send ‘Sorry’ Messages To Your Wife

Mistakes in a marriage are inevitable – and realizing one’s mistake and feeling sorry about hurting the spouse is key. But how do you convince them to forgive you? Well, obviously, with a sincere apology. A simple ‘I am sorry’ can heal many wounds and is a great way to express contrition.

Want to know more about the power of apologizing and how it can improve your relationship? Check out the infographic below.

why should you send ‘sorry’ messages to your wife (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

As humans, it is natural for us to make mistakes. However, what is not acceptable is that we don’t try to make up for them. The first step toward taking responsibility and making up for a mistake is apologizing. Of course, your apology must be backed by sincere actions, but a simple ‘sorry’ at first helps soften the blow. Hopefully, some of these 71 “I’m sorry” messages for her will help express how truly apologetic you are to your wife. It would be great to pair chocolates, flowers, or any sweet gesture with your apology. Now that you know how to use these magic words make haste and make your wife feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell my wife to forgive me?

Have an uninterrupted conversation with her and be completely honest without minimizing your offense. Have empathy and compassion for her pain, acknowledging your part in it. Take responsibility for your actions and ask her sincerely to forgive you. However, don’t pressure her to forgive you immediately. Give her some time to process her feelings.

How do you say “sorry” in a romantic style?

You can express deep penitence and ask for forgiveness in a romantic way by sending a cake with ‘I am sorry’ written on top, balloons, a teddy bear, and a handwritten letter asking her to forgive you.

How do I apologize to my wife after a big fight?

First, give your wife some space to deal with her feelings. Then, have a calm conversation with her with open communication on both sides. Understand her feelings, express sympathy for her pain, and acknowledge your mistake with an honest apology. This will help to bring down any resentment.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending a ‘sorry’ message to your wife after an argument is one of the best ways to end the dispute and maintain your relationship.
  • Accept your mistake and share a heartfelt apology to let your spouse know how much you care about them and love them.
  • Your apology message can be a little on the romantic end or simply be more sweet and sentimental.

Are you looking for the perfect way to apologize to your wife? Check out this video for sweet and romantic apology messages that you can send her.

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