9 Stunning Blouse Designs With Stonework

If slaying in your nine yards of elegance is on your mind, these blouse ideas are all you would need.

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Well, repeating your attire can indeed be a bit “no” these days, given the fact that they will be on your social media without much doubt. Especially when it comes to flaunting your traditional clothes, you would want to try umpteen options that are widely available. But if you have that most gorgeous and unique blouse in place, you can definitely team it up with many different traditional clothes. So, if you are on the lookout for amazing stonework blouse designs, then you will be super glad to know that you are in the right place. In this article, we have a roundup of stunning designs that you must have for that next wedding that you have been looking forward to being a trend-setter. And if it is your own wedding, then you will find your pick here too. All you have to do is scroll down and choose the one that your heart desires. So what is the hold up for? Go ahead!

9 Simple Stonework Blouse Designs

1. Blue Floral Stonework Pattu Blouse

Stones, flowers, and everything festive is embedded into this gorgeous blouse. Whether you are the bride, the maid of honor, or the bridesmaid, you need a blouse that is heavily embroidered, and there’s no point in showing your modesty here. Go for a deep pot neck at the back, and at least half sleeves (if not 3/4th), so that the design shows. You can pair this with a plain silk saree or a pattu, depending on your preference.

2. Red Pot Neck Pattu Blouse With Diamond Stone Work

Chilli red or kumkum red are staple wedding colors. The best part about this color is that you do not have to worry about wearing the same color as the bride or someone else. It’s versatile and celebratory, plus you can spin it according to your taste. But if you are a bride looking for contemporary designs, go with this beautiful diamond stone work blouse. The deep pot neck balances take care of the X-factor, and the diamond stone work brings out the best of the blouse. You can easily match this with yellow, green or gold sarees, but have one of these – it comes a long way.

3. Pink Pattu Blouse With Peacock Stone Work

Peacock and stone work is blending best of both the worlds when it comes to a pattu blouse. Peacock design is the most sort after and can be played around with in so many ways that you will never feel that it’s being repeated. This blouse is proof of just that – while the stone embellishments all over are sprinkling all the sparkle a wedding blouse needs, it’s the peacock and geometrical embroidery that’s working it’s magic here. It can be matched with a blue saree, and it will look as good.

4. Green Stone And Maggam Work Blouse

How beautiful is this blouse? You know how we just spoke about peacock motif being extremely versatile and how you can never get bored of it. Here’s another example right here. Go with dull or rustic gold finish for the stonework if your accessories and jewelry are in that tone; plus, green and rustic gold go perfectly together. The studded stone rim along the corner of the blouse is the icing on this gorgeous cake.

5. Gold Bridal Blouse With Heavy Stone Work

Bridal blouse means grandeur, and so keeping it low key should be the last thing on your list. There’s nothing quite like a heavily ornate stonework blouse in gold, and along with the peacock, of course. You could replace the peacock motifs with anything else, but it is the deep blue, blue streak that sort of electrifies the look, and that’s the power of intricate detailing. The advantage with blouses like this is that it can be either gold or just about color.

6. Stone And Maggam Work Blouse

If it’s the bride that’s wearing the blouse, the design better match her standard. Even though nothing comes to the natural glow and beauty of a bride, we just cannot settle – if you know what I mean. The pink floral stone work all over is screaming bridal. You can go with a simple 3/4th sleeves and round for the front and back neck; or spin it around with a deep pot neck or a square but broad neck at the back. Again, all of this is to enhance the already beautiful bride.

7. Gold Bridal Blouse With White Stonework

White stone work over a gold blouse – can it get any more bridal than this (read it in Chandler Bing’s voice)? Do you hate the idea of long sleeves or stick with the mega sleeves style? Picking a geometric motif of your choice and following the silhouette for the sleeves works perfectly, doesn’t it? Again, the saree can be red, green, violet or just about anything. You could also use this after the wedding, and pair it with lesser heavy silk sarees. Let the blouse do the talking.

8. Violet Full Stonework Blouse With Vanki Motifs

Go all out, or don’t do it all – this should be your mantra when it comes to saree blouses and you should probably know it if you are even remotely considering stonework. Let the blouse be all about stone embellishments, and go with motifs that stand out – in this case; it’s the vanki that is adding old world charm to the blouse.

9. Gold Sheer Blouse With Stone Work

A blouse that became an instant hit from the very start, but I get it – such is the case with everything sheer. It makes for a beautiful canvas and makes anything sparkle. Considering that this blouse is sheer, it looks even better. Let everything else be mellow, and let the stones spruce it up as you turn around. This is elegant, contemporary and traditional; all at the same time.

It’s not just you – there’s no way anyone can choose the best from these, which was why it was twice as hard for me to even make a list. But I guess we either go with the best or nothing at all, and hence the list.

With the variety of stonework blouse designs mentioned above, you are sure to find the one perfect for your fit, style, and occasion. While you can choose the most gorgeous saree out there, it’s the blouse design that makes or breaks the look. Choosing any of the designs listed above would not only add to the beauty of your saree but would also make you stand out in the crowd for sure.

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