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String Bikini Workout – Everything You Need To Know

String Bikini Workout – Everything You Need To Know May 3, 2018

A visit to the beach calls for a bikini overhaul. Think you can flaunt a string bikini confidently? My answer is a capital ‘NO’. If you want to amaze yourself and everyone else with a stunning body, then a string bikini workout is on the cards. Let me show you how you get into it.

Beaches And Bikinis

Sun, sand, and sea! Beaches are absolute fun, especially in the summer. Of course, let’s not forget the barely-there bikinis that offer quite an eyeful.

String bikinis are the most incorrigible because if the lady wearing one has a fabulous body to flaunt, the combination is a certified head turner. Without doubt, many would agree it’s a pleasure to watch.

I and a string bikini have a long way to go before a friendship can develop. For the rest of you, though, a string bikini workout is waiting to turn you into a sexy water babe.

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String Bikini Workout

Just in case, here’s a fun fact. This workout is not necessarily practiced in a string bikini, although if you wish to do so, go ahead and inspire yourself by all means. A beach location wouldn’t be so bad either.

The workout guarantees to,

Perform a set of 5 exercises in a row, repeating each one at least 8 times. Rest for 20 seconds between each exercise. After 1 set, rest for a minute and continue the set two more times. This is the workout routine.

Now for the string bikini exercises

1. Bicep Curls

  1. Make sure you warm up before the workout with a few basic stretches.
  2. Following that, hold a stretchy, rubbery strap in your hands, long enough to pull between your feet and hands.
  3. Stand with your feet placed slightly apart on the strap.
  4. Hold either end of it with each hand.
  5. Bend the hands at the elbows.
  6. The strap offers resistance, much like a dumbbell.
  7. If you don’t have a strap, a dumbbell will also do the trick.
  8. Now begin to curl your hands towards your chest, feeling the pull of the strap (1).
  9. Return and continue the bicep curls for 8 repetitions.

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2. Shoulder Squeeze

  1. Stand with your legs hip-width apart.
  2. Hold the stretchable strap in your hands.
  3. Extend the arms ahead, without bending the elbows.
  4. Your hands must hold the strap and should be parallel to your shoulders.
  5. Now stretch the strap completely until your arms are fully extended beside you.
  6. Simultaneously, squeeze your shoulder blades.
  7. Return and repeat the motion 8 times.

3. Dumbbell Squat

  1. You surely need two dumbbells for this. Hold them in either hand.
  2. Stand with feet placed slightly apart.
  3. Bend your knees until you’re in a squat, hands resting on either side.
  4. As you rise, move your hands upwards and raise them over your head.
  5. Immediately continue to lower them as you prepare to squat.
  6. Practice 8 repetitions.

4. High Knee Lunges

  1. This is a slight variation of the traditional lunges.
  2. First, lunge forward with the left leg.
  3. Hold the left knee at a right angle to the ground, keeping both hands on either side of the foot.
  4. Here, power up your body, raise and jump high.
  5. This high knee jump should bring your right knee to your navel and your elbows by your sides.
  6. Return to first position and lunge with the right leg.
  7. Next, jump high with the left knee.
  8. Continue 8 repetitions.

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5. Plank Runner

  1. Get down on your hands and feet.
  2. Lie in a plank position, face down, arms parallel and directly below the shoulders.
  3. Keep your body off the floor, straight and aligned.
  4. Here, bring one knee inwards towards your chest.
  5. Return to first position and bend the other knee inwards.
  6. Repeat the movement continuously for 8 repetitions.

Toned muscles should be staring back at you by now. Ready for the beach yet? Share your thoughts and comments in the space below.

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