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Stunning Black And White Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures

Stunning Black And White Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures April 27, 2018

I am bored of trying the same colors again and again! I am sure you are too! I love to experiment, after all, what’s life without a few risks? So are you game for something different and ambitious? Let’s chuck out all the colors and go back to the basics. Yes, the classic colors—black and white! A complete makeup look using just black and white color? Well, I am not trying to turn you into some striped beauty! In fact, with this special project, you might just become the toast of the season! Sounds improbable? You better believe it! Today, I have created a unique eye makeup using black and white eyeshadow colors.

Black and White Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s begin the eye makeup tutorial.

Step 1: Apply Creamy Black Eye Pencil

Start by moisturizing your delicate eye area with an eye cream. Then, apply a cream or liquid concealer to the under eye area to conceal pigmentation and dark circles. Set it with a loose powder to prevent creasing of the product. I used the Kryolan concealer and Lakme Face Stylist Compact Powder for this step.

Pick a creamy black eye pencil and apply it to the inner and the outermost corners of your eye. This step need not be neat as we would be smudging it later. Here I used the Maybelline Drama Gel Liner in black. It is best to use a creamy formula in this step as it will help in easy blending of the product.

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Step 2: Smudge the Kajal

Take a smudge brush or a pencil brush and gently smudge the kajal applied in the previous step. Do not pull the kajal towards the center of your eyelid, just slowly blur the rough edges of the kajal. If you do not have a smudge brush, you can use a cotton swab for this step.

Step 3: Apply A Matte Grayish Black Eyeshadow

Pick a matte grayish black eyeshadow and apply it over the smudged kajal. Pat the eye shadow gently without sweeping it, as is usually done. If you want to intensify the eye shadow color, you can also wet the brush slightly with water.

Step 4: Apply a Shimmery White Eyeshadow

Apply a shimmery white eye shadow to the center of the moving lid area of the eyes. If you wish to make the eye shadow pop and appear vibrant, you can apply a creamy white base prior to the application of the eyeshadow. Then, apply a matte dark black eyeshadow to the inner and outermost corners of the eyes. I used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow to get this step right.

Step 5: Soften the Edges of Eye Makeup

Then, take a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush and soften the edges of the eye makeup. Apply the same shimmery white eyeshadow to the inner tear duct area and one third of the lower lash line. Then, apply the same matte black eyeshadow to the rest of the lower lash line. Bringing balance, this step will make the eye makeup look appear complete. Then, apply a soft white eyeshadow in a matte or shimmery formula to the brow bone area of your eyes. I have used a white eyeshadow in satin finish from the Elf 144 eyeshadow palette to get the perfect look.

Step 6: Line Your Eyes With Black Liquid Eyeliner

Line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner. You can line it thickly or thinly according to your preference. Then, curl your eyelashes with mascara to complete the eye makeup look.

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Not a zebra by any stretch of the imagination! If you follow the steps properly, you will surely look like a party animal! And with a little black dress, you’ll rock the party! And no boring reds and browns—just the classics—just like you! So, are you ready to paint the town red with your black and white eye makeup?

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Try this makeup technique and do come back if you have any questions! We are always happy to help you look your absolute best.

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