40 Chic Feathered Hairstyles For Short, Medium, And Long Hair

Written by Anjali Sayee

Farrah Fawcett started a trend that is still popular all over the world. Yes, we are talking about the feather cut! The layers in this cut are set to recreate the look of feathers, with the hair becoming sparser toward the ends. This creates an inverted triangle look. It is one of the best hairstyles as it looks stylish on its own and suits all face shapes! It is also great for framing your face.

Scroll down to check out some killer feather cuts!

48 Chic Feathered Hairstyles For Short, Medium, and Long Hair!

Feather Haircut For Long Hair

1. Partially Highlighted Layers

Partially Highlighted Layers


Layers with lighter highlights help frame your face and add more dimension to it. The light colors make your face look slimmer. Moreover, the layers make your hair look voluminous and thick.

2. Champagne Layers

Champagne Layers


Layers with curls at the end can soften your facial outline. If you have a square- or diamond-shaped face, consider getting this layered hairstyle. The curls also make your hair look full, which, in turn, makes your face look more slender.

3. Wavy Layers

Wavy Layers


These standard layers help add volume and texture to your hair. If you have straight hair but your cheeks are the fullest part of your face, style your hair in light waves. This will make your hair look fuller.

4. Long Multi-Layers

Long Multi-Layers


Long hair with multiple layers feathered out adds dimension to your hair texture, making it look bouncier and thicker than it is. Some coffee brown highlights can add tons of movement to this hair.

5. Sun-Touched Layers

Sun-Touched Layers


Wavy hair with layers on the sides is an excellent way to add texture to your hair. You can see just how lush this layered hairstyle looks. The highlights and lightly feathered ends add a sunkissed look to this gorgeous hairstyle.

6. Volume “V” Layers

Volume “V” Layers


The V- layered cut is one of the most sought-after hairstyles all over the globe. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is voluminous and feathered below the face, which makes your face appear smaller than it is while also accentuating your facial features.

7. Wavy Golden Layers

Wavy Golden Layers


Wavy blonde layers look incredibly stunning. The dark layers at the top will make your face appear elongated. The feathered layers will chisel the lower half of your face and make it look sharper.

8. Natural Layers

Natural Layers


When it comes to hairstyles, Shakira can do no wrong. She has taken a curlier approach to the feathered look. The subtle layers in her curly hair add tons of dimension and movement. They also work to add volume and shine to her hair.

9. The Layered Mane

The Layered Mane


Feathered layers are an incredible way not to overdo it with layers. They also make your hair look super soft and flowy. Jennifer Love Hewitt elevated this look by getting subtle golden highlights in her mahogany brown hair.

10. Coffee Layers

Coffee Layers


Big waves with very subtly feathered ends make your hair look ready for the beach! Add layers to them, and you have got yourself a red carpet-worthy look. These lightly highlighted layers work well with all skin tones.

11. Soft Layers

Soft Layers


If you have full cheeks, consider getting layers that begin below the chin. The layers will accentuate your jawline while the hair near your face will cover the width of your cheeks. Follow Olivia Wilde’s lead and mix in some big curls with the feathered ends.

12. Soft Wavy Layers

Soft Wavy Layers


Soft layers with feathered ends look out of this world. Kat Dennings has played it smart by not coloring her hair. Her chestnut brown hair looks more luscious cut in this simple feathered style.

13. Boho Blonde Layers

Boho Blonde Layers


This haircut is perfect for those boho hairstyles. Using big hair rollers to create these voluptuous waves with feathered ends in the lower half of your hair. This step softens the jawline, making it ideal for diamond and square faces shapes.

14. Textured Layers

Textured Layers


The layers in Beth Behrs’ hair look so natural. The slight waves add texture to her hair. She has offset the movement of the feathered ends beautifully by straightening her bangs. This creates a dynamic contrast in her look.

15. The Deep V

The Deep V


This feathered layer hairstyle looks incredible, especially on thick, straight hair. It shows off the straight hair texture well by making it look lush. Follow in Olivia Munn’s footsteps and part this hair slightly off-center. It will add a subtle lift at the top.

16. Front and Side Layers

Front and Side Layers


If you want style without chopping away too much of your hair, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. It is a super stylish way to frame your face. Heidi Klum has kept things simple with this look by straightening the top half of her hair and only subtly feathering out the ends with a blowdryer.

Feather Haircut For Medium Hair

17. Extremely Feathered Layers

Extremely Feathered Layers


Now this is what you call a classic feather cut. Gabrielle Union is channeling some major early-2000s vibe with this extremely feathered hair look. The drastically flicked-out ends add some major bounce to her hair.

18. Freely Feathered Layers

Freely Feathered Layers


Felicity Huffman looks like a total goddess with this intensely feathered cut. The blended brown and blonde color palette adds to the movement and dimension of this glamorous hair look.

19. Long Feathered Layers

Long Feathered Layers


Long layers with lightly feathered ends are fantastic if you have wide cheeks or a broad forehead. They accentuate your overall facial structure while drawing attention away from your forehead and cheeks.

20. Colored Tips

Colored Tips


Rose Byrne has added a unique twist to her look by getting her hair cut in very shallow layers. The ends of the layers have been softly feathered outward while the top half of her hair is straight. The golden brown highlights at the very tips of her hair add a youthful vibe to her look.

21. Full-Bodied Feathered Ends

Full-Bodied Feathered Ends


Courtney Cox’s jet black hair is iconic. She usually gets it cut in medium-length layers and feathers out the ends with a round brush and a blowdryer. This adds a full-bodied lushness to her look.

22. Cheerleader Layers

Cheerleader Layers


Colors always spice up your hair. The dark roots at the top help in making your face appear longer. The light shade near the cheeks softens your facial outline. The very subtly feathered ends add a touch of volume to your hair.

23. Deep U Layers

Deep U Layers


We’ve established that layers are a great way to frame the face, but layers paired with a rich blonde shade accentuate your facial features. The feathered layers on the side help even out and balance your face shape. Julia Roberts is the biggest fan of this look as she sported it for a very long time.

24. Curled-Out Feathered Layers

Curled-Out Feathered Layers


This layered cut is perfect for women with fine hair. When curled, the feathered layers make your hair look thicker. It also adds a glossy look to your hair. The contrast of straight hair at the top with the curly feathered ends is absolutely gorgeous.

25. Softly Feathered-Out Layers

Softly Feathered-Out Layers


The outwardly feathered ends help highlight Deepika Padukone’s cheekbones here. The subtle touch of a light shade on the lower half of her hair adds some dimension to this look.

26. Voluminous Feathered Layers

Voluminous Feathered Layers


Heavy layers look great on thick hair as they flaunt your natural hair volume. Aishwarya Rai does it best by parting her hair slightly off-center and feathering out the layers in big, voluminous curls.

27. Curly Layers

Curly Layers


Elizabeth Hurley is the queen of feathered haircuts. She loves styling her medium-length hair in dramatically feathered layers. She adds tons of movement and dimension to this look by getting subtle blonde highlights in her dark brown hair.

Feather Haircut For Short Hair

28. Feathered Lob

Feathered Lob


If you had a bob and it’s now growing out, consider growing it into a lob. Then, add in feathered layers to soften the look. The feathered ends also make the rest of your look hair fuller.

29. Feathered Pixie Cut

Feathered Pixie Cut


Halle Berry always looks stunning with short hair, but this feather-ended pixie cut takes the cake. The layers are cut soft to flaunt the lower half of her face, especially her jawline. They are feathered in sections to make her hair look thicker.

30. Feathered Shag Cut

Feathered Shag Cut


Jane Fonda usually goes for a shag cut with well-defined and sharp layers. But, here she has gone for a shag cut with feathered ends. These play well with her defined cheekbones. The dark roots also give her face an elongated look.

31. Long Bob With Bangs

Long Bob With Bangs


Taylor Swift looks striking with a wavy feathered bob that follows the contours of her jawline. With uneven lengths, the medium-length 70s tousles and soft fringe hairstyle is dynamic and modern, resulting in an ultra-chic factor – that means you can wear the perfect hairstyle just about anywhere!

32. Side-Swept Feathered Bob

Side-Swept Feathered Bob


Scandal Actress Kerry Washington looks gorgeous with her big, curly side-swept feathered bob. Her glossy locks have been styled with a mass of bouncy curls at the bottom of her hair, giving her hairstyle a playful and romantic look. To get perfect undone curls like Kerry’s, use volumizing hair mousse, a roller, or a thick curling wand to create voluminous, glamorous curls. Set your curls with some hairspray to tame any pesky flyaways.

33. Curly Feathered Bob

Curly Feathered Bob


Singer Anna Nalick looks effortlessly sexy with her curly feathered bob and dramatic dark eye makeup. The auburn locks look amazing with structured curls at the bottom of the hair, and a side-swept bang that accentuates her facial features well. To get Anna’s playful tight curls, wrap small sections of hair around a curling tong and hold them in place until they are set. Spritz good amount of hairspray to keep your curls in place.

34. Sleek Feathered Bob

Sleek Feathered Bob


Singer Ashlee Simpson’s launch party side-swept sleek feathered bob is all kinds of wonderful. A chic hairstyle for fine hair, the blunt cut at the bottom adds a bit of volume to thin locks. Get your hairdresser to keep your bob super-glossy and longer than chin length for a fresh look. For a final touch, pair your new hair’do with a flush of colour on cheeks, sultry eyes, and glossy lips for the maximum sex appeal.

35. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob


Actress Dianna Agron can do no wrong, and this choppy bob is a testament to that. Fun, romantic, and elegant, this hairdo has lots of personality. To achieve this perfectly structured messy, piece-y feathered bob haircut, ask your stylist to start with texturizing your hair, followed by feathering the ends of your hair for shaggy locks. Next, let your hair air dry naturally, and work some volumizing mousse with your fingertips for a sexy, final look.

36. Feather Trim

Feather Trim


The Notebook actress, Rachel McAdams, is an ideal example of why every girl should opt for a short, feather trim look. Fun and flirty, the mussed up hairdo with a side-parted fringe is the perfect length for square face shape, as it helps elongate your face. So, what are you waiting for? Take this picture to your hairdresser, ASAP!

37. Two-Toned Short Bob

Two-Toned Short Bob


Actress Chelsea Kane looks uber-cool and casual with her two-toned short bob. The flirty hairdo has the best of both worlds – long and short – which gets even better at the back of her head with the cute, feathered shape trim. A hairstyle for the brave-hearted, Chelsea pulls the edgy style off with great confidence.

38. Russet Auburn Bob

Russet Auburn Bob


Stepping out on the 2012 BET Awards red carpet with a gorgeous ‘do, was singer Yolanda Adams. This russet auburn is bold and sexy, and we love how it draws attention to Yolanda’s high cheekbones. After your color treatment, ask your hairdresser for a glossing wash – this will add a romantic touch and long lasting shine to your hair.

39. Feathered Side-Swept Bangs

Feathered Side-Swept Bangs


For the Jingle Bell Ball, Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays rocked an ultra flattering feathered bob with side-swept bangs. The singer teamed her looking-good-from-all-angles hairstyle with a white ensemble and dewy makeup. Lovely!

40. Long Feathered Bob

Long Feathered Bob


Toya Carter looks absolutely stunning with her chic, long feathered bob. This below-your-chin-but-above-your-collarbones bob hairstyle is very flattering for her face, as it skims her cheekbone and draws attention away from her chin. Curl the feathered cut at the bottom of your hair and add a sweeping side fringe for an extra impact.

If you have been wondering what the difference between a feather cut and a layer cut is, and where the shag cut fits in between, check out the next section!

What Is The Difference Between A Layer Cut And A Feather Cut?

The feather cut is, in fact, a layered cut. Layered haircuts have layers either at the sides or the back. In the case of a shag cut, layers are cut all around the head. The feather cut has heavy layers at the front and the sides. Feathering is a technique used to thin out layers at the ends to make them look softer or sharper.

While the feather cut has been around for a long time, its popularity is on the rise to this day. Which of these feathered hairstyles caught your eye? Comment below and let us know!

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