Stunning Red And Black Eye Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Image

by Pavai

Wish to try something bold and vibrant? Have you ever tried red for your eyes? ‘When in doubt, wear red’ is a classic statement for lips. But can we pull off the daring red for our eyes too? Why not? Let’s try something challenging! Red is an intense color for the eyes and when paired with black, it can turn into a striking combination. Wish to learn a bold eye makeup using red and black? This will be an awesome eye makeup for red and black dress too.

Red And Black Eye Makeup Look:

Then, let’s begin the tutorial!

Step 1:

Start by applying an eye primer to prevent creasing and budging of the eyeshadow. Then, draw an outer wing at the outermost corner of the eye to create an illusion of a line connecting the lower lash line to the brow bone area. Use a creamy kajal for this step as it will help in easy blending and smudging of the kajal later. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals Creamy Kajal in Black. It is best to use a cellotape as a guide for this makeup, as it will help in creating a strong wing and will keep the makeup within the eye area.

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Step 2:

Then, use a smudge brush or a pencil type brush to softly blend the kajal inwards towards the eye area. Use gentle strokes and do not pull your eye area. Here, I used the Colorbar smudge brush for this step. Then, set the creamy kajal smudged with a matte black eyeshadow to prevent the creasing of the eyeshadow. Here I used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow.

Step 3:

Pick a bright and vibrant red eyeshadow of your choice, which could be in a satin, matte or shimmer finish. As I wanted the eye makeup to be slightly soft, I used a matte red eyeshadow. Start by applying the eyeshadow all over your eye lid area in small patting motions. Do not sweep the color away as it will fade and decrease the color intensity. Pack the color all over your eye lid restricting the eyeshadow within the crease area of the eye lid. Here, I used the Claire Eyeshadow in 0504.

Step 4:

Apply a medium brown eyeshadow in matte formula to the crease area of the eyes. This step is important in the whole eye makeup look as it will help in creating a soft transition of colors from black to brown, thereby giving a soft smokey look to the eye makeup. Here, I used the Elf Day on the Beach eyeshadow palette for the medium matte brown eyeshadow.

Step 5:

Take a fluffy blending brush and blend away all the applied eyeshadows softly. Here, I used the tapered Oriflame blending brush. Use short circular motions to fade the eyeshadows slowly to get a soft smokey look devoid of any harsh edges or lines.

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Step 6:

Now take the same matte black eyeshadow used in the earlier step and apply it over the outer corner of the eye and also the crease area to define the eyes better. Here, I again used the Kryolan matte black eyeshadow. If blending has resulted in fading of the red eyeshadow, you can once again pat the eyeshadow to the centre of the eye lid to make it appear vibrant and brighter.

Then, line your eyes thick or thin depending on your preferences. As I wanted to create a dramatic look, I applied a thick line and winged it out. Here, I used the Kryolan black liquid eye liner.

Step 7:

Then, apply the same black and red eye makeup using eye shadows used earlier to the lower lash line of your eyes. This will offer a balanced look to your eye makeup. Then, line your waterline with your favorite kajal to define the eyes better. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals Kajal in Black. Then, apply the required amount of mascara to complete the eye makeup look.

And you are done! Do try this vibrant and bold eye makeup and let us know how it looked.

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