6 Different Hair Styling Combs For Styling Your Locks

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Hairstyling is an art!

We all know how a perfect hairstyle adds so much character to our style. And we often forget it is not just about the hairstyle but also the hairstyling combs. Yes, knowing how to do a trendy hairstyle and having the perfect hair is not enough. You should also have the best tools to get it done.

So, how do you know which comb to choose for that pretty hairdo you want to try? How to buy a good hairstyling comb? Fret not; we have you covered. This article will help you choose the right hair styling combs for your hair. You no longer have to visit parlors and spend a small fortune on a nice hairdo. So, if you are ready to ace the art of hairstyling, scroll down to know more about it. Keep reading!

6 Different Hair Styling Combs

1. Wide tooth combs

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I am sure you have one of these. Used universally for remove tangles from hair, wide tooth combs smooth your hair out. They can be used on straight, curly or even frizzy hair.

2. Rat tail combs

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You might have this one too. And if not, you sure must have seen these at your parlour. These hair styling combs look like a regular comb. The only difference: the handle is really long and with a pointed end. These are best suited for styling and parting hair. The tail portion is also used to make soft curls in the front section of your hair.

3. Pick comb

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These combs actually turned into accessory long time back. They are used as a hair clip. Picks comb is used for drawing all the hair towards centre. If you lock your hair with the comb, it makes your hair more bouncy and different. The comb is pretty small and helps in parting as well.

4. Styling combs with metal pins

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These styling combs are pretty useful for creating different hairdos. They help in setting the hair by smoothening and curling. Hairstylists across the world use these combs to style classy and trendy hairstyles.

5. Fine and wide tooth comb (regular comb)

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This is a two-in-one comb. It is used for braiding and for pony tails. Most women generally prefer fine and wide toothed comb combined into one.

6. Teasing combs

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If you want to rock a teased hairdo, invest in this one. As the name suggests, teasing comb is used in teasing hair that can be wound together to make a chignon. This is the best comb for wavy hair. It helps bind all the wavy hair together into a puffy yet hot-looking bun.

Go grab these combs and start sport your favorite hairstyle. Your loved ones will only be left asking about how you achieved the sexy look.

Quick tips for using hair styling combs

Once you get these combs:

  • Learn the technique of using each comb specifically. You can check out the videos and tutorials for styling hair using different combs.
  • Use the correct comb for the correct style. For example, use French twist combs for creating a twisted style on the back of your head. Side combs for pulling hair away from the face and so on.
  • Different hair lengths, cuts and textures require different combs. Know what works best for your hair and invest accordingly.
  • Hair texture plays an important role in helping the comb hold its place properly. Spray your hair or add a bit of shampoo for the comb to hold on.

You can style your hair effortlessly with the right comb. We understand that with the many types of combs and brushes available, it can be tough to pick the right one. But, now, you know what to look for! Remember, it is not only about picking the right comb but also the technique you use to style your hair. You can’t use a round brush the same way you use a wide-toothed comb. Also, keep in mind that different brushes and combs work better with different hair types and textures. A fine-toothed comb might work incredibly on fine hair, but it won’t do well with thick, curly hair. So, scroll back up and check which comb is perfect for styling your beautiful locks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wide tooth comb better for your hair?

Yes, a wide tooth comb is better for hair that tangles easily and is prone to breakage.

What is a banana comb?

A banana comb or clip is a hair accessory that is designed to comb up hair together and secure it in a flowy ponytail at the back of the head.

What kind of comb should I use for natural hair?

Wide toothed combs are most appropriate for natural hair as the wide spaces between the teeth allow hair to be combed without breakage.

Which type of comb is best for hair fall?

Bristle brushes made with natural fibers are gentle on the hair and scalp and hence, suitable for thinning hair.

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