20 Radical Styling Ideas For Your Red Ombre Hair

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Cherry. Ruby. Scarlet. Blood. If I had to pick one color from the color wheel that has the most gorgeous shades, it would have to be red. So, does it come as any surprise that this gorgeous hue works like a charm to create beautiful ombre hair looks? Of course it doesn’t. Red ombre hair looks teeter the line between bold and classy with perfection, making sure you look like a sophisticated bombshell.

You didn’t think that was possible, now, did you?

Now, though I do always recommend getting your ombre done by a professional hairdresser, I also realize that sometimes you just don’t have the dolla dolla billz to do that. So, if you would like to go the DIY way with your ombre (hey, that rhymed!) then just keep reading…

How To Do Red Ombre On Your Hair At Home

The basic principle of an ombre is that the top color on the top half of your hair gradually fades into a lighter shade towards the ends. While this is much easier to do on blonde hair as you can go straight in with your color, dark hair is a whole different ball game. You’ll need to bleach the bottom half of your dark hair before coloring it red.

What You Need
  • Old t-shirt
  • Paddle brush
  • Hair bleaching kit
  • Red hair color
  • Bowls
  • Rubber gloves
  • Hair coloring brush
  • Hair elastics
How To Ombre
  1. Put on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting bleach and hair color stains on.
  2. Put on your gloves. (Hair colors take forEVER to get off once it gets on your skin.)
  3. Brush out all the knots and tangles from your hair.
  4. Mix and prepare your bleach according to the instructions given on the box.
  5. Part your hair down the middle and divide it into 2 sections.
  6. Now, divide these 2 big sections into as many smaller sections as you want to make bleaching them convenient for you. Tie each of them up with hair elastics a couple of inches below your roots.
  7. Start applying bleach to each section of hair, starting from the ends and pulling the bleach up with your fingers till right below your jawline.
  8. Apply more bleach on the ends of your hair and gradually reduce the amount as you work your way up.
  9. Leave the bleach on for the time duration indicated on the box, but keep checking the shade it has lightened to every 15 minutes. (Warning: Don’t leave the bleach on for more than 40 minutes as it could permanently damage it.)
  10. Once your hair has lightened to your desired shade, wash the bleach off with shampoo.
  11. Blow dry your hair completely.
  12. Redivide and tie your hair up in the same sections as earlier.
  13. Mix your red hair color in a bowl, following the instructions given on the box.
  14. Apply the color to all the bleached sections of your hair, making sure to pull it up an inch above your fade line so that it blends seamlessly into your natural base color.
  15. Leave the red hair color on for the duration of time indicated on the box.
  16. Wash off the color until the water runs clear before shampooing and conditioning it with color safe products.

And now that you’ve successfully done your red ombre, let’s look at all the brilliant ways that you can style it!

20 Totally Stunning Ways To Style Your Red Ombre Hair

1. Auburn Waterfall

When it comes to ombre color jobs, long hair is the best way to go about it. A rich shade of auburn melts beautifully down her chocolate brown locks to create this gorgeous red ombre effect. Just incorporate some subtle magenta tones at the bottom to add oodles of dimension to your hair.

2. Cherry Red Delight

Curls have the ability to amplify the look of any ombre color job. So, of course, they work just as beautifully on red toned ombre styles. This bright cherry red hue adds a mega pop of color to monotone brown hair and creates a look that can only be described as punk rock chic.

3. Magenta Toned Red Ombre

Jet black hair is the perfect canvas for any bright colored ombre you might want to try out. And it works especially well with fiery shades of red. Go for a red ombre with a slight magenta undertone to it on straight black hair to transform into a total bombshell.

4. Coral Red Obsession

If bright red shades are not up your alley, then a subdued orange toned red can do the trick for you. This coral red ombre starts quite high up on medium length brown hair and descends into some voluptuous curls. I don’t know about you but I sure can’t keep my eyes off of this color look.

5. Maroon Madness

Maybe bright red is not your thing. Maybe you’d like to stick to earthier tones. Whatever the case, here’s a red ombre look that will meet all your needs. Maroon is that understated color that has a beauty all of its own. Go for an ombre in this shade on your mahogany brown tresses to create a totally sophisticated color look.

6. Spicy Scarlet

Just because you’re going for a red ombre doesn’t mean you have to opt for an in-your-face look. Keep things low-key with this dark scarlet shade that blends beautifully with any naturally dark hair color. All you need to complete this stunning look is to style it in some low curls.

7. Reverse Ginger Ombre

Flip everyone’s idea of ombre over its head and go for a style that is literally the opposite of what everyone thinks it should be like. Start off with a rich auburn at your roots that gradually fades into a luxurious gold hue towards the ends. This color scheme will also pull the eye downwards, thus creating an illusion of length.

8. Red Chilli Rendezvous

Transform like a butterfly with this bangin’ red ombre look that is one for the ages. What makes this particular ombre look stand out is that the vibrant chilli red shade starts pretty high up on her long dark hair and flows down in dramatic waves.

9. Vivacious Carmine

Bold and beautiful are the exact words that come to mind when you behold this look. The bright but elegant carmine red shade stands out brilliantly against deep brown hair when done in an ombre color style. Keep things simple when styling this look to focus all the attention on the pretty red ombre.

10. Red Edged Ombre

Mix up your red ombre look to stand out from the crowd by going for a bit of color only on the edges. This bright red ombre is perfect for a long bob that you don’t want to be overshadowed by too much color. A jet black base will also act as the perfect canvas for this look.

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11. Ruby Red Revolution

Handpainting hair color has been taken to new heights with this red balayage ombre style that looks like someone’s fantasy brought to life. With a luxurious ruby red shade sweeping through dark brown hair, the multidimensional look of this style knows no bounds. Just style this hair in some loose waves to make the most out of it.

12. Ginger Gorgeousness

Fall (or autumn, for those of you across the pond) may have you excited about beautiful fallen leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. But another major thing you get to look forward to is fall hair colors! This down-to-earth yet oh-so-gorgeous ginger red ombre that melts seamlessly down from auburn tinted brown locks makes for the perfect color look to be sported during this lovely season.

13. A Song Of Ice And Fire

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. Whichever one it may be, all I know is that these two elements can blend beautifully together to create an ombre hair look that’s one for the ages. A silver tinted icy blue flows down magically to end in a fiery red shade, thus creating a stunning contrast of colors that is one for the ages.

14. Garnet Magic

If your workplace does not allow you to go for crazy colored hair (booo!), then here’s a lowkey hair look that will not scream for attention but will definitely raise some eyebrows (in a good way). This jewel toned red ombre in a deep garnet red creates the slightest bit of dimension and looks breathtaking on long dark hair.

15. Berry Red Bonanza

Blunt edged hair is kind of the perfect haircut to showcase an ombre color job in all its glory. And when done in a rich berry red shade, there’s no stopping you from becoming the center of attention in every room you walk into. The gradual transition from black at the roots to a berry red at the ends looks like her hair was dipped into a vat of crushed raspberries.

16. Homage To Wine

Who doesn’t love having a glass of wine at the end of a long day, huh? So, pay homage to your favorite beverage by going for this luxurious red shade on your hair. The wine red flows beautifully down in curls from jet black roots to create a stunning hair look.

17. Red Velvet

Red velvet cupcakes have become such a huge sensation around the world that they’ve inspired their very own color look. The rich red at the ends and dark brown at the roots are reminiscent of a yummy red velvet cupcake topped with some delicious chocolate ganache frosting.

18. Copper Crush

Metallic tones in hair colors are all the rage right now and it’s about time you got on the bandwagon too. Start off with a bold copper red shade on the top half of your hair and fade it down to a light rose gold at the bottom. Take a narrow barreled curling wand to your hair to complete the princess vibe of this already breathtaking look.

19. Fuel To Fire

Get the mesmerizing effect of a campfire on your hair by going for this red and blonde ombre look. From mahogany to auburn to golden blonde, this three toned ombre has been handpainted beautifully onto her hair to make her look like the goddess of fire.

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20. Blink And You Miss It

Practise some minimalism and try out this dark red ombre. It is the very definition of the blink-and-you-miss-it look. Ombre the very ends of your naturally dark hair with a deep shade of merlot red that comes to life when hit by light. Take the whole look up a notch by styling it in poker straight.

And there you have it! Those were our top picks of red ombre styles! Don’t you just love them? Comment below to let us know which one you can’t wait to try out!

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