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10 Stylish Short Brown Hairstyles You Can Try Today

10 Stylish Short Brown Hairstyles You Can Try Today April 27, 2018

We are not sure about you, but we are excited to see our grounding brown enter this season’s mainstream world of hair colors! From mahogany, toffee to chestnut and caramel, the different possible shades of brown are in every girl’s wish list. A favorite among the coolest A-listers, for those who are looking to make a change, take inspiration from our list and book yourself in for an appointment, STAT.

Let’s have a look at the 10 stylish short brown hairstyles here:

1. Ombre Wob:

Ombre Wob Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Ashley Greene’s ombre hair is as classy as her beauty. The Twilight actress looks fantastic with both warm and cool-tones of brown hair color. This simple ombre shade features caramel undertones and milk chocolate highlights that enhance her brown eyes and give her flawless skin a rosy look.

2. Dark Chocolate Brown:

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Miss Meadows actress Katie Holmes looks classy with her dark chocolate brown locks. Katie gives her sophisticated dark locks a playful twist with subtle bangs that accentuate her eyes. For super-glossy locks like Kate’s, use a good amount of heat protection serum before flat ironing your hair to prevent unnecessary damage.

3. Mahogany Brown:

Mahogany Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Actress Lily Collins nails the effortlessly chic and sexy look with her mahogany brown tousled bob. For a radiant and romantic look like Lily, let your hair dry naturally, and apply some volumizing mousse with your fingertips. Finish off this look with long, dark lashes, dewy skin, and maroon lips.

4. Chestnut Brown:

Chestnut Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The chestnut short brown haircut has suited Anne Hathaway’s bold personality for years now. The actress looks fabulous with her chic pixie. This chestnut brown hair color is polished and feminine and softens her complexion perfectly. Pair your brown hair with long, drop earrings and luscious cardinal red lips for a sexy final look.

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5. Mocha Brown:

Mocha Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Supermodel Karlie Kloss looks phenomenal with her tousled and glamorous mocha brown locks. We love her flirty hairdo and the healthy shine that brings her mocha brown hair to life. Take inspiration from Karlie and add a few waves to your hair for a fun touch.

6. Caramel Brown:

Caramel Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Songwriter Danii Minogue looks stunning with her thick, side-swept bob. Danii sports warm streaks of caramel brown color that doesn’t take away from her fair complexion, adds vibrancy to her dark brown hair and accentuates her blue eyes.

7. Toffee Brown:

Toffee Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Model Alyssa Miller looks phenomenal with her dark toffee brown locks. This summery hair color compliments her flawless complexion and brings out Alyssa’s beautiful green eyes. To recreate this style, work some mousse with your fingertips until your desired look is achieved.

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8. Light Reddish Brown:

Light Reddish Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Director Sophia Coppola rocks a striking light reddish brown locks that give her mid-length, tousled bob a dramatic finish. Sophia proves that a single-process color — like, in this case, the light reddish brown — can be effortlessly glamorous, especially when it’s paired with her brown eyes.

9. Beachy Brown:

Beachy Brown Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

Actress Hilary Duff looks flirty and edgy with her slicked-back, voluminous bob. This messy, beachy brown hair color is chic and romantic, and it looks amazing in contrast with Hilary’s complexion. Get the textured look by applying texturised gel and simply blow-drying your hair with a round brush for that added volume.

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10. Golden Brown To Black:

Golden Brown To Black Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The Perks of Being a Wallflower actress, Emma Watson, has us green with envy with her sleek, ombre locks. This refreshingly chic shade not only suits most complexions, but is also great for every season. Take inspiration from our darling, Emma, and add golden brown to black ombre fade to give your short, layered pixie a dramatic finish.

With so many shades of brown to choose from, we hope our list of ten short brown hairstyles will help you find the perfect color for your locks. Do let us know if you know any other short hairstyles for brown hair by shooting a comment below!

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