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50 Show-Stopping Pixie Cut Hairstyles

50 Show-Stopping Pixie Cut Hairstyles Hyderabd040-395603080 October 16, 2018

Move over Bob, say hello to Pixie – the chicest hairstyle of all time! This spunky haircut is taking the world by storm.

Apart from giving you a cool cat vibe, the pixie cut has many advantages. First, the short cropped layers add definition to your face, so you can flaunt your incredible features. Second, you can style it neat for work and then mess it up later for a party-perfect look. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! Third, no more long hair worries like spending hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to tie your hair. And finally, you can say buh-bye to hair fall.

The pixie cut is extremely versatile. Here are 50 playful pixie cuts that will let your personality shine through.

50 Show-Stopping Pixie Cut Hairstyles

1. Short Raised Pixie

Short Raised Pixie Pinit


There are many advantages to a pixie haircut. If you’ve got high cheekbones and gorgeous gray eyes like Kate Hudson, sporting a short, spiky pixie is a great idea. You can also flaunt your flamboyant long earrings with this haircut.

2. Classic Ellen Pixie

Classic Ellen Pixie Pinit


Ellen has a unique personal style, from her hair down to her shoes. If you want a stylish and edgy short hairdo, you need to get Ellen’s signature pixie cut. Run your fingers through your hair to create a messy mohawk.

3. Neat Pixie

Neat Pixie Pinit


Karen Gillan is one dedicated actress. Did you know that she shaved her hair off to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy? They also made her a wig made of her own hair to wear. But I have to say that I love this pixie ‘do. A side parting with neatly brushed hair looks chic and classy.

4. The Glamorous Pixie

The Glamorous Pixie Pinit


If you have silky straight hair, you probably worry about it looking thin. A stylish slicked back pixie will make your hair look thick, especially if you have an oval, diamond, heart, or square shaped face. The key is to make it look natural and not gelled. Use a light mousse and brush your hair back with your fingers or a thin comb.

5. Curly Felicity Pixie

Curly Felicity Pixie Pinit


It came as a huge surprise when Keri Russell chopped off her long locks. While it got mixed reviews from people, Keri herself loved it. Run your fingers through your short curly hair with some gel to mimic this look.

6. The Princess Anne Pixie

Do you remember that scene in The Roman Holiday when Princess Anne makes a spur of the moment decision and gets her hair cut? That cut resulted in this amazing, chic, and magical pixie cut! Yes, short and cropped layers of hair were famous before some of us were even born!

7. Upturned Curly Pixie

Upturned Curly Pixie Pinit


Winona Ryder never ceases to amaze with her incredible performances in Beetlejuice and Stranger Things. It comes as no surprise that she has to be red carpet-ready all the time. She shows us that natural hair is lovely. Brush your pixie back with some gel and a comb to look as fabulous as she does.

8. Edgy Dirty Blonde Pixie

Edgy Dirty Blonde Pixie Pinit


You may have heard that Knightley cut her hair for Domino, but did you know she wasn’t done filming Pride And Prejudice yet and had to wear a wig for the last few scenes? This blonde and brunette pixie shows us that we can get the best of both worlds.

9. Classic Blonde Pixie

Classic Blonde Pixie Pinit


No one pulls off blonde hair better than Sienna Miller. This pixie looks especially incredible on her. She has parted her hair on one side to show off her blue eyes. The dark roots highlight her blonde locks and eyes.

10. The Simple Layered Pixie

The Simple Layered Pixie Pinit


V For Vendetta is an incredibly moving film. Natalie Portman actually shaved her hair while filming a scene for it. So, it is a one-shot thing. Talk about pressure, huh? But when the outcome is a chic pixie like this, the risk is worth it.

11. Slicked Back Pixie

Slicked Back Pixie Pinit


While I adore Scarlett’s long hair, I love her short pixie hairdos more. She outdoes herself not just in her roles, but in her hairstyles as well. This gelled back hairdo perfectly flaunts her sculpted cheekbones, jawline, and eyes.

12. Upturned Wave Pixie

Upturned Wave Pixie Pinit


Carey Mulligan gives upturned pixie hair a classy twist. Comb the sides and back along your head, and sweep back the front hair. Style your hair in a bit of a wave while combing the front to add in this wonderful twist. Instead of wearing heavy jewelry, go for some chic eye makeup, a light lip shade, and a black dress to create the perfect outfit.

13. The Messy Pixie

The Messy Pixie Pinit


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want! I want a pixie like Victoria Beckham. Style and attitude meet to create this messy pixie do. It’s the ideal laid-back, messy hair look.

14. Mohawk Pixie

Mohawk Pixie Pinit


Model and actress Agyness Deyn sports the rock chic look really well. If you love grunge style, this is the look for you. This pixie cut has spiky ends that add edge to this hair look.

15. Blue Braided Pixie

Blue Braided Pixie Pinit


Model, actress, DJ, singer…the list goes on. Ruby Rose loves her hair short. And the way she flaunts it makes us love it too. If you have light eyes, adding some deep highlights to your pixie can showcase them really well. The blue highlighted braids make her look like a queen from a fantasy novel.

16. The Girly Pixie

The Girly Pixie Pinit


Audrey Tautou is famous for her role in the romantic-comedy Amélie, but her first Hollywood film was The Da Vinci Code. Taking a leaf from her book, cropped layers is the perfect wavy pixie hairstyle. It accentuates her high cheekbones and makes her neck look longer.

17. The Classic Pixie

The Classic Pixie Pinit


Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cut is the closest to the mythical creature this haircut is named after. Her elegant side parting with neatly combed down bangs give her the perfect pixie look. With that simple yet impactful eyeliner and light lip color, her whole ensemble would make anyone say, “I do believe in pixies.”

18. The Long Chocolate Pixie

The Long Chocolate Pixie Pinit


Dark chocolate, espresso, and cinnamon – what’s the one thing they have in common? Their rich brown color! Take that dark brown goodness to your hair. While most pixie cuts are super short, this long pixie cut is unique and looks spectacular. The flicked out ends and side parting accentuate Rose’s jawline beautifully. The deep brown color complements her gray eyes.

19. The Spiky Pixie

The Spiky Pixie Pinit


Halle Berry is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, so it comes as no surprise that women all over the world scramble to copy her hairdo. A messy faux-hawk is a great way to spice up your regular pixie. Comb down your sides, and spike up the hair at the top with your fingers to get this sexy hair look.

20. The Cool Blonde Pixie

The Cool Blonde Pixie Pinit


I’m sure all of us love Charlize Theron’s blonde hair, so you’ll be surprised to know she’s naturally a brunette. If you have really short blonde hair, brush it upwards and part it to one side. Allow your natural roots to show as it creates a good contrast.

21. The Full Bangs Pixie

The Full Bangs Pixie Pinit


If you have brown eyes and deep brown hair, this is the best hairstyle to showcase your features. Also, if you have a large forehead, this pixie fringe will take the focus away from it.

22. Baby Bangs Pixie

Baby Bangs Pixie Pinit


While not everyone can pull off this look, RiRi sure as hell knocks it out of the park. It gives the illusion of a small forehead. Her black hair really accentuates her eye color along with adding some pop to her red lips. If you don’t want a feather-ended look, this is the perfect pixie for you.

23. Sleek Mohawk Pixie

Sleek Mohawk Pixie Pinit


We all know that Ruby Rose loves chic pixie cuts. This pixie that’s long on the top and short on the side proves the same. Smooth down the sides and slick back the hair on top with some gel. Spritz on some hairspray to finish off the look.

24. Candy Pink Side Pixie

Candy Pink Side Pixie Pinit


Miley Cyrus has come a long way since Hannah Montana. She shocked everyone when she cut her hair short, but I love what she’s done with it. The shaved sides and candy pink hair color make this one badass pixie cut.

25. The Full Bangs Bronde Pixie

The Full Bangs Bronde Pixie Pinit


This sandy mix of blonde and brunette is perfect for the summer. The sides are short while the bangs are long, wavy, and messy, which help cover a large forehead. I love how the hair color blend makes her gray eyes pop.

26. The Pixie With A Twist

The Pixie With A Twist Pinit


Janelle Monae is sporting her pixie haircut with a nice little twist. Gel your hair down and neatly comb it. Group your bangs together in the front and create a twist à la Superman!

27. Blonde SIde Pixie

Blonde SIde Pixie Pinit


Katy Perry is known for experimenting with funky hair colors and cuts. The contrast between the dark and light shades in her hair accentuates her eyes. Brush your hair upwards with a round comb and let it fall to one side to recreate this look.

28. The Curly Pixie

The Curly Pixie Pinit


Curly hair has a life of its own, and the faux-hawk is an edgy hairdo. When you mix the two, you most certainly will get the best of both worlds. This pixie cut is all about looking sassy and cool.

29. Gelled Back Pixie

Gelled Back Pixie Pinit


A little volume can go a long way. When gelling your hair, simply add some volume to give your face some height and accentuate your jawline.

30. Side-Swept Blonde Pixie

Side-Swept Blonde Pixie Pinit


Blonde hair and blue eyes make for a deadly combination. If you have a heart- or oval-shaped face, go for this slick pixie. It shows off Julianne Hough’s jawline and piercing blue eyes extremely well.

31. Thin Feathered Bangs Pixie

Thin Feathered Bangs Pixie Pinit


Lena Dunham is the creator, writer, and star of the hit series Girls. She’s mostly seen sporting short hair, and I love this pixie on her. The layers and uneven bangs give this pixie cut a wild feel. And, I have to say, the dark brown hair paired with a bright red lip shade really makes her brown eyes pop.

32. The Spiky Mohawk Pixie

The Spiky Mohawk Pixie Pinit


Angela Bassett is an ageless beauty. Her flawless sense of style is showcased by this pixie cut. This spiky, layered mohawk is the best way to flaunt black hair. Add some light brown highlights to accentuate your natural hair color.

33. Blonde Side-Swept Bangs With Dark Roots Pixie

Blonde Side-Swept Bangs With Dark Roots Pixie Pinit


A pixie with a side parting always looks good. The best part about this chic pixie is that you can let it hang loose or style it into a faux-hawk. The light blonde and deep brunette highlights make it look cooler.

34. The Dark And Light Pixie

The Dark And Light Pixie Pinit


You need a dirty blonde pixie if you’re looking to get out of the “nice girl” role. This hairstyle is the perfect blend of style, edge, and sass.

35. The Ginger Pixie

The Ginger Pixie Pinit


Think of Hermione Granger, and this is what comes to mind: intelligent wizard, throws killer punches, and long, brown hair. That’s true. So, it comes as no surprise that after having long hair for what must seem like forever, Emma Watson decided to go for a wonderful pixie cut. It looks incredible.

36. Platinum Pixie

Platinum Pixie Pinit


Platinum hair is all the rage right now, as is the pixie cut. Combine the two, and you’ve got yourself a killer hairstyle. Nothing screams edgy like this short pixie cut.

37. Long Side Swept Pixie

Long Side Swept Pixie Pinit


Ruby Rose looks like a deadly vampire, right? A vampire with incredible fashion sense. Her dark lips and layered, one-sided pixie accentuate her light eyes perfectly. If you have a light complexion, be sure to try out this hair look.

38. Swooped Bangs Pixie

Swooped Bangs Pixie Pinit


Picture this – a grungy plain white t-shirt, shorts, red lipstick, and a pixie cut. Not everyone can pull that off, right? But Scarlett Johansson can! She is officially the poster child for the pixie cut.

39. Short Kinky Pixie

Short Kinky Pixie Pinit


If you thought kinky hair couldn’t be styled in a pixie cut, think again. Show off your God-given kinky coils with this simple yet uber cool pixie cut.

40. Laid Back Pixie

Laid Back Pixie Pinit


We’ve seen ScarJo sport different hairstyles not just for the red carpet, but also for her roles. Lift your hair with a brush, and let it fall on one side. You can shave either one or both sides of your head, depending on how edgy you want to look.

41. Feathered Bangs Brown Pixie

Feathered Bangs Brown Pixie Pinit


Halle Berry is the perfect femme fatale. She rocks the pixie cut like no one else. Take a gander at this lovely shag pixie cut. Her bangs are long and wind-swept, drawing focus to her facial features.

42. The Tinkerbell Pixie

The Tinkerbell Pixie Pinit


Zendaya has always been a style icon, so you know if she’s trying out a hairdo, we should too. All you need to pull off this look is a strong, fun personality!

43. The Deep Blonde Pixie

The Deep Blonde Pixie Pinit


Michelle Williams has come a long way since her days of playing Jen on Dawson’s Creek. Her role in The Greatest Showman is a testimony to that. This incredible actress has been seen sporting pixie cuts for some time now, and it is delightful.

44. Long Bangs Pixie

Long Bangs Pixie Pinit


This is the perfect pixie cut for teens and young adults. The long, layered bangs taper from short to long. They add an edgy, cool vibe to the regular pixie cut.

45. Upswept Pixie

Upswept Pixie Pinit


I love how subtle this ensemble is. The light dirty blonde locks, pink lipstick, and simple diamond earrings really showcase Scarlett Johansson’s beautiful eyes. Comb your hair backwards and set it with some gel or hairspray to get this look.

46. Wind-swept Pixie

Wind-swept Pixie Pinit


While Jennifer Lawrence has lovely long hair, she looks stunning with this pixie cut. The best way to describe this pixie hairstyle is wind-swept. Jennifer Lawrence shows us that you can sport messy hair on the red carpet.

47. The Jet Black Pixie

The Jet Black Pixie Pinit


Hazel eyes, bright pink lips, and jet black hair – can it get any better? RiRi shows us that this is one killer combo that you need to try out. It’s a grungy, yet minimalistic look. Definitely a must-try.

48. The Wet Pixie

The Wet Pixie Pinit


Over-gelled hair is an art that looks good only when done right. Look at Scarlett Johansson! She looks like a rockstar. Go for minimal makeup with small but eye-catching earrings. You can see how well this hair look shows off her facial features.

49. Champagne Blonde Pixie

Champagne Blonde Pixie Pinit


If you’re worried that you can’t have a stylish layered cut with short hair, Posh Spice is here to prove you wrong. This gradual pixie is perfect for round, oval, and square face shapes. The long layers in the front are perfect for accentuating your facial features.

50. Auburn Brown Pixie

Auburn Brown Pixie Pinit


Carey Mulligan totally slays with this unevenly cut pixie hairdo. Her reddish-brown hair makes her eyes sparkle. She looks classy and beautiful. I especially love how choppy and uneven the bangs are.

That’s my list of the top 50 pixie cuts that are trending right now. If you’ve always wanted to try a pixie, I hope I’ve given you enough inspiration to finally do it. Have you ever gotten a pixie cut? Which one of these would you want to try out? Let us know all that and more in the comments section below!

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