How To Do The Sukhasana And What Are Its Benefits

Written by Shirin Mehdi

Sukhasana, Easy Pose, Decent Pose, or Pleasant Pose is an asana practised in yoga. Sanskrit: सुखासन; Sukh – Pleasure, Asana – Pose; Pronounced As – soo-kah-sah-nah.

This pose is best-suited for meditation for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit word Sukham that means easy, pleasure, comfort, and pleasure. People of all ages can do this asana.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sukhasana

  1. What You Should Know Before You Do The Asana
  2. How To Do Sukhasana
  3. Precautions And Contraindications
  4. Beginner’s Pose
  5. Advanced Pose Alterations
  6. The Benefits Of Sukhasana
  7. The Science Behind The Easy Pose
  8. Preparatory Poses
  9. Follow-Up Poses

What You Should Know Before You Do The Asana

This asana is a meditative pose, so it is best if you practice this pose in the morning.

It is not mandatory that this asana must be done on an empty stomach. But if you are preceding or following it up with yoga asanas, it is best you have your meals at least four to six hours before you do this asana. Also, make sure that your bowels are clean.

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Level: Basic
Style: Vinyasa
Duration: As long as you are comfortable
Repetition: None
Stretches: Knees, Ankles
Strengthens: Back

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How To Do Sukhasana

  1. Sit erect, with your feet stretched out in front of you.
  1. Now cross your legs such that your knees are wide, shins are crossed, and each foot is placed under the knee. Your knees must be bent, and your legs should be tucked into your torso.
  1. Your feet must be relaxed, and the outer edges must rest on the floor while the inner edges must arch on your shins. When you look down on your legs, you must see a triangle formed by your shins that are crossed and both your thighs.
  1. Ensure a comfortable space between your pelvis and feet. Your pelvis must be in a neutral position.
  1. Your back must be balanced in such a way that the tailbone and the pubic bone are at equal distance from the floor.
  1. Now that your feet are in their place, you can place your palms stacked up in your lap. Or you can also lay them on your knees palms up or palms down.
  1. Elongate your tailbone, and firm up your shoulders. But make sure your lower back is not arched such that it pokes the lower ribs forward.
  1. In yoga, they say that if you can sit in a pose for two hours and thirty-two minutes, you have mastered it. You can sit in this pose as long as you are comfortable.
  1. Just make sure that you alternate the crossing of the legs. You can keep your right leg over your left on even days, and the left over the right on odd days.

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Precautions And Contraindications

These are some points of caution you must keep in mind before you practice this asana.

  1. Avoid this asana if you have hip and knee injuries, or if they are both inflamed.
  1. Practice caution if you have a slipped disc problem. You could use cushioning to make the pose comfortable.

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Beginner’s Pose

As a beginner, it might be difficult to sit erect on the floor for a long time. You can use blocks and cushioning to get the posture right. You can also lean against the wall to keep your back erect.

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Advanced Pose Alterations

This asana might look extremely easy, but it is not as easy as it looks. Once you get comfortable in the pose, you need to set a strong intention and lean into a meditative state. With practice, you will experience great joy and happiness filling your heart.

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The Benefits Of Sukhasana

These are some amazing benefits of the Sukhasana.

  1. It spreads a sense of calm and peace through your mind and body.
  1. It relaxes your brain.
  1. You will feel all exhaustion, stress, and anxiety leave your being.
  1. Your chest and collar bones are broadened.
  1. Your body alignment is improved.
  1. Practicing this asana helps elongate your spine.
  1. Your back becomes stronger and steadier.
  1. This asana gives your knees and ankles a good stretch.

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The Science Behind The Easy Pose

If you hold the posture right, as you practice the Sukhasana, you create a relaxed ambience for your mind and body. You must make sure the weight of your body is distributed evenly on your sitting bones when you assume the position. This will ensure that your shoulders are in the same line as your hips and that your head is placed right in the center of your spine. It can be quite a challenge to relax your legs as you sit in this pose. But once you master that, you will become a pro at this asana. For all of this, you require your core to be strong. When you do this asana regularly, your whole torso gets toned. When all of this extends the spine, you will move your attention to your heart. When this happens, you will get comfortable in the pose, and gain both physical and mental balance.

When your body is steady, and your breathing is synchronized and expanded, you will find extreme joy. Then, you realize that your mind, breath, and body are united, and your heart is set free of all burdens.

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Preparatory Poses


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Follow-Up Poses


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Yoga is all about being connected to yourself while putting in the effort to correct the asana. This brings peace, joy, and ease. If you manage to weave this asana into your life, you will move through it without any fear or panic.

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