How To Get Rid Of Love Handles – 8 Easy Ways To Help

Written by Jyotsana Rao

“How to get rid of love handles?” – if this has been the question on your mind of late, we got you covered! Whether it’s that extra dash of love in the food you eat or that extra bit of fat, love handles tend to show up on your waist as evidence! While you may not be bothered about these as much, or even fail to notice them at first, these make a difference when you drape that gorgeously sleek saree or you plan to wear that crop top you just got! While all the love-filled fat sits cuddling your waistline, you might start thinking of ways to get rid of them! However, it’s not as easy as it gets on! But, with the right exercise and diet practices, you may begin to see a difference in your waistline gradually! To help you get started, we have listed down a few effective solutions for you! Read on to find out!

1. Stress Busting:

The poor stress is blamed for almost all our problems in life. But of all the many things it is guilty of, fat, and specifically love handles, also make it to that list. Have you ever heard of Cortisol? It is a steroid hormone that is produced by our body when we are stressed. No prizes for guessing thatas it is one nasty hormone. Love handles are just one of the many health issues it can cause.

Plan your day out, schedule, and stick to schedules. Practice yoga. Breathe! Well, basically, just unwind and chill out. When you are calm, you are surely reducing the probability of gaining that fat.

2. Sleep- A- Thon:

In this mad race for life, we often undermine the importance of sleep. A good 6 to 8 hours of sleep heals every part of the body, and yes, you do lose weight when you sleep. And losing weight means losing those love handles too!

3. Drink Up & Drink Down:

Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Water literally washes out the impurities and dilutes the fat. It might be slow, but it plays a big role in eliminating fat.

On the other hand, minimize consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks. You will notice that you instantly bloat when you have alcohol. Try to cut down sugary and aerated drinks completely, and as for alcohol, limit your intake to just 2 drinks a week and see the difference.

4. The Food Story:

You are what you eat! And it is for you to decide who you want to be, and you definitely don’t want to be fat!

Make sure to have meals at regular intervals. Eat many meals (but small meals), and make sure you don’t eat after 8:00 pm.

Include a whole lot of fruits and veggies in your diet. They are packed with essential nutrients. Healthy proteins and fats are very important for weight loss. Don’t forget whole grains and fiberif you want to have a balanced diet.

Eat clean home cooked meals as much as you possibly can, and try to completely eliminate processed foods (Super Unhealthy!).

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, here are a few love-handle specific exercises that are simple and easy!

5. Leg Flutter:

This exercise works on your entire abdominal area. All you need to do is lie flat on the floor with your arms on your sides, and palms facing downwards. Lift your legs to a 60-degree angle, and then alternately move your legs up and down in a scissoring motion. Ahaan! Feel the pressure? It’s working!

6. Crunches & Twists:

Traditional crunches work on your obliquesand tone the muscles around your waist. It is a great exercise to eliminate those ugly tyres. But make sure you start slow as crunches can be really painful.

Twisting too works really well on your abdominal areas. When you do your normal sit-ups, try twisting on either side alternatively as you stand up. Working against gravity really intensifies the workout and gives that fat on your sides the necessary push.

7. Cycling:

Cycling works extremely well for eliminating that stubborn side fat (whether you do the usual cycling or stationary exercise). It exerts stress on the oblique muscles making sure the fat melts.

If you are not using the usual cycle,lie flat on the floor and lift your legs to a 60-degree angle. Now use the pedal motion, alternating each leg all the way from your thighs to your feet. It is hard, we know.But you will see those love handles vanish faster than you would have imagined.

8. Hoola Hoop:

We have literally saved the best for the last. This is a fun exercise that tones the abdominal muscles, and especially the love handles. If you don’t already have one, pick up one at any sports store. Just put on some music, slip in the hoop, and maneuver your waist and hover the loop up and down. You will feel your obliques working very soon, and this is a sign of vanishing fat.

Right exercise and a good diet are essential to get rid of love handles. Give up the intake of processed foods and sugary drinks completely and limit your alcohol intake. Follow a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber, and protein to shed the excess flab effectively. You also need to lead a stress-free life, sleep for six to eight hours, and drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Also, make it a point to do the exercises listed above that specifically target love handles and help you get quicker results.

Banner Image Credits: cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr

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