21 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Subtle or grand, one way to keep your relationship rolling is to load him with surprises.

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Surprises are fun and exciting, and the right surprise ideas for a boyfriend can be a fun way to spice up your relationship. You don’t want your relationship to lose its magic too soon and want to keep your romance alive. While it may seem like a challenge, it is easy to liven up your relationship now and then. You only need to put forth the effort, care, and thought to keep seeking new and creative ways to express your love for your partner. You can do this by arranging little surprises now and then for your boyfriend. They do not have to be grand gestures. Just showing him that you are concerned about his happiness and care about him will make him feel special.

If you wonder how to surprise your special someone, do not worry. You have come to the right place. You can find everything you need for him here – from practical gifts to simple gestures that require no effort or money. Here are 21 ways to surprise your boyfriend and to let him know just how much you care about him. Scroll down to take notes and start planning!

21 Nice Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

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1. Arrange A Treasure Hunt For Him

Surprises don’t always have to cost a lot of money. It is the thought and effort that counts. Doing something exclusively for him will make him super happy. Set up a paper treasure hunt for your boyfriend with clues for him to follow. What he finds as the prize could be anything. His favorite chocolate, a new cologne he has been wanting, or you! Use your imagination and creativity to sweep him off his feet.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Personalize the clues to add a romantic touch. Include inside jokes or memorable experiences, like the venue of your first date. Include anything that only both of you understand.

2. Change Their Alarm To Something Personal

This is a super cute idea. Change their alarm from the harsh tringggg to a specially recorded message from you. It can be super romantic or naughty. You can also just change it to something funny and cheeky. If you don’t have the option of recording a personal message, simply set a funny song that never fails to crack him up as his alarm tone. He will have a smile on his face for the rest of the day! You could also set your picture as his background wallpaper – in which you are making funny faces.

3. Write Little Notes On The Mirror

Sneak into the washroom while he is showering and write, ‘I love you’ or ‘You are hot’ on the steamy mirror. You can also do this on his car windows. This is a quick and cute way to tell him how much you adore him. Alternatively, you can write stuff on his food using ketchup, but it may be difficult to pull this off if you are not artistic.

4. Tidy Up His Apartment

If you are not living together, and he is a little messy, surprise him by tidying up his apartment. Some guys like to be messy and get annoyed if someone touches their stuff, but if you think your guy would appreciate a helping hand, this surprise could be a great way to melt his heart. You could do his laundry, clean his kitchen, arrange his bookshelves, or change his bedsheets.

5. Buy Him Tickets To His Favorite Event

Buying him tickets to his favorite event is a surprise idea for boyfriend
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Is he a fan of a music band? Is there a sporting event that he has been obsessed about? Or he just can’t get enough of stand-up comedy? Find out what his thing is and surprise him by buying him tickets to that ‘something’ he is a fan of. Even Coachella, girls. If he wants to go, buy his tickets and see him off. Even better, go with him and have a gala time!

6. Put A Note In His Lunch Box

Has he packed his lunch to take to the office? Get sneaky and slip in a love note in his lunch box. He will find that during his lunch hour and fall in love with you all over again! You could write a love poem, a dorky message, a naughty joke, or simply ‘I love you.’ Whatever you do, it is going to give him that warm gooey feeling one gets when they feel super loved and happy.

7. Give Him A Professional Massage

Set up a surprise massage for him. A romantic massage with flowers and candles is sure to de-stress him and help him unwind after a hard day at work. Turn the lights low, light the aromatic candles, get some essential oils, luxurious towels, and stuff, and give him the treatment he deserves! You could watch YouTube videos to educate yourself on how to give effective massages that will soothe his muscles and help him relax.

8. Plan A Surprise Date Night

You don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to go out on a romantic night out with your babe! Plan something on a random day and surprise him. Even better – pick him up from work, make him change in the car, and go to your favorite pub or disco and dance the night away. If you both are the quiet kind, go to the beach with a bottle of wine and sandwiches. Just spend some quality time together and talk to each other.

9. Book A Hotel Room

It is not what you are thinking! Book a room for the two of you so that you can spend some quality time together. You can cuddle, watch movies, take a dip in the hotel pool – aah, bliss! Don’t forget to use the luxury of room service. Feel pampered and spoiled to the core – you both deserve it.

10. Cook His Favorite Meal

Cooking his favorite meal is a surprise idea for boyfriend
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This is awesome because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Call his mom or sibling, find out what his favorite dish is, and cook it. You could also go online to look for recipes. If nothing, you can bake him a cake from scratch – it is the easiest thing to do! Set it up in nice ceramic dinnerware and have a romantic dinner together. He is going to adore you when he sees how much effort you have put into it.

11. Throw Him A Six-Months-To-Go Birthday Party

He will never see this coming! Invite his friends, do the entire balloon and cake thing, and sing the birthday song. Give speeches, toast him, do birthday bumps. Fuss over him and make him feel adored. He is going to pretend to be all embarrassed – but he will be swept off his feet. Everyone wants that extra special attention sometimes. And yes, don’t forget the birthday gift!

You can also prepare a special post-birthday gift. If you’re okay with going a little overboard, you can also look at what Brooke did. Brooke Monk, a YouTube influencer, surprised her boyfriend with his dream car for his birthday. She said, “he doesn’t want me to buy him anything expensive but, he loves this car so much (i).” Now, this is a grand and really sweet gesture.

12. Sign Him Up For A Class He Was Always Aiming To Take

Has he always wanted to learn how to paint, play the guitar, join a biker’s club, go to a cooking class, or take up carpentry, but just didn’t have the inclination or energy to sign up? Take the initiative and sign him up for something you know he will love but is too lazy or shy to do it on his own. You could even do it with him! You will not only learn a new skill but also spend some quality time with your boyfriend doing something he is fond of.

13. Run An Errand He Has Been Avoiding

Does he hate to do his grocery shopping? Does he ignore his electricity bill? Forgets about getting the AC repaired? Avoids setting up an appointment with the dentist? People sometimes develop major anxiety even for doing regular things and avoid them at all costs. Do it for him – he will love you for it. It’s the little things that take up the most space in our hearts. He will feel appreciated and loved and presently surprised by this beautiful gesture.

14. Fill His Car With Fuel

Your man is going to fall head over heels in love with you! This little act of love is going to save him a lot of time and headache. He will be wowed because generally girls don’t think of these things, and they are real practical ways of showing your partner how much you care about him. Here is a bonus idea – if you have time, you can get it washed as well, maybe even waxed. You will not regret it, and the expression on his face when he sees the car will be priceless!

15. Set Up A Movie Night With Projectors And Speakers

Setting up a movie night with projectors and speakers is a surprise idea for boyfriend
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Did you guys miss a movie you both really wanted to see? Set the projector and speakers up, right at home, get all cozy with cushions and stuff, and get popcorn. And get the movie experience right at home. Dim the lights and cuddle. Extra benefits!

16. Plan A Surprise Outing For Him

Does he like to go on hikes? Is cycling across town his thing? Is he a fan of going to the museum? Surprise him by planning a day out and accompany him in doing things that he likes. He would be delighted at the unexpected opportunity to enjoy his favorite things with his favorite person. You will not only get to know him better but also spend quality time together.

17. Get A Gift For His Pet

This is a cute surprise! As you already know, that is not his pet, that is his baby. If you get that little munchkin something, you are going to win his daddy’s heart as well. Who knows, maybe you will get to be its momma soon? Just buy something cute for his pet and watch both the pet and owner go gaga over you.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can book a grooming session for his pet or gift him a grooming and wellness kit for his furry friend.

18. Set Up A Game Night For Him And His Friends

Invite his friends over, get pizza and beer, and set up the TV. Let him have his boys’ night while you go spend a night at your girlfriend’s place. He is going to be pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness and lack of clinginess. Trust me, smothering someone with your love is not the way to go about it. Show him how well you understand his needs.

19. Iron His Work Clothes And Keep Them Ready

He is going to be bowled over by this one! When he finds out that he doesn’t have to iron his clothes as well when running late for office – which he mostly is – he is going to love you a little more.

20. Play Naughty Games

Playing naughty games is a surprise idea for boyfriend
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There are card games available online that are definitely not for children – if you know what I mean! Get a pack and set up a game night where you would be playing a lot more than charades. Let him see this wild side of you – and get some benefits in the process.

21. Put His Coins In A Pouch

If your guy is like most guys out there, the chances are there will be a whole lot of coins just strewn all over at his place. Collect all the coins and put them in a pouch for him. Or just get them changed for notes and put that in his wallet with a note. You could write something like ‘ This is for the Mc D burger you love so much’ or ‘Buy those bike gloves you have been wanting for a while.’ This is a cute gesture that is going to win his heart and help him a lot as well.

These little surprises will not only make his day but also show him how much you care about his requirements. The good news is that keeping the passion burning is as easy as they say – it is all about the little things.

Infographic: Tips To Plan A Surprise For Your Boyfriend

While small surprising acts of love can be pulled off quite easily, elaborate surprises need quite a bit of planning. And sometimes, even the best plans fail and dishearten us even if they should not be a big deal. Although not everything can be in your control, you can still take some measures to come up with foolproof surprise plans to cheer up your partner. Check out the infographic below for a few things to keep in mind while planning a surprise for your boyfriend.

tips to plan a surprise for your boyfriend (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

A thoughtful gesture is a more powerful portrayal of love than mere words. It can make your boyfriend feel the love and care you hold for them. Something as simple as refueling his car, cooking his favorite meal, or buying tickets to his favorite event can be great surprise ideas for your boyfriend. You do not have to spend a bomb or go overboard with a grand gesture to express your love and appreciation for your partner. So, choose any ideas from the list above or think about something your boyfriend will enjoy and surprise them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gift should I give to my boyfriend?

You can give your boyfriend a wide range of gifts on any special occasion. These include a personalized mug, a lamp, a grooming kit basket, a wallet, a perfume, a watch, or any useful tech-based product. You can also gift books if your boyfriend is an avid bookworm.

What can I do for my boyfriend’s birthday with no money?

There are many activities you can indulge in to make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday that do not cost any money. These include activities at home like a movie night, a special meal platter, DIY grooming session with natural ingredients, a massage session, dancing to special songs, or even a game night.

What surprises do men love?

Some surprises that men usually love are tickets to a sports event or concert, a new gadget, or an adventure or outdoor activity.

What does a boyfriend want from his girlfriend?

It can vary from person to person, but some common wants and needs may include trust, clear communication, respect, affection, and support.

What gifts do guys love?

Since everyone is different, the answer may be subjective. It is therefore important to know the likes and dislikes of your guy, and then think of a thoughtful gift based on that.

How do I choose the perfect gift for him?

To choose the perfect gift for him, have in-depth knowledge about his interests, hobbies, personality, and style. You can also try to find a gift that is personalized to show him how much you care. Also, consider whether he would appreciate a surprise or would prefer to make a decision together.

What is the most desired gift of love?

The most desired gift of love is spending quality time together, having healthy communication, focused attention and respect, and love.

Key Takeaways

  • Rather than relying on lavish displays of affection to spice up your relationship, surprise your boyfriend with a thoughtful gesture.
  • Remember that it is the thought that counts, so tell him how much you love and appreciate him.
  • There are many easy and affordable small surprises you can plan, from writing little notes for him on the mirror to organizing a movie night.

Ignite the spark in your relationship. Check out this video for romantic surprise ideas for your partner. From intimate to grand gestures of love, discover creative ways to keep the romance alive.

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