Tame Your Baby Hair – Simple Hacks To Try At Home

Reviewed by Dr. Shruti Chavan, MBBS
Written by Anjali Sayee

Do you want to learn how to tame your baby hair? You have come to the right place. These tiny hairs are also known as vellus or peach fuzz (especially if they are on your face). Getting rid of them by shaving or waxing is not a great idea unless you like that clean hairline.

Baby hair is nothing but new hair. Hence, it is better to tame it than to remove it. However, the baby hair around your hairline could be difficult to manage. Keep reading this article to find out how to tame your baby hair without ruining your look.

Why Is Baby Hair An Issue?

Baby hair, also known as peach fuzz or vellus, is small, thin, and light in color. It is barely noticeable. This hair is often seen around the temples, forehead, right above the ears, and at the nape of the neck. It often is a result of new hair growth. It creates an irregular hairline and could be difficult to manage with a blow-dryer or a straightening iron.

Note: Broken hair on the frontline can mimic vellus, which can result when one pulls hair back into a tight ponytail hair style (that causes traction alopecia). Such a condition warrants medical intervention.

Managing baby hair can be a challenge. But the following hacks can help you tame them properly. Read on!

How To Tame Frizzy Baby Hair?

  • Use A Toothbrush

Spritz some dry shampoo or hair spray on the scalp and distribute it over using your fingers. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to comb the tiny hair strands along the hairline and fix them in place. A small stroke over the hairline smoothens the pesky baby hair and lays down the edges in place.

To add some extra shine and luster, you can put some hair serum on the toothbrush bristle. The serum helps tame the frizz and curls.

  • Style It Right

The right styling products and techniques are important to tame frizzy flyaways. Baby hairs along the hairline often dry up quickly. Hence, avoid excessive heat styling and over-brushing. Always use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair with a blow dryer or a curling iron. Finish your styling with lightweight oil to add shine.

  • Use A Blow Dryer Smartly

Begin the blow drying process when your baby hairs are wet. Hold the tiny hairs with your index and middle fingers and press them gently over the forehead. Apply the hot air gently to fix the hairs along the hairline. Apply cool air close to the cuticle for 3 to 5 seconds. Set the style. Do not use continuous hot air as it may dry the small hairs further.

  • Use A Hairspray (For Straight, Thick Hair)

A hair spray can be a real lifesaver while combating flyaways and frizz. It is a quick fix to manage baby hair in your busy days. You can also check the ingredients that go into the hair spray. If you have thin hair and do not want to weigh it down, use a spritz of water spray instead of a hair spray.

  • Use A Hair Cream (For Curly Hair)

Taming baby curly hair is trickier. But a hair cream can help. You can easily slick down baby hair with a nourishing styling cream. To apply, spread the cream onto the baby hair with your fingertips. Dab it with a toothbrush to smoothen the flyaways.

  • Try Out Different Hair Styles

A messy ponytail is a fashionable trend. Instead of taming baby hair, you can flaunt it, keep it natural, or even cover it up with a fringe haircut.

  • Use A Gel Mascara

A gel mascara or a brow tamer helps manage your hair frizz. It is lighter, has a gel-like consistency, and is non-sticky. You can use it to tame your baby hair in the direction you want it to stay.

  • Oil Your Hair Down

Apply a lightweight oil that easily slicks down the baby tresses. Massage a drop or two over the hair and hairline. This will easily tame down the tiny hair as you comb.

  • Try Out Hair Accessories

The right hair accessories can easily tame baby hairs in a matter of seconds. A hairband or a hair clip or a styling silk scarf can get all the baby hair along your hairline under control.

Managing baby hair can be difficult given its small size. But if you do not tame your baby hair, it leaves you with an irregular hairline and can ruin the neatly put-together hairstyle you spent a great deal of time on. Thankfully, you can tame these stray baby hair strands with a toothbrush, hairspray, blow dryer, hair cream, and many other options. The best way to find the perfect solution for your baby hair is to try all the recommended tips and see which works best on your hair type and texture. Sometimes you might have to use a combination of these tips to get the best results. Instead of waxing or shaving off baby hair, using these tips protects small hair growth.

With these hacks, we are sure you can tame your flyaways and manage them in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my baby hair from sticking up?

Oiling your hair or applying a hair spray or hair cream can keep the baby hair from sticking up.

Is baby hair a sign of balding?

No, baby hair is not a sign of balding. In fact, it is a tiny hair sprout and a new sign of hair growth.

Why do I have so many baby hairs on the top of my head?

They are just new hair growths sprouting on the top of your head. They are a result of a relatively shorter anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.

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