Top 10 Tattoo Kits Available In India

Written by Nisha Baghadia

With a growing popularity for tattoo art in the country, many budding tattoo artists have hopped on to the bandwagon. Like any other art, a great set of essential tools are important for great tattoo art too. So if you are a beginner or a professional and wondering where to get the right tools to keep your art alive, this list of the top ten tattoo kits should be of some use.

Top Ten Professional Tattoo Kits in India:

1. Inktribe Tattoo Kit 1:

Inktribe is India’s only manufacturer of tattoo equipments with an emphasis on innovative design, effectiveness and durability. Inktribe’s Tattoo Kit 1 is the first in their range of high end tattoo kits that comes with a high end tattoo machine, one power supply set, 1 surgical steel grip, 20 needles and disposable tips, 30 ml Starbrite Ink and Hecto carbon paper among others.

Price: 25,000 INR

2. Inktribe Tattoo Kit 2s:

Inktribe’s Tattoo Kit 2 is a high end product geared towards professionals who have been in the business for a while. Like all Inktribe products, Inktribe’s Tattoo Kit 2 comes with a lifetime guarantee with assured replacement in case of any defects. Inktribe’s Tattoo Kit 2 comprises of a high end tattoo machine, one power supply set, 2 surgical steel grips, 20 needles and disposable tips, 1 pack of 30 ml Starbrite Ink, 2 packs of 15 ml Starbrite ink, Hecto carbon paper and other necessary items.

Price: 30,000 INR

3. Kings Tattoo Supply Tattoo Kit 1-Tribal Kit:

Kings Tattoo Supply is a major importer and supplier of internationally manufactured tattoo equipment in India. The tribal kit is geared towards tribal tattoo art and consists of a high end tattoo machine, basic power supply set, foot switch, basic clip cord, 20 assorted tattoo needles, made in USA black ink, a design DVD and other necessary accessories.

Price: 4600 INR

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4. Kings Tattoo Supply Tattoo Kit 2-Basic Kit:

This tattoo kit is geared towards effectively tattooing all basic motifs and designs. This kit is a must buy considering Kings Tattoo Supply deals in internationally manufactured tattoo equipment and this kit is a compilation of the best basic tattoo equipments. This basic kit comprises of a high end tattoo machine, one power supply set, 50 assorted needles, 2 tattoo grips, black and red ink made in USA, Latex gloves, a design DVD and other necessary items.

Price: 6100 INR

5. Tattoo Gizmo Basic Tattoo Kit:

This cost friendly yet effective tattoo machines kit from Tattoo Gizmo has all the equipments, which a beginner needs to acquire basic tattoo art skills such as an effective tattoo machine, power supply set, black ink and assorted needles.

Price: 5900 INR

6. Tattoo Gizmo Hobby Kit:

Another beginner’s kit by Tattoo Gizmo, the Hobby Kit is manufactured by Tattoo Gizmo Company itself and is not imported from elsewhere. It contains all the equipment needed for one to master the basic skills in tattoo art. The Hobby Kit comes with a six month warranty on coils.

Price: 10,800 INR

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7. Kings Tattoo Supply Tattoo Learning Kit-3:

The Tattoo Learning Kit from Kings Tattoo Supply is geared towards those who wish to learn the art of tattooing. This tattoo kit comprises of 2 tattoo machines, 1 power supply set, red and black ink made in USA, practice skin 5 pieces, an instructional DVD, assorted needles 100 pieces and latex gloves 8 pieces among other essentials.

Price: 9100 INR

8. Kings Tattoo Supply Hobby Kit-4:

The Hobby Kit from Kings Tattoo Supply is another beginners kit which is bit more pricey but with a few additional accessories. The Hobby Kit consist of two tattoo machines, a power supply set, 200 ink cups, practice skin 2 pieces, an instructional DVD and latex gloves among other necessities.

Price: 10800 INR

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9. Inktribe Tattoo Kit 3:

This intermediate level tattoo kit is manufactured in India apart from the imported stainless steel surgical blades. The Inktribe tattoo kits come with a hundred percent replacement guarantee. This tattoo kit consists of all the basic tools necessary for tattooing.

Price: 35,000 INR

10. Inktribe Tattoo Kit 4:

This professional level tattoo kit comes with several add on accessories that are integral to professional use. A bit on the pricey side however Inktribe’s range of tattoo kits comes with a hundred percent lifetime guarantee that makes it worth it.

Price: 35,000 INR

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Hope you liked these top ten tattoo kits in India. Don’t forget to leave us a comment.

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