51 Best Number Fonts For Stylish Tattoos

The ultimate guide to choose the perfect numeral font for your ink!

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Choosing the right tattoo number font can turn a simple set of numbers into something special on your skin. It is more than just picking an edgy design; it is about finding a font that matches your personal style and meaning behind your tattoo. Each digit tells a story. Whether it is a date that changed your life or a lucky number, the right font is the difference between wearing a plain number and a piece of art. In this guide, we will walk you through various tattoo number fonts, from the bold gothic styles to the classic Old English. Each choice tells a part of your story. So, let us find the one that describes yours best.

Gothic Tattoo Number Fonts

Gothic tattoo number fonts are often recommended by tattoo artists looking for captivating tattoo designs. Imagine numbers that look like they have leaped off the pages of an ancient manuscript, full of sharp edges and soft corners. Gothic fonts have the ability to make even the simplest number look majestic. They are not just about aesthetics; they carry an old-world charm that adds a layer of mystery to your actual tattoo. Here is a quick list to guide you through some of the stylish design styles you may choose from:

1. Chomsky

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is all about clarity and precision, just like Chomsky’s way of breaking down language. Its clean lines make it easy to read, making it perfect for getting your message across without any fuss.

2. Anglican Text

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Anglican text looks like it has come out of an old-world manuscript that gives it a classic, elegant vibe. This style adds a touch of historical charm to your words, making them feel grand and significant.

3. Amug

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Amug is all about having fun and letting your personality shine through. It is a mix-and-match style that lets you throw in your own quirky touches or meaningful symbols. With Amug, you are free to experiment and create a look that is as unique as your voice.

4. Cloister Black

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

As the name suggests, Cloister black evokes the solemnity and contemplation of monastic life. Its heavyset characters can lend a profound, reflective quality to numerical tattoos.

5. Schwabacher

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Schwabacher font gets its name from the historic German script of the same name, known for its rounded shapes and flowing and bold curves. This font offers a softer feel than the sharp edges of Fraktur while still maintaining the distinct character of gothic lettering. It is excellent for tattoos that aim to blend legibility with the ornate qualities of traditional gothic fonts.

protip_icon Did You Know?
The Schwabacher font was the most common typeface used in Germany during the 1400s and early 1500s until it was replaced by the Fraktur font in 1530.

6. Baroque Text JF

Baroque text jf font for number tattoos
Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Baroque text is as lavish and ornamented as the period it represents. With numbers that could double as artwork, this font is suitable for those wishing to make a grand statement with a flair for the dramatic.

7. Zamolxis-II

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Zamolxis II reaches upward with a touch of elegance and grace. This font is perfect for a tattoo that aspires to embody aspiration, faith, and the majesty of gothic architecture.

8. Engravers Gothic BT

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Engravers gothic typeface is characterized by clean lines and uniform weight distribution. It is reminiscent of the classic lettering used in official documents and architectural blueprints. The straightforwardness of this style makes it ideal for those who desire an unembellished numeric display that reflects a personality that values clarity in life’s pursuits.

9. Old English Text MT

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font transports you back to the days of medieval manuscripts with its decorative style. It is all about that old English look with fancy details. It is suitable for those who want their tattoo to echo past narratives.

Each type offers a distinct way to express numbers with deep historical roots. Remember, Gothic tattoo number fonts are not just about the digits; they narrate stories from an era long gone, making your tattoo a piece of living history. Next, let us take a look at different typewriter font tattoo numbers that exude an old-world charm.

Typewriter Tattoo Number Fonts

There is something undeniably captivating about the typewriter text and this font captures that charm perfectly. They are reminiscent of old letters and postcards, a nostalgic nod to a time when ink and paper were the mainstays of communication. These fonts are straightforward and easily legible, making them an excellent choice for anyone who loves simplicity with a hint of retro.

The allure of typewriter fonts lies in their unassuming beauty and historical resonance. Here is a breakdown of different typewriter font styles that you can select from:

10. Courier

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Renowned for its straightforward, monospaced look, Courier is the epitome of the classic typewriter aesthetic. It is a reliable choice for tattoo number fonts, projecting clarity and an almost official look from a time when typewriters were the norm.

11. American Typewriter

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The American typewriter font takes a softer and more accessible approach. It is perfect for tattoo numbers that hold a personal significance and are meant to be seen and felt.

12. Traveling Typewriter

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font mimics the charm of an old typewriter, complete with monospaced characters and slightly irregular edges that bring a vintage feel to your numbers.

13. Underwood Champion

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font’s sturdy characters are reminiscent of a solid handshake – they are substantial, dependable, and timeless. Underwood champion’s strength lies in its ability to stand out without overpowering everything else, making it a steadfast choice for tattoo numbers.

14. Zai Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Named after the famous vintage typewriter, this font gives you the neat, orderly feel of typing on a real machine. It is like stepping back in time with every letter, creating a charmingly old-school vibe.

15. Remington

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font offers a gentle rendition of the traditional typewritten design. It is perfect for those who want their tattoo numbers to embody quiet strength.

16. Smith Premier

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Smith premier makes each number look like a piece of art, reflecting the ornamental tendencies of the early typewriters. It is a font that resonates with those who appreciate a well-crafted design’s finer details and beauty.

17. Typewriter Royal 200

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Taking cues from the once-popular Royal 200 typewriter, this font has a vintage feel to it that transports you back in time. The letters are evenly spaced and there are hints of ink variation that add to its charm.

18. Special Elite

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is a tribute to the bygone era of typewriters, with its evenly spaced letters and slightly worn look. It is the go-to for that authentic, been-around-for-ages feel.

19. Typewriter Serial Light

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is a clean and neat choice for important dates or milestones. It evokes the precision and charm of vintage typing.

Each typewriter font carries its own history and personality, echoing the sounds of clacking keys. They transform numbers into a personal memoir, embodying the key features of eye-catching tattoo fonts.

If you are looking to make a statement that is steeped in tradition and has an air of aristocracy, the Old English font might just be the perfect choice for your next tattoo. Check it out below.

Old English Tattoo Number Fonts

The Old English font is a nod to medieval history, bringing an element of gothic architecture and classic literature to your skin. These fonts stand out with their ornate, majestic design, making each number look like it was plucked from the cornerstone of a historic cathedral. The heavy, bold lines and distinctive clean strokes of Old English fonts give your tattoo a sense of weight and importance, making them ideal for commemorating significant dates or milestones.

Old English fonts for tattoo numbers have a variety of styles that bring their own historical charm and decorative flair. Here are some distinct Old English types to look out for:

20. DoomsDay

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The DoomsDay font has a sturdy and powerful appearance that offers a bold statement on the skin.

21. Canterbury

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Canterbury font has a narrative quality that can help weave a tale around the numbers they form. Its slightly more relaxed style is still grand but has a friendlier approach to the Old English aesthetic.

22. Wessex

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

It sports a minimalist design that melds the modern with the traditional, offering clean and straightforward lines for easy reading.

23. Great Victorian

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

With its curls and flourishes, this font adds a touch of Victorian elegance to your tattoo design, blending modern flair with old-world sophistication.

24. HansaGotisch

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font captures the dramatic flair of gothic calligraphy with its tall and angular letterforms. This is perfect for those who want to add a historical aesthetic to their tattoo designs.

25. 1456Gutenberg

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is perfect for those who want to add an extra touch of antiquity to their work, inspired by the Gutenberg era. With its unique letter shapes and slight rustic vibe, it has a distinct character that is sure to catch your eye.

26. Deutsch Gothic

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

It showcases bold and angular letterforms with a contemporary edge, offering a strong and stylish look that commands attention.

27. Fancy Delight

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

As the name suggests, this font is all about extravagance. The stylized letterforms feature artistic details, curls, and a whimsical design that is perfect for when you want to go all out.

28. Kingthings Exeter

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Exeter font is a robust Old English style that evokes the permanence of etched-in-stone letters. It is ideal for tattoos symbolizing unbreakable bonds, commitments, or beliefs.

Each Old English font type infuses tattoo numbers with its own distinct historical touch, turning each tattoo into a piece of age-old artistry. Whether you are drawn to the regal, the narrative, or the spiritual, these fonts offer a bridge to the past, permanently inked into the present.

If you are considering tattoo number fonts for your next piece, traditional styles offer a direct link to tattoo heritage. They resonate with the spirit of the old-school tattoo studios where each inked number told a tale of personal significance. Scroll down to know more.

Traditional Tattoo Number Fonts

When it comes to traditional tattoo number fonts, each style serves as a testament to the rich history of tattooing. These fonts are celebrated for their strong lines and timeless appeal. Here are some classic types you might consider:

29. Mom Halfblack

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font combines classic style with a modern touch. It features a distinctive shaded effect on the lower half of the characters for a playful and quirky finish.

30. Classic Vintage

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Think of this vintage typeface design you would find on the weathered flash sheets of a historic tattoo shop. This straightforward font has clean lines that make it easily legible from a distance.

31. Old Standard TT

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is reminiscent of the type seen in the earlier days of Western tattooing. It is traditional and simple, offering a smooth and clear presentation of numbers.

32. Old Sport 01 College

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The chunky and bold font gives a sports jersey vibe. It brings back memories of cheering on your favorite team and it is the perfect way to pay homage to your school spirit or athletic passions.

33. Byker

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is characterized by heavy strokes and a compact build designed to convey strength and solidarity. It exemplifies the brotherhood and freedom of the open road, making it perfect for tattoos celebrating a journey or a way of life rooted in biking culture.

34. Joaquin

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font has a smooth and graceful appearance. It is perfect for adding a personal, elegant touch to any piece, especially if you want to immortalize a name or a number that defines you.

35. Pixellari

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is like the 8-bit video game graphics turned into text. It is an excellent choice for those who love a digital, retro feel and is perfect for capturing your geeky side.

36. West Hood

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The bold, all-caps style portrays a strong sense of confidence and style. This one is for making a statement that is as bold and unapologetic as you are.

37. GeoticaW01-FourEngra

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This one mixes geometric elegance with fine details. It is intricate and ideal for designs that need a bit of complexity but still look simple, making it perfect for a tattoo with a fun, artistic vibe.

Every traditional tattoo number font holds a personal and universally understood charm. They represent an era when tattoos were symbols of life stories etched on the skin.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Experiment with various weights and line spacing of different fonts to understand how they will affect the tattoo’s final appearance before choosing the font.

Choosing a tattoo number font for men depends on the creative style and personality of the individual. Check out the section below for some commonly chosen styles.

Tattoo Number Fonts For Men

When it comes to tattoo number fonts for men, the choices often lean toward ones that embody strength, clarity, and a certain boldness. These fonts are designed to make a statement and withstand the test of time. Men might opt for fonts with solidity and structure that reflect qualities like resilience and steadfastness.

Opting for tattoo number fonts with a masculine edge often means choosing typefaces stripped down to their essence, leaving no room for unnecessary flourishes. These fonts can range from sleek and modern to rugged and traditional, each offering a different way to express identity.

When selecting tattoo number fonts for men, an extensive range of styles add a distinctive voice to the numbers. Here are some types that are popular among men:

38. Hogfish DEMO

Hogfish DEMO font for number tattoos
Image: StyleCraze Design Team

Think playful, fun, and a little bit funky. It is not your ordinary font and suits anyone looking to show off their creative side and unique personality.

39. Revamped

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

It is classic with a twist, breaking the mold with stylish gaps in the strokes. If you are after something familiar yet fresh, this will make for a tattoo that combines timeless beauty with a modern typeface.

40. Varsity Team

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Varsity font is an excellent way to convey a sense of athleticism and dynamism that is reminiscent of team jerseys. It works particularly well for numbers and dates associated with personal achievements.

41. Simplifica

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font features clean, sans-serif characters that give it a simple and sleek appearance. You can use it for a tattoo that makes a subtle yet impactful statement.

42. Mirage Gothic

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font melds bold numbers with intricate details for a historical and edgy style. Gothic script fonts add a dramatic feel to tattoo numbers, suitable for those who wish to honor tradition or add a touch of ancient mystery to their design.

43. PF Ronda Seven

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This pixelated number font is quirky and fun if you love all things tech. Embrace your inner geek with a design reminiscent of an old-school digital clock or your favorite vintage video game.

44. Hailyland

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font has a playful and childlike charm, perfect for a tattoo that can take you back to the joy and simplicity of childhood. It is like capturing your favorite memories in a whimsical, carefree script on your skin.

Each type offers a different way to add a masculine touch to the tattoos. Whether it is through boldness, simplicity, or a sense of history, these fonts for men turn numbers into statement pieces.

Finger tattoo number fonts are not just about the ink; it is about making a small mark with a significant meaning. Find out about the best styles you can choose from below.

Finger Tattoo Number Fonts

Choosing the right tattoo number font for fingers requires a thoughtful approach. Given the limited space and visibility, finger tattoo numbers generally need to be clear and compact. The font size is typically small yet must remain legible over time, even as the ink naturally fades. Delicate script tattoos or bold, minimalist numbers can help balance subtlety with distinctness.

Here are some font types for this unique and visible placement:

45. Wes

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font offers clean and simple letterforms, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants a tattoo that will always be in style. Its understated elegance makes it a versatile script, suitable for a wide range of tattoo designs such as dates and inspirational quotes.

46. Scriptina

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The single-needle script is akin to delicate handwriting, ideal for personal or sentimental numbers that you want to keep close at hand. Its artistry lies in its simplicity, making it an excellent option for those seeking cursive tattoo fonts.

47. Guyot Sans

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is a perfect example of modern minimalism with geometric and clean lines. You can use this for a tattoo that shows off your sophisticated side.

48. Geometric Sans-Serif V1

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

The Geometric sans-serif font adds modernity to finger tattoos with clean lines and symmetrical forms. It is perfect for the individual who values precision and a sleek design that complements the natural lines of the hand.

49. Classic Roman Std

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This Roman font offers timeless elegance with well-proportioned lines and serifs. It is ideal for commemorating significant dates or classical wisdom in a compact form.

50. Gloss And Bloom

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font is ideal for finger tattoos as it captures the dynamic movement of a painter’s hand. It is perfect for conveying personal expression and is especially suited to artistic and free-spirited souls.

51. Amanda

Image: StyleCraze Design Team

This font style offers a unique twist to traditional script tattoos by elongating and stylizing each character. It creates a fluid and dramatic look that is perfect for those seeking a personalized and distinctive tattoo.

These finger tattoo number fonts provide a wide range of choices for those looking to add numerical significance to their digits. Whether you are drawn to the traditional finesse of fine-line serif or the stark boldness of minimalist, elegant designs, your chosen font can turn your fingers into a canvas of personal expression.

Tattoo number fonts hold their own special significance. They are more than just a choice; they are an extension of your personality and a way to immortalize a date or a defining memory. From the historical depth of Gothic and Old English fonts to the bold simplicity of traditional and modern types, each style has its own character and charm. When deciding on a tattoo with numbers, choose a font that reflects your personal story. Take your time and carefully consider how the font will age with time. The right font will do more than just represent a number. It will symbolize a significant chapter in your life’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for numbering tattoos?

The best font for numbering tattoos often depends on the individual’s style preference and the significance of the numbers being inked. However, many people opt for clear and legible styles like the sans-serif for its clean and minimalistic appeal.

What is the best font for Roman numeral tattoos?

Popular choices include blackletter or gothic for those who prefer an elegant and classic appearance for their Roman numeral tattoos.

Key Takeaways

  • Gothic and Old English fonts infuse tattoos with historical grandeur, ideal for telling a story through numbers.
  • Typewriter and script tattoo styles offer a vintage, personal touch, while traditional tattoo number fonts are timeless and embody tattooing’s rich heritage.
  • Fonts for men often feature bold, clear styles that express resilience and a masculine aesthetic.
  • Finger tattoo fonts have fine lines and minimalistic designs that balance legibility and style.
tattoo number fonts

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Number tattoos are gaining popularity for their unique and minimalist style. Check out this compilation video for design ideas and inspiration for your next numerical ink!

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