Taurus And Cancer Compatibility In Friendship And Marriage

A deep insight into what may happen when these strong and emotional signs get together.

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The Taurus and Cancer compatibility is much more than friendship or love; they have a strong spiritual bond. Their connection is based on empathy and trust, along with many other common things between both of them. Taurus and Cancer have a perfect understanding and value security, commitment, and love. As these zodiac signs are very patient, romantic feelings develop slowly between them. But once their relationship is built, no one can pull them apart. Whether you are a Taurus, a Cancer, or just interested in astrology, you won’t want to miss this deep dive into the Cancer and Taurus compatible connection. So, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about these two zodiac signs and their compatibility!

Are Taurus And Cancer Compatible With Each Other?

How compatible are taurus and cancer with each other
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Taurus and Cancer can make a great couple. They take their own time to decide how they feel about each other, and if their love is strong enough, it can build a long-lasting relationship. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, while Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Both are emotional and sensitive – in tune with their surroundings.

  • Taurus Woman And Cancer Man Compatibility

A Cancer man is very emotional, protective, and caring. However, he is not as ambitious as a Taurus woman would like to have in a partner, which is why Taurus women might feel that Cancer men are clingy.

Taurus women are physically attractive and love to live life to the fullest. They love feeling secure and safe with their family. A Cancer man can bring that tamed side out of her. They are natural partners because their relationship is gradually built over time.

  • Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility

Cancer women are caring mothers who love to take care of their little ones. They are very family-oriented – something that Taurus men needs in their life. A Cancer woman is very good at keeping in touch with her emotions and feelings and is very generous in love. Yet, it is up to Taurus men to make sure Cancer women do not feel smothered in the relationship.

Taurus men are introverts who love feeling secure and stable with their partner. They feel complete when they have a caring person next to them who can provide for their family in all possible ways.

If both Tauras and Cancer try to improve their communication, their friendship will be strong and enduring. They can build a stable friendship right away with open communication, loyalty, and patient. Find out more about their compatibility in friendship in the next section.

Are Taurus And Cancer Compatible In Friendship?

Compatibility of taurus and cancer in friendship
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Taurus is ruled by Venus, which symbolizes love, adoration, and affection, while Cancer is ruled by Moon, which symbolizes emotions, feelings, and sentiments. These signs are very different in terms of their nature or temperament. However, it doesn’t mean that Taurus and Cancer can’t be good friends. They can get along quickly because they share several common interests like music, art, cooking, and traveling.

Although they can become good friends, Taurus will not appreciate the mood swings of Cancer. Taurus prefers to make friends with strong people both in terms of personality and physique, whereas Cancer wants to befriend sensitive and caring people. But the friendly compatibility is great, because these signs are likely to pay attention to each other and respect one another’s personal space.

Taurus and Cancer take time to know each other – they are cautious in love. They will look for a sure thing and won’t rush into romance. However, both signs are affectionate, which can open their floodgates and let their love grow steadily. How compatible are they in love? Find out below!

Love Compatibility Of Cancer And Taurus

Compatibility of taurus and cancer in love
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Taurus and Cancer couples are usually a joy to be around owing to their shared love of home security and comfort. They enjoy family support, loving gestures, good food, and other aspects of a comfortable domestic lifestyle.

They match perfectly with close friends and family-oriented relationships rather than an outward acquaintance. Their biggest challenge comes when Taurus insists on having it their own way, and Cancer gets grumpy. Taurus must understand Cancer’s emotional sensitivity and rely on open and honest communication rather than emotional extortion.

Beyond friendship and love, Taurus and Cancer compatibility can be tested by handling each other’s mood swings. Cancer is an emotional sign that finds it hard to express feelings, whereas Taurus can be very stubborn about their emotions. Taurus is often self-obsessed, which can make Cancer shut in themselves even more. They, hence, should learn about emotional experiences from their partner.

Both Taurus and Cancer are extremely loyal to their partners, which can help them overcome any tension in a marriage. The only thing that might cause misunderstanding is Cancer’s clinginess and Taurus’s need for personal space. Here’s how compatible they are in a marriage.

protip_icon Quick Tip
To improve communication, Taureans need to be calm and gentle when approaching Cancerians with an issue while Cancerians need to express their emotions to Taureans instead of bottling things up.

Taurus And Cancer Marriage Compatibility

Compatibility of taurus and cancer in marriage
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Taurus represents stability, calmness, practicality, orderliness, dependability, courage, reliability, and determination. On the other hand, Cancer is an emotional sign that embodies imagination and feelings strongly tied to moods. Marriage between the two signs is like a slow dance. Taurus loves to make their partner feel cherished and protected, while Cancer feels inspired to care for their beloved’s needs. However, both signs get along well and can please or help the other party practically.

Taurus likes to save money, while Cancer enjoys spending it lavishly on their loved ones. Cancer can provide emotional security to Taurus, making them feel more confident about their future. On the other hand, Taurus can help stabilize the emotions of Cancer, allowing them to be more productive. They are both interested in being good parents and can have a great family life together.

Both the signs are well-balanced companions. They are trustworthy and loving, focusing on the betterment of their domestic life together. They can have an ideal long-term relationship because of their shared enjoyment of home and security.

The Taurus and Cancer pair reveals a steamy, passionate connection. Taurus is free-spirited and bold, who love to explore things beyond their comfort. On the other hand, Cancer needs emotional closeness. With Taurus being sensual and Cancer compassionate, their sexual intimacy will feel more than just physical. In fact, many astrologers consider Taurus and Cancer to be sexually compatible due to their mutual respect and understanding. Find out more in the next section!

Taurus And Cancer Sexual Compatibility

How compatible are taurus and cancer sexually
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Taurus and Cancer are a passionate couple in bed. Both signs are erotically inclined, patient, and consistent. Taurus is all about pleasure for the most part, while Cancer lives for intimacy. Cancer loves taking care of their partner, while Taurus enjoys being worshipped. They will appreciate and please each other in ways that no other signs can. The sexual intimacy of Taurus and Cancer is one for the books.

Taurus likes to take control, while Cancer does whatever Taurus wants. Cancers are very submissive and find it hard to express their concern to Taurus. However, they are comfortable with each other, which brings them closer both in and out of the bedroom. This strong connection helps them develop self-assurance that shines in every area of their life.

While most people jump to see if their sun sign is compatible with their lover’s, we might be better off checking on moon signs. Your moon sign is determined by the position of the Moon in the sky during your birth. It speaks of your inner world, intuitions, and emotions. Now, let’s check out if Taurus and Cancer understand the deep layers of each other’s psyche. Scroll down.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility Of Taurus And Cancer

Cancer Risings are very popular, or at the very least, that appears to be the case. They are accessible and have a certain sensitivity to their behavior in social situations when they reveal their delicate sides while keeping information about their personal life secret. Taurus Risings are very down-to-earth and practical, which easily endears them with those around them. They speak their mind, which can be refreshing for others if the mood takes them.

Cancer Moons are very sensitive and intuitive. Like Water Moons, they are keepers. In contrast, Taurus Moons crave a partnership with routine, stability, and tradition.

Communication is a challenge between Taurus and Cancer. While Cancer is sensitive and tries to avoid conflict, Taurus is notoriously stubborn. Taurus cares deeply, which can become forceful at times and upset the emotional Cancer. Both signs are known for holding grudges. So, if they don’t openly communicate and talk through their problems, there’s bound to be resentment. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this relationship.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Moon, the primary planetary body governing Cancer, is “exalted” in Taurus. It means that the moon is happy when it’s passing through the Taurus zodiac. This is a strong indication of the great compatibility shared by the two signs.

Taurus And Cancer Compatibility: Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of taurus and cancer compatibility
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Taurus and Cancer get along quite well and provide what the other needs. Taurus and Cancer compatibility is easy because Taurus is stubborn, and Cancer gives in easily, complementing each other perfectly. The Taurus and Cancer relationship works well with their home life, children, money, and sex life.


The passive-aggressive tendencies of Taurus sometimes irritate Cancer. While Cancer is a sensitive sign, Taurus can step on their toes. Cancer can feel suffocated by Taurus if they don’t give them the breathing space they need.

Now, let’s determine the compatibility percentage between Taurus and Cancer in various aspects.

Taurus And Cancer Compatibility Percentage

Taurus and Cancer compatibility percentage
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Taurus and Cancer share a deep emotional connection, making their compatibility high in most aspects. Their romantic bond thrives due to mutual understanding and loyalty, resulting in an almost perfect chemistry.

  • Their compatibility in love is around 90%, marked by their shared desire for stability and security.
  • They also excel when it comes to communication, with compatibility around 85%.
  • Both signs value home life and family, contributing to a harmonious domestic environment, with compatibility at 95%.
  • In the realm of friendship, they complement each other’s strengths, boasting a compatibility of 80%.
  • Their working relationship is also strong, with compatibility around 90%, as they bring complementary skills to the table.

Overall, Taurus and Cancer enjoy an impressive compatibility percentage, fostering a deeply connected and harmonious partnership.

Infographic: A Simple Guide To Taurus And Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer may seem like an unlikely pair but their shared need for love, commitment, trust, and respect is what makes them a great pair. If you are curious about how they fare in different areas of life, you have come to the right place. We have created a simple guide on their compatibility in the infographic below!

a simple guide to taurus and cancer compatibility (infographic)

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Cancer and Taurus compatibility may be very strong and long-lasting. Their connection is often beyond just love or friendship. They tend to be attracted to each other and connect at a spiritual level as well. Their similar needs for stability in their lives make for a loving and consistent relationship. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that helps the sensitive Cancer feel at home and open up easily. The bull and crab are most often seen to be in perfect sync emotionally and share a mutually strong connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cancer so attracted to Taurus?

Taurus is a sign of stability and security, which makes Cancer feel protected. They can’t help but want to take care of someone so sweet. Taurus also treats Cancer like they matter to them.

Are Taurus and Cancer a power couple?

A relationship between a Taurus and Cancer can feel like they are soulmates, as they share similar interests. They may take some time to bond but when together, they are excellent communicators which makes them worthy of the title of power couple.

What are the strengths of a Taurus and Cancer relationship?

Cancer and Taurus both prefer peace and calm when in a relationship. They are able to sync with each other emotionally and impart strong values like truth, security, and commitment that keeps the relationship lively through thick and thin.

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus, a fixed earth sign, is a great match for Cancer, a cardinal water sign, as they balance each other.
  • Venus, symbolizing love, governs Taurus while the moon, symbolizing emotion, governs Cancer.
  • Taureans can be stubborn in love, while Cancerians can be very emotional and take things to heart.
  • Taureans are stable and reliable in a marriage. At the same time, Cancerians are the caretakers of the relationship.
  • This bond can be very passionate when it comes to sex and intimacy.
  • Cancer risings are sensitive, whereas Taurus risings are practical.
  • Cancer moons are intuitive, while Taurus moons hunger for stability.
taurus and cancer compatibility

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Explore the intricacies in compatibility between a Taurus man and Cancer woman in this video. Uncover the potential for a deep emotional connection and discover the strengths and challenges of this astrological match.

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