Are Taurus And Pisces Compatible?

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

When the headstrong bull meets the capricious fish, sparks are bound to fly! But are the sparks here to stay, or will they soon fade away? Let’s find out!

Taurus and Pisces compatibility has always ranked high because their complementary natures keep them together. Both their romantic and platonic relationships are unwavering, unflinching, and unapologetic. The down-to-earth, realistic personality of Taurus is perfect for helping the idealist in Pisces spread their wings and fly and change their dreams to reality! Together, Pisces and Taurus are close to perfect, a match seemingly made by the gods themselves, in which romance, sensuality, and languid ecstasy mingle with each other to form an unbreakable bond.

Let’s check out the compatibility between Pisces and Taurus in love, sex, and friendship below. Keep reading!

Are Taurus And Pisces Compatible In Love?

Pisces and Taurus thrive in pleasure. From aesthetically pleasing dates to unbridled passion in bed, the Taurus and Pisces compatibility percentage is off the charts when it comes to romantic relationships. The possessive side of Taurus wraps its gentle arms around the escapist in Pisces, while the idealist in Pisces showers Taurus with the love and attention that they deserve.

The beautiful balance between the two contrasts is poetry in motion, a bond filled with overwhelming love. The sensual side of Taurus wonderfully complements the sensitive side of Pisces, which finds a dreamy expression in their sexual and emotional compatibility. Considering the quiet nature of both the zodiac signs, it is easy to guess that their nonverbal communication and comfortable silence are testimony to the fact that Taurus and Pisces love compatibility reigns supreme over other zodiac matches.

However, when gauging how compatible Pisces and Taurus are when it comes to spending time together, there is a tiny hurdle. The whimsical Pisces is often inclined to trying new things – be it a new dish, a new location, or a new adventure. On the other hand, Taurus – who despises change and basks in the warmth of stability – is not always keen on living a fast-paced, ever-changing life. Perhaps this is what keeps the Pisces and Taurus compatibility score from reaching a solid 100. Once these Venus-ruled and Neptune-ruled zodiacs make peace with it, nothing can bring down the compatibility between Taurus and Pisces.

Taurus Woman And Pisces Man Compatibility

What is the love compatibility between a Pisces man and a Taurus woman? The Pisces male is a dreamer. He loves to prioritize others over himself, even bottling up emotions at times to save the day. The Taurus woman, on the other hand, is patient yet stubborn. She appreciates the finer things in life. When they collide, the balance is perfect since Pisces never fails to cherish the Taurus, while Taurus patiently waits for Pisces to slowly let go of their emotions and be vulnerable with them.

Taurus Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility

The firm yet tender nature of the Taurus man appeals to the compassionate Pisces woman. The fiercely loyal nature of both is an added advantage. When we talk about their compatibility, we also need to keep in mind that the stubborn Taurus and the mercurial Pisces may, at times, fail to see eye to eye when it comes to shared activities. It is nothing that a good talk can’t solve though, considering how easily they both tend to fall into conversations once they get comfortable with each other.

Taurus Woman And Pisces Woman Compatibility

The Taurus and Pisces relationship compatibility between women is high. Their relationship is filled with love and understanding. The heartfelt emotional connection paired with the comfortable communication with them leaves no space for secrets and adds to the love compatibility between them.

Taurus Man And Pisces Man Compatibility

In a relationship between men, the Taurus and Pisces love compatibility percentage is quite strong since both find their comfort zone in each other, taking off their masks in the other’s presence. The similarity in their traits gives their bond a chance to bloom beautifully.

Taurus and Pisces also fair pretty well as friends. Check out their friendship compatibility below.

Taurus And Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Romantic relationships aside, the Taurus and Pisces friendship compatibility is high. The duo often turns into good friends in no time! The intuitive and flexible nature of Pisces rarely gets in the way of the leadership qualities of Taurus. In this dynamic, Taurus usually takes the lead, while Pisces is happy to follow. This makes way for an easygoing friendship.

When it comes to sex and intimacy, Taurus and Pisces share quite a special bond. Learn more about their sexual and intimacy compatibility in the next section.

Taurus And Pisces Sexual And Intimacy Compatibility

The sexual and intimacy compatibility between Taurus and Pisces lies in how satiated their whims and desires are in bed. The deep emotional connection that the Pisces needs blends well with the romantic advances of the Taurus, giving rise to a heady swirl of passion that seeks release. The lovemaking between them is tender, where both partners are equally giving and paying proper attention to the other’s sexual and personal needs. The intimate Karmic link between the strong Earth and the delicate water signs mingles delightfully. The imaginative Pisces lures the more grounded Taurus into creative scenarios, complete with mellow music, scented candles, and soft touches. On the other hand, the skilled hands of Taurus mold the Pisces in a way that makes the latter curl their toes with pleasure.

Sexual experiences aside, both Pisces and Taurus love cozy, intimate moments. Hot tubs, bubble baths, and a glass of wine are their love language. The unwavering emotional intimacy is cherished from both sides, leading to a deeper sense of closeness that transcends physical affection.

But, is this compatibility the same when Pisces and Taurus are the couple’s moon signs? Find out in the next section.

Taurus And Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility

Generally, Taurus and Pisces moon sign compatibility is not very different from when Taurus and Pisces are the couple’s solar zodiac signs. The whims of the Pisces are taken care of by the practical Taurus here as well, while the lunar Taurus finds peace when no one stands in their way of managing things. The search for a serene relationship, free from conflict and competition, ends when these two lunar signs find each other.

Although the compatibility between Taurus and Pisces is quite strong, there can also be some drawbacks. Learn all about the pros and cons of their relationship below.

Pros And Cons Of Taurus And Pisces Compatibility

Like any other relationship, the Pisces and Taurus compatibility chart has both negative and positive sides. However, honest and open communications and the willingness to find a middle ground can keep their relationship going strong.


  • The contrasting emotional traits of Pisces and Taurus harmonize with each other really well, while their empathetic nature never makes the other feel neglected.
  • The love, warmth, and laughter in the relationship rarely lose their charm, and the hand of support never wavers.
  • The mutual need for intimacy is where we find the zenith of compatibility between Pisces and Taurus.


  • The fixed nature of the bull often clashes with the mutable nature of the fish.
  • The fanciful Pisces refuses to remain stagnant, while the Taurus finds peace in routine.
  • The sudden temper tantrums of Taurus may throw off Pisces at times.
  • Taurus may feel tired of the overwhelming emotional dependence that Pisces seeks. The key is to compromise a little from both sides so that the Pisces can flow, while the Taurus feels loved and supported by their partner.

The Bottom Line

The bond between Taurus and Pisces finds expression in the amount of affection, care, and trust they have for each other. While no path is without hurdles, it is safe to say that despite their differences, a relationship between Pisces and Taurus is full of love, warmth, and honeyed ecstasy. If they manage to support each other through the journey instead of pulling each other down due to their differences, they are bound to be the power couple that everyone talks about!

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Should a Pisces marry a Taurus?

The high compatibility score between Taurus and Pisces indicates that a marriage between them would be great. While they may have differences in opinion, a relationship between Taurus and Pisces can flourish in no time.

What does Pisces like about Taurus?

Pisces is usually passive and easygoing, so when they find a Taurus keen on taking up the position of the leader in the relationship, they are more than happy to let them. The practical approach of the Taurus helps the Pisces remain grounded while pursuing their dreams, thus creating a balance that the Pisces relishes.

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