Top 10 Taylor Swift Hairstyles To Inspire You

Written by Jyotsana Rao

This young pop star made a sensation with her heart break songs and followed them with her lost in love records. She soon was a face for loads of fashion and make up brands because of her flawless looks. Taylor wished more and hired a special hairstylist, Lorrie Turk who gave her some of his best hairstyles. Here is when the Taylor Swift hair became a to do hairstyles to help you sport over the sweet girly looks!

The Best Of Taylor Swift Hairstyles

1. Fringe

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International singing sensation Taylor Swift has been quite on the fashion radar for her continuous experimentation with her hair. The young pop star loves to try different twists and turns for her silky traces. She flaunted a fringe at a recent event and ever since then has sported it with grace. This taylor swift hairstyle caused a rage among the younger women!

2. Messy Bun

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The messy hairstyle may be quite in vogue, but Taylor Swift decided to go the messy way at a red carpet event too. Spotted in a tube gown, she donned a messy bun hairdo which perfectly complemented her blue eyes and flawless skin.

3. Flicks

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Taylor swift was clicked at a concert for a charitable trust. Her flicks were the charm of the event as she swayed them each time she bounced and sang her tracks. The flicks gave her personality a boost and made her look gorgeous.

4. Bob Cut

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Experimentation may be her forte but coming right in each style is her art. She sported a black bob cut look just like that of a painter’s and still looked her shining best. The look got her loads of appreciation and love.

5. Fishtail Pony

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Fishtail pony is the new fashion of our girl next door stars. The pony forms a fish’s tail part and gives the wearer a perfect girlfriend look. Liked by a lot and reviewed by many, this style has made it to the red carpets by many A–listers.

6. Maiden Look

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The maiden bun is the epitome of flamboyance when styled right. Woman in the 60’s and the Victorian era were known for their maiden hairdos. Taylor Swift was seen sporting this look in a pearl color peter pan cut collar look. She looked angelic and just a god’s favourite creation in that hairdo.

7. Casual Pony

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Here we see Taylor go all casual with just a tied up pony. Pull your hair back and tie it up with a rubber band and then start your day. Best for shopping, meetings, this avoids your hair from falling on your face and let the person spot your beautiful smile.

8. Sagging Side Bun

Image: Getty

Buns are no longer the rolled up version of stressful hairdo but are the new current trend. Taylor Swift bun hairstyle loves to tie up her hair with loads of flamboyance for the red carpet award nights as that complements her gown and the colour toned make up she puts over.

9. Side Braid Pony

Image: Getty

The side braid pony is a marvellous innovation of chicness. Taylor was seen sporting the hair style during an award night, where she wore a shimmery tube dress and emerald earrings, the side braid pony which has a braid in the back and following a flow of loose left traces enhances her look and beauty.

10. Cinderella Bun – Beehive

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The bee hive is the classic princess style hairdo, seen in a lot of fairytales when they receive the crown. It’s a high bun which allows the crown to settle and screams royalty. Taylor sported this during her Cindrella princess act for one such video and looked magnificent and made the perfect damsel waiting for her prince charming.

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Let us know which of these Taylor Swift hairstyles you think is to die for! Leave us a comment.

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