32 Easy Teen Hairstyles For Those Hot Summer Days

Written by Anjali Sayee

Summer is the best time to be a teen!

School’s out, and you have your whole summer vacay planned. It’s all perfect! One sure way to beat the heat is to style your hair right. Let’s face it – more often than not, you don’t know what to do with your hair during summer. The hot weather makes you sweat, so you quickly resort to tying your hair in a bun. But, how many times are you going to sport a bun before you get bored of it? So, here to help you out are my top 32 picks for summer hairstyles. Check them out!

32 Best Easy Hairstyles For Hot Summer Days

1. Slick Bob


Bobs are everywhere this summer! The only way to one up them is to slick down your bob just like Grace Vanderwaal. All you need is some mousse and a comb. Easy peasy! Also, if a side parting is not your style, try this look with a middle parting.

2. Modern Hime


The Hime cut is a traditional Japanese style that can be traced all the way back to the Heian time. This is a modern take on that look and is seen very often in anime. It is an extremely cool look to sport this summer.

3. Cutesy Curls


Vintage curls look so elegant. They add texture and dimension to your hair. But most importantly, they make for a great summer twist to your normal haircut. Curl the ends of your hair in big curls to achieve this look.

4. The Bobby Pin


While the summer is hot, flaunt your short haircut in all its glory! Part your hair on one side and add a simple bobby pin to create the cutest hairdo of all time.

5. Blunt Bob


The blunt bob is perfect for teenagers this summer. It has style and keeps you from sweating, thanks to its short length. You will need to get regular trims to keep this hairstyle looking fresh, though.

6. Upturned Ends


When it comes to hairstyles, small details go a long way. Add a little style to your locks with a round brush, mousse, and a hair dryer. Just upturn the ends to add a fun vibe to your look. It’s a quick fix!

7. Cute Bob


Soft layers give this tomboy pixie a touch of femininity. The ends are feathered out, so the layers are not too harsh. This softening effect draws attention to the jawline. Even the bangs are thinned out to even out this look.

8. Messy Bob


A messy bob is a great summer look for teenagers. Its length and slight layers create a carefree vibe. No need to search for elastic bands to tie your hair while you play outdoor games. Just go short this summer!

9. Finger Waves


Before you raise your eyebrows at this look, hear me out. Proms and school dances require formal hairstyles, and finger waves are the perfect hairstyles for such events. Moreover, they can also be sported with jeans and a graphic tee and look incredible.

10. Modern Pixie


This pixie is perfect for teenagers with thin hair. It is stylish and chic. Plus, if you are running late, you can flaunt it like a messy pixie cut and get away with it. Play around with this haircut to match your every mood.

11. Classic Messy Updo


If you scroll through Instagram, you’ll notice a trend where young girls want to look more mature. This is the perfect hairstyle for that. Besides, this summer is going to be hot, so why tie up your hair shabbily when you can look like the princess that you are?

12. Layered Bob


A grown out bob does not look bad, but it can look unkempt. Adding layers to your bob can accentuate the messy look without making it look bad. It will also lend it a beachy vibe.

13. Sculpted Pixie


If you like edgy styles, this sculpted pixie cut is for you. The pointed bangs accentuate your face shape. However, if you have wide cheeks or a harsh jawline, I wouldn’t recommend this pixie.

14. Braided Ponytail


The braided ponytail has taken the world by storm! Add your own twist to it with traditional braids like Marley twists or Ghana braids. It does not get cooler than this.

15. Kinky Ponytail


It’s wonderful that African women and girls are embracing their natural hair. It is a sign of strength and tradition. Embrace your ancestory with this stunning kinky ponytail that will turn up the heat this summer.

16. Mohawk Updo


Extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair. They also give your hair tons of volume, length, and style, which is exactly what you need for a mohawk updo like this one.

17. Side Parting With A Barrette


Accessories go a long way when it comes to summer hairstyles. A single barrette can change your regular hairstyle into an elegant red carpet-worthy look. Nowadays, you can also get designer barrettes that work with any look.

18. Slight Waves


The tousled waves look is all the rage right now. Just style your hair in some relaxed waves using a curling iron. If you don’t want to use a heat styling tool, braid your hair after washing it and leave it in overnight. Untie it the next morning to reveal your gorgeously wavy hair.

19. Romantic Half Ponytail


Going on your first date this summer? I’ve got just the right hairstyle for you. This hairstyle flaunts your locks and makes you look stylish without too much effort. It is also really easy to achieve. Just style your hair in some messy waves, spritz on some sea salt spray, and tie it up in a loose half ponytail.

20. Simple Side Parting


When you wake up in the morning, how does your hair normally lie? For most girls, it is in a middle parting. But, a middle parting usually makes your hair look flat. Opt for a side parting instead to add some volume and bring life to your locks.

21. Half Top Knot


Though this bun is pretty simple, it is extremely stylish and perfect for an everyday summer look. All you have to do is wrap half your hair in a bun at the crown and secure it with a hair tie. You can add some simple beads to jazz it up. Comb down the rest of your hair and straighten it to finish off this look.

22. Pineapple Updo


The pineapple bun is a quick and easy natural hairstyle. Flip your hair forward and gather all of it at the crown. Tie it with an elastic band and mess around with it until you are satisfied with the way it looks. If you wrap this hairstyle in a scarf at night, it will keep frizz at bay.

23. Faux Undercut


An undercut is as edgy and cool as it gets. But if you don’t want to shave your hair, you can create a faux undercut look by cornrowing the hair on one side of your head. The longer your hair is, the better this undercut style will look.

24. Classic Girl-Next-Door


Don’t deny it – this hairstyle is super cute. Get your hair cut in straight bangs and curl the ends with the help of a curling iron. Tousle them to make them look more natural. Tease the hair at the crown slightly to add volume and finish off this look.

25. Lilac Highlights


Add some color to your hair this summer. Summer is all about bright colors like blondes and pastel hues, and one of the trending hair colors right now is lilac. It is subtle but alluring.

26. Space Buns


Space buns are super fun to play around with. They are super easy to achieve as well. Simply divide your hair into two sections and roll each section into a side bun. You may need to spritz on lots of hairspray to achieve that super sleek look.

27. Tight Braided Ponytail


I have wide cheeks, so when I braid my hair in a tight ponytail, they stick out like a sore thumb. This makes my face appear even rounder. The simplest and best solution to this problem is to braid all your hair in three Dutch braids (one down the center and one on either side) until the nape of your neck, then tying all your hair in a ponytail.

28. Beachy Waves


Beachy waves hair are perfect for that beachside vacation you have planned. Rowan Blanchard always sports perfect beachy waves. Follow her look and part your hair on one side before pinning it up.

29. Loose Braid


Being young means wanting to try something new all the time. So, try this simple side braid! It is super easy to achieve and shows off your hair texture well. A messy side braid is also a flawless hairstyle to sport to a summer wedding.

30. Braided Bun


This hairdo is very easy to achieve. Simply flip your hair over and brush it down. Gather all your hair at the crown and weave it in a braid. Stand up straight and wrap the braid in a bun. Pin it in place with lots of bobby pins.

31. Cool Updo


African hair is all about being big, and braids are a big part of African hairstyles. So, this summer, embrace your heritage with super cool hairstyles like this one.

32. Side-Swept Hair


Sometimes, all you need is to embrace the wind to let your hair shine. Simply comb your hair and pin it to the side. Spritz on some hairspray, so it doesn’t get tangled and messed up.

Summer can wreak havoc on your hair, thanks to the heat, dust, pollution, and sweat. Therefore, you need to take extra care of your hair during this season. Check out the next section for some summer hair maintenance tips.

Summer Hair Maintenance Tips

  • Wash your hair more often. During summer, your hair gets greasier, and there is more build-up on your scalp. Washing your hair more often will keep it clean.
  • Another thing you can do for your greasy locks is to style in hairstyles like a loose braid. This way, you won’t need to wash your hair, but it still looks stylish.
  • Use leave-in conditioner! This way, your hair gets the nourishment it needs for how ever long it needs it.
  • Massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil. Leave it on for an hour before washing it off. Do this twice a week to nourish your hair thoroughly.

Hope all you teenagers have the time of your life this summer with these picture-perfect hairdos. Which one of these summer hairstyles was your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

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