31 Fun Texting Games For Couples

Keep the fiery passion burning bright in your relationship, even over text!

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Not everyone likes to talk over the phone, and some prefer texting to stay connected. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you know how convenient it is to be in touch over text messages. However, it may get boring after a point. To spice things up, try any of the texting games for couples. There are interesting online games or virtual games that can double the fun and keep you hooked. These games are engaging, and quirky, and help maintain the connection. Scroll down to check out the 31 engaging text games for couples that you may try to spice up the usual text conversations.

31 Best Texting Games For Couples

1. Fill In The Blanks

Illustration of a couple playing fill in the blanks game
Image: Created with Dall.E

Fill In The Blanks is a naughty and flirty texting game that lets you know whether your partner is on the same page as you or not. The game is pretty easy to play.

How To Play

Text your partner an incomplete sentence and ask them to fill in the blanks! For example, “You miss me when you _.” or “I was thinking of you since _.”

2. Emoji Game

Emojis are fun and quirky! And this emoji game is a fun way to express your thoughts. Most of you must have understood the game by now, but still, let us get you through it.

How To Play

Step 1: Create a row of emojis to express your thoughts.

Step 2: Send it to your partner to guess.

You can continue playing this game to discover each other’s fun and quirky side.

Add some twist to the game by putting across challenges. For example, if your partner gets everything right, they can express their feelings via emojis. And if they get it wrong, they owe you a treat or a surprise (dinner or lunch date).

3. Never Have I Ever

This is a drinking game, but you make it fun by playing it over text messages with your boyfriend or girlfriend. All you have to do is frame a question below for your partner to answer. For instance, “Never have I ever kissed a girl/boy.”

How To Play

Step 1: Explain the rules in advance that one can answer only as “ I have” and “ I have not.”

Step 2: Text the question you want to ask.

Step 3: Wait for their answer.

This is the perfect game to know their secrets or ask questions you might not be able to ask directly.

protip_icon Quick Tip
This fun texting game allows couples to share their deepest secrets by prefixing the secret with “never have I ever.”

4. I Spy

I Spy a texting game for couples
Image: Shutterstock

This is not the game you used to play as a kid. This fun and flirty texting game lets you get creative in every possible way. Before you start, remember that you can ask about things in your room, not on the internet or anywhere else.

How To Play

The rule is you can spy on something in your room or the place you are in. You cannot use the internet for help.

Step 1: Check around your room and pick something to spy on.

Step 2: Text your partner saying, “I spy…” (finish the sentence by describing the object). For instance, “I Spy something soft.”

Step 3: Your partner may guess if it’s a plushy or a silk scarf.

Step 4: You can text them back and say “ not really!” and help them guess with more hints.

This conversation can be flirty and let you explore more in your relationship. However, ensure you set your limits in advance.

protip_icon Quick Tip
I spy is a guessing game for couples who know each other’s home and the objects around it. This interesting game introduces some fun to your boring life.

5. Kiss, Marry, Or Kill

Kiss, Marry, Or Kill is a game to know where your relationship stands and set your priorities right. The rules of this game are pretty easy. You just have to ask some questions with options and ask them whom they would like to kiss, marry, or kill.

How To Play

Step 1: Text your partner a question asking who they would like to kiss, marry, or kill.

Step 2: Give them three options– you, maybe a common friend, and a celebrity.

Wait for the answer!

6. Confession Game

Couple enjoying their confessions with the texting game
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As the name suggests, this icebreaker game allows couples to confess to each other. If you have any difficulty or feel shy in confessing or expressing your heart’s desires, this game makes it easy. You can take this game to any tangent – share your secrets or wildest fantasies and wait for your partner to reveal their desires.

How To Play

Step 1: Text and confess something to your partner. For instance, text them saying, “I confess that I love you.”

Step 2: Ask your partner to type the response as “I confess that I know.”

Step 3: Now, it’s time for your partner to confess something, and you have to respond to their confession.

7. Personal Trivia

This is a fun texting game where you can ask your partner questions and learn more about their personal lives. This game is ideal for those in new relationships who cannot directly ask each other to reveal their personal life.

How To Play

Step 1: Ask a personal question to your partner.

Step 2: Wait for the answer.

Step 3: Now, ask your partner to ask you a question and continue the game.

This game will help you get to know each other more personally. However, be careful with what you ask and set your limits in advance.

8. Truth And Dare

Truth and dare a texting game for couples
Image: Shutterstock

The classic truth and dare is an all-time fun and entertaining game. And it’s pretty interesting to play it via text. It is just that if your partner chooses dares, they must present photo proof of the dare.

How To Play

Step 1: Ask your partner to choose either truth or dare.

Step 2: If they select the truth, ask them to answer your question truthfully.

Step 3: If they select dare, give them a fun task, and remember to ask for a photo or a video of them doing it.

9. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun and engaging game that lets you step even more inside your partner’s mindset. This love game is suitable for new lovers as it lets you learn about the preferences and personalities of your partner. Playing this game is easy – you just need to ask some questions.

How To Play

Step 1: Ask your partner questions like “Would you rather give up brushing for a month or the internet?”.

Step 2: Wait for your partner’s reply and get to know what they prefer more.

10. What If

This is a personal question game that reveals the crazy side of your partner. In this game, you ask your partner any random question and await their exciting replies. You can get creative, weird, and whacky with your questions.

How To Play

Step 1: Ask your partner a question in the manner, “What if you were left on an island for a week?”

Step 2: Wait for their creative answer.

Step 3: Now, it is your partner’s turn to ask you a question, and it continues this way.

11. Story Making

If you are a creative couple who loves spinning stories and developing plots, this game is for you. This fun texting game will get your imagination to a different level.

How To Play

Step 1: Start a story and text your partner the first line to begin this game. For instance, you may text him: “Once in the woods lived a beautiful girl.”

Do not worry about the grammar or how twisted the plot gets. You may write a sentence or paragraphs; you decide.

Step 2: Ask your partner to add to the story, which is how the game continues. They may respond humorously:

“ Once in the woods lived a beautiful girl.”

“Her name was April, but she was born in June.”

This game will keep both of you amused and have fun with words.

12. Guess The Lyrics

Couple having fun outside with the texting game
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This texting game calls for your expertise in movies and songs. All you need to do is text your partner any random movie dialogue or song lyrics and ask them to complete it. This game can get extremely interesting and requires quite some brainstorming. You can make it a scoring game and tell your partner that whoever loses has to surprise or pamper the winner.

13. Last Letter Game

Last Letter Game is another fun texting game that you can play to kill boredom. In this game, you text a word or a name related to any particular category or genre. The other person has to respond with a different word starting from your word’s last letter. Confusing? Have a look at the below steps!

How To Play

Step 1: Pick any category or genre – for example, music.

Step 2: Text your partner any word related to that category. It could be a singer’s name or a musical instrument’s name. For example, Michael Jackson, Piano, Jazz, etc.

Step 3: Your partner has to respond with a related word that starts with the last letter of the word you texted. For instance, if you texted Michael Jackson, your partner may respond – Norah Jones.

14. Complete My Sentence

Complete My Sentence is another fun and flirty game, or romantic game in which one partner sends an incomplete sentence, and the other has to complete it over the text. This exciting relationship game is associated with communication and connection in a relationship.

How To Play

Step 1: To begin this game, frame an incomplete sentence and ask your partner to complete it. For example, “I just got back from work, opened my closet and _.”

“I just entered my room and found _.”

Step 2: Wait for your partner’s reply and ask them to send you an incomplete sentence.

15. Where Am I?

This is a fun texting game that will keep you both entertained for hours on end.

How To Play

Step 1: Describe the surroundings of the place you are in. Ensure that it is a location that both of you are familiar with.

Step 2: Your partner has to guess the place within 2 minutes.

Step 3: If they are right, they ask you to identify a place.

The best part about this game is that you don’t have to be physically present at the place you describe to your partner. You can talk about places you have been to together or popular landmarks. Remember to only give a generic description and not obvious clues. Let your partner sweat it out a bit!

16. This Or That

A happy couple engaged in a fun chatting banter
Image: Shutterstock

This or that is a unique texting game that breaks the monotony of the basic texting and brings some spontaneity. This can go on for hours and hours, and you can discover some unknown preferences of your partner. This quick, energetic, and fun two-way game involves a rapid-fire kind of spirit and is a must-try!

How To Play

Step 1: Start with a situation and give two options for the same. For example, which one defines you the best? A beach person or a mountain person?

Step 2: Ask your partner to reply within a few seconds as per their choice.

Step 3: Continue it one-on-one with your partner and know why they chose something.

This could be a fun couple’s game to lighten the mood and make the texting a bit more creative than usual! This will also help bring some new sparks in the relationship with both trying to know each other better.

17. Two Truths & One Lie

If you are looking for a texting game that is quite simple yet extremely exciting, two truths and one lie can be your best choice! The game would ignite more fun and kill the boredom of everyday conversations. It’s time to amp up your guesswork game!

How To Play

Step 1: Text three statements with only one being true.

Step 2: Ask your partner to guess the two truths and one lie quickly.

Step 3: Keep switching your roles and adding more points one by one.

Try this with your partner and see what fun it brings to the day. Get your brains at work and be ready with your guesses!

18. Craft Your Love Story

Reminiscing the days when you started dating and slowly falling into love was the best feeling? The “Craft Your Love Story” game is a beautiful gesture that would make two lovers fall for each other one more time. With all the dates and moments texted, this would surely create a special bond with trust and endless love. The rules are pretty simple, here they are-

How To Play

Step 1: Start with day 1 of your chat/ meet, when you didn’t know how beautifully the relationship would flourish. Text in 1-2 lines with lots of emojis.

Step 2: Ask your partner to continue the story and add the special moments.

Step 3: Continue this till the final confession and express your feelings on the go!

This game would surely become a favorite game and would bring lovers closer. Expressing affection and remembering the old days will make the two understand what they endured along the way and enhance their love and respect for each other.

19. Movie Quiz

If you both are movie buffs, this not-so-played-before movie quiz could be your next texting game. It would bring out the motion picture lovers in you and also can reveal who is a bigger fan!

How To Play

Step 1: Start with sending a series of emojis that represent a particular movie. For example-🦁👑might represent “The Lion King.”

Step 2: Ask your partner to decode the emojis and tell the movie name within 60 seconds. Give one point for each right guess.

Step 3: Continue this for some time and look for points to see who won the game.

As they say-” Everything is fair in love and war”, let this movie quiz be a cute competitive game between lovers.

20. Riddle Mania

A happy couple engaged in a fun chatting banter
Image: Shutterstock

When boredom strikes and everything feels useless, a brainstorming riddle game can be the ultimate mood-changer! Go for Riddle Mania and let the mind do some work for you. Challenge your partner to guess 5-10 riddles all at once for a cute reward!

How To Play

Step 1: Think of some interesting riddles and text at least 5 together.

Step 2: Ask your partner to decode the riddle and give the answer as soon as possible.

Step 3: 5 correct guesses in a row get a lovely surprise!

Make sure to ask quite quirky riddles and lure them with a lovely hug or a beautiful present as the ultimate prize. This would definitely be an enthusiastic game for your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse.

21. The Word Scrabble

The word scrabble is quite a fun-filled game that involves the equal participation of the two lovers. The game enhances vocabulary and tests cognitive ability related to words and associated connections.

How To Play

Step 1: Think of some uncommon words that you use in your daily conversations and message the first initial.

Step 2: Ask your partner to add in more alphabets and construct the entire word.

This is a very different game from the usual flirty ones. It can somehow be a mood-changer and allow both to run their minds and craft different words.

22. Guess The Dish

Guess the dish is the ultimate game for food lovers and those who love to cook for their partners. With numerous food emojis, this texting game can make the day even better and the chat more fun. Try this one to see who is the leading Masterchef!

How To Play

Step 1: Send a list of different food emojis and ask your partner to guess the dish that could be made of them.

Step 2: If they need a clue, text them the approximate time needed to cook the dish, any special ingredients, or more.

Step 3: Give them a suitable reward for guessing the right answer.

This game might turn your taste buds on. Make sure the one who wins is rewarded with that scrumptious dish!

23. The Alphabet Game

Enjoy some quick texting and fun banter with this Alphabet Game!

How To Play

Step 1: Pick any category- States, food, colors, movies, or more, and name the words in alphabetical order.

Step 2: Continue this one-on-one till you reach Z or if anyone can’t think of other words.

This quite simple yet engaging game not only tests your knowledge on various topics but also your attention to detail and memory.

24. Rapid Fire

A happy couple engaged in a fun chatting banter
Image: IStock

It is time to know more and spice up things with a quirky rapid-fire texting session. The game is well-known to almost everybody and can definitely reveal a lot of secrets that were well sealed within the lips. Shed off the shyness and ask questions that might take you closer to your partner.

How To Play

Step 1: Simply text a question to your partner in minimal words or short phrases. For example- “Your favorite Disney movie?”

Step 2: Let her/him reply and continue with your list.

The rules are pretty simple and the game can surely set the mood! Head on for some unveiling of thoughts and choices and lots of knowledge about your better half!

25. Remember The Moment

We spend a lot of time with our partners and make so many memories in the form of videos, photos, and more. This Remember The Moment game is synonymous with recalling these memories and making sure that the fun moments are discussed again. A guarantee of laughter and tears of joy!

How To Play

Step 1: Start with a question related to the time spent together. For example, “Where did we have the worst pizza?” “When was our first fight?” etc.

Step 2: Ask your partner to go back to those memory lanes and answer these questions.

Step 3: Let them guess the right answer and earn a suitable reward.

This cute game will surely win your heart. Also, if your partner still remembers every special detail, then it is time to shower your love with a nice present or a fancy date!

26. Let’s Decode Acronyms

A happy couple engaged in a fun chatting banter
Image: IStock

The texting world has replaced the boring whole sentences with some witty acronyms that state the best of facts in minimal words. Acronyms are the talk of the town! This fun game can be extra creative and make the two involved in some unique decoding of acronyms.

How To Play

Step 1: Start by asking the full form of an acronym. You can try LOL- Lots of love, or BRB- Be right back!

Step 2: Ask your partner to decode these acronyms and text their full forms.

Step 3: Give 1 point for each correct answer. After a series of to-and-fro questions, calculate the points to find out the winner.

This random game can be a slight deviation from your regular talks and even help you with learning some not-so-heard acronyms.

27. Be A Celebrity

We all have our favorite celebrities who we idolize and adore too much. Quite obviously, our partner knows about it. Be A Celebrity is an innovative rendition of role play where you pretend to be the partner’s favorite star and make them guess the person with some catchphrases. Head on to know the steps of this interesting and out-of-the-box game!

How To Play

Step 1: Think about your partner’s favorite celebrity and act like them. Send texts related to their movies, dialogues, or songs!

Step 2: Ask your partner to gather the clues and find out about the celebrity. Make sure to set the timer for 40-60 seconds.

This will bring a little touch of fantasy into the scenario and add more excitement and joy to the bond!

28. Question For Question

Aren’t you bored of just answering your partner’s questions? This game will take away all the boredom. The catch is that you can’t answer and only respond with another connected question. Sounds simple? It is way more fun and intriguing!

How To Play

Step 1: Think about a theme and ask a related question.

Step 2: Ask your partner not to simply answer it and to text back with another question.

Step 3: Connect the dots to figure out what is going on in their minds.

Rekindle your Sherlock Holmes skills to know more about the situation your partner wants to discuss. Ditch the regularity and play this game sometimes for a fun break.

29. Your Dream Vacation

A happy couple engaged in a fun chatting banter
Image: IStock

We all have dreamt of vacation plans with our partners. The snow-clad mountains, sunny beaches, or ravishing rivers, we wish to make the best of memories with our partners. How about a game on it? Learn more below-

How To Play

Step 1: Text your dream vacation destination with the help of a few emojis and phrases.

Step 2: Ask your partner to add inputs to your imaginary trip together.

Step 3: Share your itinerary and activities that you wish to do with them.

This cute, lovey-dovey game will spark more affection between the two and might even make the two book the next flight and go for a beautiful and memorable trip together.

30. 20 Questions

There are a lot of questions that we seek to ask from our partners but fail to do so because of hesitation. But now, it’s time to break the barrier and let loose the questions. However, the major twist lies ahead.

How To Play

Step 1: Text your partner 20 questions in a row.

Step 2: Ask your partner to reply to them but only with a “yes” or a “no”

This fun game can be a bit challenging yet may disclose a lot about the other person. Prepare your 20-question list and play this game for an interesting banter.

31. Let’s Rhyme Together

This innovative and fun-filled game is quite an entertainer that will keep the frolic alive between the two lovers. This game can surely top the list of those who are masters at wordplay and rhyming schemes.

How To Play

Step 1: Text your partner a funnily rhymed note.

Step 2: Ask your partner to reply to it but only by adhering to the rhyming scheme.

Remember to match the rhyming structure and make use of cute, funny, and weird words to engage in a lively banter!

Infographic: Scavenger Hunt Texting Game For Couples

So, you’ve played all 31 of the texting games mentioned above? Here’s another one to keep you and your partner adventurously connected – a scavenger hunt.

Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or simply unable to physically meet your partner, play this scavenger texting hunt game to keep the spark alive in your relationship. The rules are pretty simple. Check out the below infographic to know more.

scavenger hunt texting game for couples (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Romantic relationships have to be a good balance of fun, communication, commitment, and flirtation. Whether you live together or are separated by physical distance, texting a random ’hi’ to let your partner know you are thinking of them is never a bad idea. However, texting might seem like a chore if you are not creative enough. Interactive games and communication games are some of the smartphone games you can play to liven your relationship. If you want to have more fun, you can play a multiplayer game as well. There are only so many ways to enjoy texting in a relationship. Or so it may have seemed before you let this article introduce you to some fun and flirty texting games to play on chat! Use these games to enjoy texting with your partner while also getting to know details about them that don’t come up in your usual conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can texting games improve communication in a relationship?

Texting games are an excellent way for shy couples to improve communication or for individuals who prefer texting over calls. Lack of communication can lead to boredom in the new relationship, but these games can be used to spice up things and build a stronger connection with your partner.

Can texting games be used to build trust and intimacy in a relationship?

Yes! Texting games or texting, in general, is a convenient way to communicate with your partner, thereby increasing intimacy and trust. Certain intimate and private topics are easier to share via text than face-to-face as the screen barrier helps eliminate embarrassment and promotes comfort.

How do I initiate a texting game with my partner?

You can initiate a texting game with your partner by suggesting a game that you both enjoy or asking if they want to play it.

How do I keep the texting games interesting and engaging?

Vary the games you play, add a time limit or challenge, or create new rules or twists to existing games.

How often should I play texting games with my partner?

The frequency of playing texting games depends on you and your partner, your individual schedules, and preferences. It’s important to strike a balance between enjoying the games and not overdoing them to the point of losing interest.

How do I make sure that texting games don’t become a substitute for in-person communication?

Make sure to prioritize face-to-face interactions and use texting games as a supplement rather than a replacement.

How do I make sure the texting games don’t become too repetitive?

Switch up the games you play and keep trying new games.

How do I make sure that the texting games are respectful and don’t cross any boundaries?

Establish ground rules or guidelines for gameplay, respect your partner’s boundaries, and avoid any language or topics that make them uncomfortable.

Key Takeaways

  • Texting your partner is a sweet way to show them you are thinking about them.
  • Sometimes, you should add fun while texting your significant other to keep the spark alive.
  • You can incorporate fun texting games, like a confession game or Truth and Dare, to spice up your usual conversation.

Wondering how to get to know your partner better and strengthen your bond further? Discover the depths of your relationship with the thought-provoking questions in this video.

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