15 Games To Play Over Text Message With A Guy

Keep your hands busy with games like reverse writing, would you rather, 20 questions, and more.

By Harini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

With all of our up-to-the-minute social interactions occurring via text, it isn’t surprising that texting games are a great way to connect with someone. You can learn how your partner’s brain works by playing these games virtually. What’s more? You don’t even need to be present in the same room, city, or country to engage with your loved ones. So, these games can also help you build your long-distance relationships or help you understand someone better. They are great when you feel monotonous or want to enjoy yourself.

If you are looking for texting games to play with your crush or even your long-distance lover, we have got you covered. The games we picked are some of the best for you and your partner, whereas others are geared towards getting to know someone better.

These games will make you laugh and giggle, regardless of the outcome. Below we have listed 15 fun texting games to brighten up your day. Take a look.

Texting Games To Play With A Guy

1. Reversed Writing


This is a fun way to play a game as well as have a private conversation.To play this game, you have to write all the words of a sentence or question in reverse. The response has to be given in the same manner. Reversed writing is a pretty cool texting game and loads of fun. It will look something like this:

  • Od uoy tnaw ot gnah tuo?

Erus llodybab

When you both get good at this, make it even tougher:

  • Tuo gnah ot tnaw ouy od?

Llodybab erus

(Do you want to hang out? Sure babydoll)

2. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This game is a classic – your guy will love playing this with you. Question each other and see which celebrity your bae would kiss, kill, or marry! Options could be Kim K, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, or any other celebrity.

One piece of advice – don’t involve people that you know in real life as that is just asking for trouble. Keep it fun and light, and no need to get clingy and jealous. It’s just a game!

3. 20 Questions

This game requires memory and intelligence. One of you thinks of a place, animal, thing, or name of a person, while the other tries to guess what was in the other person’s mind. But, they have to do that by asking up to 20 questions that require yes or no answers.

It is super fun to play with anybody, and if you are trying to win this guy’s heart, it will be so easy to do so with your intelligence and smartness.

4. Would You Rather


This game offers an easy way to learn something new about the guy you like! Also, you will get to know his attitude toward certain things.

You can text him a series of questions and ask him to choose between two options. You could even ask him to choose between his favorite things to make it more difficult for him. For example: “Would you rather be a millionaire or meet your soulmate? He will also get turns to ask you questions. Super fun!

5. Build A Story

Start with a single sentence of a made-up story. He will type in the next sentence. Then, you type in the next. This way, you both will build a story together and have fun doing it.

If you want to see how he would behave in a romantic relationship, you can start a romantic love story and see his creative inputs to analyze how his brain works.

6. Abbreviations

This is one of the more challenging games. But, if you know the guy well, it should not be a problem for you. You need to send him a series of letters that would essentially serve as acronyms, formed by the individual letters that begin each word. He has to decrypt the message. If he can’t figure it out, you win.

You can even play dirty by using abbreviations that he would not even imagine you may say in his wildest dreams. For example, IWTKYAO (I want to kiss you all over)

He certainly can’t guess that a goody goody like you would do this!

7. Meme Game


This is a super fun text game that will enhance your meme research skills. Try to beat each other by looking for a funnier meme than the other.

The game is played this way – one of you decides on an outrageous title or theme, and the other one sends the funniest meme they can find based on the subject.

School memes, shopping memes, life memes – go crazy with this one and get ready to laugh your guts out all day long. This is more about having a good laugh together than winning.

8. Guess The Lyrics

Do you both love music? Perfecto! For this game, you will have to quote song lyrics in a text, and your boyfriend or friend will have to guess which song it is, the title of the album or movie, themusician, etc.

Both can take turns choosing the songs and guessing. You could keep track of points or just play for fun.

9. Truth Or Dare

This game, as most of you will know, is built for endless fun and serious interrogation.To complete the dares, both of you have to provide photographic evidence that you have completed the task.

Be thoughtful. Don’t ask too many personal questions for the truths. Keep it flirty, but friendly. You may want to give this game a skip if the guy is not the adventurous or bold type. This game could get offensive sometimes – use your brains and judgment to decide if you are ready yet to have a go at this one.

10. What If?

In this game, one of you will present a ‘what if’ scenario and ask the other one what they would do in that particular situation. There are no right or wrong answers, but it would be fun to find out how the other player responds. This will also help you get to know him better.

You can make some variations to the game to make it more fun and exciting and more in tune with your current situation.

11. Emoji Translation


So many emojis that we see on WhatsApp don’t actually have any particular meaning. However, when a few of them are put together, it starts to make sense – and mostly leads to hilarious interpretations.

Try doing that and see if the other person can decipher it. To make this game even more interesting, try to always text using emojis and see how it goes.

12. Rhymes

This is a sweet game to play over text. You can start with a single word or a phrase. The other person has to follow up with another word or phrase that rhymes with it, preferably something funny.

You both can continue to go back and forth until one of you cannot come up with a response that rhymes anymore.

13. Breakdown

This great game not only kicks out boredom but also reduces stress. Each player chooses a word, which needs to be broken apart and rearranged. The players should try to generate as many combinations of words as possible from the letters.

You can choose the time frame within which the task is to be completed and check who comes up with more words.

14. Fill In The Blanks

This can be fun to play if you are comfortable with your partner. One of you starts with a question about yourself and leaves an important word blank – and asks the partner to fill it in.

For example, “I really love it when you…” or “I feel super sexy after…” You know that this one is going to be damn good!

15. Where Am I?


This is another guessing game that will be super fun for you and your bae or buddy. ‘Where Am I?’ is a texting game that requires the two of you to take turns in describing the surroundings of a particular place.

In this game, you don’t have to be physically present at the place that you want your friend to guess. But your description must be exact and precise. The location may be a classroom you both were in or a famous place in your hometown. You need to give a generic description of the place for your friend to guess. Don’t say anything too obvious or specific.

Infographic: 5 Fun Texting Games To Play With A Guy

Do you feel a lot of pressure to come up with ways to grab a guy’s attention via text? How can you be witty, entertaining, and fun at the same time? And while you figure that out, you also want to know if you can deepen your connection with him.

The best way to not only show a man how fun you are, but get a glimpse into his character is to play games with him. No, not mind games but texting games. Scroll down for an infographic highlighting 5 extremely fun texting games that can be amazing at building communication between you and that cute guy.

5 fun texting games to play with a guy [infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

In this fast-paced digital world, texting has become one of the most common ways of communicating and connecting with our loved ones. However, mere talking can become a bit tedious as you struggle to find topics for discussion. To keep the conversation exciting, you can make texting more interactive and engaging. The fun and exciting text games mentioned above are a good way to do the same. Not only are they fun, but they also help you get to know your friends and colleagues better.

However, you should keep an open mind while playing the games and not get offended by your guy’s responses. He may be teasing you or trying to elicit a response – do not fall into the trap. Instead, consider playing these games regularly with your boyfriend or love interest to allow them to engage with you and develop a rapport.

So, the next time you text your beau, use one of our handpicked text games to bring the excitement back into your conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play flirty games over text?

You can make all of the games mentioned in the above article flirty. It all depends on how you respond to your partner’s texts.

How do you win a texting game?

These texting games aim to help you both learn more about each other. It might be fine to lose a few games so long as the bond between you and your partner grows. But, if you want to win, stay alert and practice. One of the best ways to win a texting game with a guy is to flirt with them (if you are interested) and throw them off.

Key Takeaways

  • Playing games over text can help you get to know someone in and out or strengthen your long-distance relationship.
  • They are a perfect way to break the monotony in your regular conversations and get close to someone you love
  • Truth or Dare, 20 Question, and Kiss, Marry, Kill are some of the many fun texting games you can play with your partner.

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