What To Say In A Thank You Note For Funeral

A few words of gratitude and appreciation for those who were there with you in your tough time!

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Nothing is more sorrowful than losing a loved one. The funeral hosted for the departed soul becomes an occasion to express love and recollect memories connected with them. Such gloomy times make it difficult to express our thankfulness to those near and dear ones who stood with us in the tough times. Therefore, sending thank you notes for the funeral helps people to comprehend that their condolences are well appreciated. Check out the following thank you notes you may send to your well-wishers.

Funeral Thank You Note Etiquette

When a loved one passes away, the living members are left with many activities, including sending funeral thank you notes for all the help and kindness you have received. Follow the guidelines given below for writing a proper funeral thank you note:

  • Avoid mentioning the amount of money the person gave.
  • Sign the note with your name or your family’s name.
  • Send the note out within 2 weeks of the funeral. If you are too late, include a line of apology for the delay.
  • Write a short and specific message with a personal anecdote about their relationship to the deceased.

Sometimes, you may not know what to say to those who have supported you as you cope with the loss of your loved one. But fret not. Check out the section below for some funeral thank you notes.

100 Thank You Notes For Funeral

Sending acknowledgments to well-wishers after a funeral is the right effort, but knowing what to write can be challenging. To make this easier, we have put together a list of some thank you messages and notes after the funeral that you can dedicate to your loved ones.

Thank You Messages After The Funeral

Women writing thank you message after funeral
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  1. Thank you for being with us in such a tough time and supporting us. Your words of concern and motivation have undoubtedly given us comfort.
  2. We appreciate your generosity and care toward us in our hard times. Thank you so much for your presence at the funeral.
  3. I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to see you among those who attended the funeral. Thank you for attending and being the pure soul that you are.
  4. Thank you for your contribution in the name of the deceased. This is really surreal and highly considerate of you.
  5. Your flowers lightened the gloomy mood. Big thanks for your love and support through all my thick and thin.
  6. Thank you so much for your condolences. We truly appreciate the soothing words of comfort.
  7. Your flowers brought light into a very difficult time. Thank you for your love and support through everything
  8. Knowing I can lean on your shoulder and have your support through this challenging time has undoubtedly lifted my spirits. Much appreciation and love for this.
  9. Thank you is not an appropriate word here. Your generous donation has helped lift a huge burden off my shoulders. Only and only grateful to you for this.
  10. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate that you took some time off your schedule to help me plan the funeral. Many thanks for all your efforts.
  11. Thank you for being by my side throughout this challenging experience and ensuring I could bid my heartfelt farewell.
  12. Much appreciation for letting us know that we are not alone during this time. Your support and presence are highly motivating and praiseworthy.
  13. Thank you for the card and the bouquet. Your kind words strengthened our spirits and gave us the courage to deal with this challenging time.
  14. Parting away from a loved one is a grief too heavy to carry alone. Your attendance has been a boon and helped lighten our load.
  15. Your care and concern are emblematic of the fact that there are still warm-hearted people today. Thank you so much!
  16. Thank you for coming to the funeral and assisting me. I can’t express how much I needed your presence I genuinely appreciate it.
  17. To bid adieu to a loved one is deeply painful, so we are deeply grateful for your comforting support and care.
  18. Thank you for everything you’ve done for my family and me in our low time. I owe you so much for this kind-heartedness.
  19. Your kindness and care were like a ray of hope in a dark room. Thank you for being such a dear soul.
  20. My dearly departed soul would have been so proud and thankful to you, knowing that you loved us with all your heart and supported us in all ways.

Thank You Messages For Condolence

Woman writing thank you messages of condolence
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  1. Thank you for the condolence and prayers. This means a lot to my family and me.
  2. Thank you for your support and encouragement in such a sad situation. This is highly appreciated.
  3. We all will surely miss our departed soul, but this is something we can only do. Thank you for being there with us and showering your care.
  4. It is thoughtful of you to encourage us with your kind words that are like a balm to this pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  1. Thank you for being so thoughtful and sending us messages and flowers. Appreciative.
  2. Big hugs and lots of love for giving us strength and support when we need it the most.
  3. Thanks for the heartfelt condolence and the warm wisdom you shared with us as our well-wishers.
  4. It’s a bit tough for us, but your condolences have given us much-needed support and motivation to cope with this experience.
  5. You proved that humble people still exist. Thank you for all the love and care that you showed to us.
  6. Losing a dear one is tough, but your support has given us much-needed emotional support.
  7. Your presence felt like warm sunshine on a chilly winter afternoon. Thank you for being there for us.
  8. I fall short of expressing my gratitude for your support and sincere condolence. Thank you for everything.
  9. I hope that message helps you understand what difference you brought by your presence and condolence in such a challenging situation.
  10. It’s been a tough time for us, and I apologize if I couldn’t get back to you immediately, but thank you for your supportive messages and condolences.
  11. I am supremely appreciative of your condolences and prayers. Thank you so much for all of this.
  12. I sincerely extend my gratitude for all your thoughtful messages and for showing how much you care for my family and me.
  1. I appreciate for helping me out every time. Whenever I needed someone, you were there by my side. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
  2. It is considerate of you to send us your condolences and prayers in our challenging times. Thanks a lot for that.
  3. I am very thankful to you for your messages of sympathy and condolences. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.
  4. Your messages and condolence have been very motivating and helped us navigate challenging times. Big hugs and a lot of appreciation for this.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Use more comforting words and be more thoughtful and meaningful with the tone and voice of your thank you note to express the care and positivity that you imbibed by your dear one’s presence.

Thank You Messages For Support During Bereavement

Woman thinking how to write thank you messages for support during bereavement
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  1. Although my tears flow often and freely, I know I can turn to you for support and solidarity. Thank you so much for your constant presence.
  2. I am relieved to have people like you to share my sorrow with. Thank you for your support during my time of loss.
  3. Your kind condolence message was greatly admired, and we received immense strength from your healing words.
  4. It is hard to imagine how different life will be now. Still, we are incredibly thankful to have the support of such treasured well-wishers like you.
  5. Losing my dear one has been very hard, and I still struggle for comfort. Your kind note of condolence was all that I needed the most.
  6. It is difficult to describe just how much your gesture of support means to my family and me. Highly appreciative of your personalized words.
  7. You remind us that there are people who care for us and make us believe that we are not alone in our grief. My gratitude for this is immeasurable.
  8. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your condolences. We feel grateful for your efforts.
  9. When my heart aches, I remember your sweet words, which bring peace to my pain. Thanks for your heartfelt condolences and loving support.
  10. Your support and care have motivated me to cope with this painful experience. Thank you for the much-needed talk.
  11. Thank you for the thoughts of kind sympathy when it all feels like a cold and empty place. Your kindness and support have been beneficial.
  12. Only love and gratitude for what you have done for my family and me. The condolence has made us begin to feel our burden lifting.
  13. Thank you for your constant support and the way you have encouraged me and kept checking how I am doing. Highly grateful.
  14. The warmth of those who care for us has brought us a lot of comfort, and we appreciate your kind words and prayers.
  15. We are highly thankful for your support during our loss. Thank you for thinking of us.
  16. The passing of my loved one has left a void in my heart, but your support and concern have been very beneficial. Thank you for all that.
  17. We are immensely thankful for all the support you have shown us in our time of loss. Only grateful for your actions.
  18. Your thoughtfulness has helped us deal with this numbing pain, and we are grateful for it. Thank you for thinking of us.
  19. Your support is instrumental in reviving our hope, a reminder that many people are there for us to support and take care of us.  We are highly appreciative of this.
  20. Words are not enough to describe how much your support means to us. Please keep this coming. Thanks!

Thank You Messages For Sympathy

Woman writing thank you note for sympathy
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  1. I appreciate the care expressed in your message. Thank you for being there for me.
  2. Thank you for being so authentic and sincere in your sympathy wishes that my heart feels relaxed. I feel grateful for your presence.
  3. Thank you for your comforting words, which I desperately wanted to hear. Your words have been calming and highly motivating.
  4. I could not have asked for a better friend to deal with this heartache. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  5. It gives me immense motivation. Thank you for your message. It means a lot during such a challenging time.
  6. I want to thank you for your support during my loss. It has been compelling.
  7. It feels surreal knowing you understand what I am going through. I appreciate you being there for me as a true friend.
  8. Finding your words of comfort made me feel like I could breathe again. Thank you for your enlightening words.
  9. My heart aches painfully, and it is hard to control my emotions, but I greatly appreciate the message of sympathy you sent to me.
  10. Your card felt like a warm hug. Thank you for reaching out to me during this time.
  11. Thank you for the heartfelt expression of sympathy you sent. I am highly appreciative of your concern.
  12. I searched for a ray of light in this dark experience, and your kind notes cheered me up. Thank you!
  13. Your kind words have been helpful and therapeutic. I am incredibly thankful for having people like you in my life.
  14. Your kindness and care toward me have boosted my low spirits, and I can only thank you for everything you’ve done for me.
  15. Thank you for encouraging me to take the time to process things. Your presence and motivation are significant to me.
  16. I found your note moving and supportive. Thank you for understanding me so well!
  17. Thank you for your message of condolences. It has motivated me to realize that this, too, shall pass.
  18. I appreciate your sensitivity to the pain I am enduring. I am grateful that you comprehend it so well.
  19. Thank you for your tender words of comfort and reassurance. It gives me hope and enlightenment.
  20. Your loyalty and friendship have been significant throughout this painful trial. Thank you so very much for being a constant support.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Try to write a few lines with crisp points. Using a lot of paragraphs might make it sound vague. Express thankfulness in a more concise way.

Thank You Messages After Death Or A Burial

Woman writing thank you messages 
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  1. We appreciate having you by our side when we need you the most. Thank you so much for all that you do!
  2. We sincerely appreciate your expression of sympathy and your kind words to help us ease the pain.
  3. We feel grateful to be surrounded by pure souls like you.
  4. We are touched by your efforts and warm gestures, which have been extraordinarily soothing and motivating.
  5. Your expression of kindness is unforgettable. We are obliged by your generosity.
  6. Thank you for the arrangement of flowers. We find it very thoughtful and supportive.
  7. Your card and flowers were really thoughtful. Thank you for reaching out to us.
  8. Thank you for your benign presence and the concern that you expressed with your warm gesture. It will remain etched in our hearts.
  9. What you have done for my family and me in the last few days has been incredibly powerful. We owe a lot to you. Thanks!
  10. Your prayers and condolences have been very instrumental in our process of dealing with this loss. Thank you for everything!
  11. Knowing that we are not alone and always surrounded by such caring souls fills our hearts with warmth. Only thankful!
  12. Thank you for your empathetic gestures and magnanimity!
  13. Your presence gave us the strength to bear this pain. Thank you for being there for us!
  14. We feel fortunate to say that we got the best people to share our sorrows with. Thank you for giving us this calming relief.
  15. We would like to extend a huge thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your gesture of concern and care.
  16. We appreciate your efforts in making us feel wanted and not alone through your sweet words. This means a lot to us.
  17. Thank you for the pious prayers and for being there to pay our last tribute to the departed soul.
  18. It is highly supportive of you to think about us in our low times and give us the best company, never to make us feel alone. Thanks from the very core of our hearts.
  19. Highly appreciative of your kind-hearted messages and for giving us space to cope with the loss. Thank you!
  20. We are supremely grateful to you and your presence, which has made us stronger to deal with this trial of our life.

Infographic: Top 10 Thank You Notes For Funerals

When we face the sorrowful situation of losing our loved one, we tend to lose hope and strength to cope with the irreparable loss. In such times, our well-wishers’ support and care impart the much-needed courage to return to our senses again. Sending thank you notes to all such gems can be the most appropriate way to express gratitude and appreciation for those helpful gestures and efforts. Check out the infographic below for the top 10 thank you notes for a funeral that you could send to near ones for their support and love.

top 10 thank you notes for funeral (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Final Thoughts

Expressing heartfelt gratitude and appreciation in the form of thank you notes for the funeral to our loved ones can help them realize how fortunate and loved we feel because of their presence in such moments of grief. These thank you condolence messages and notes are all worth it to share our acknowledgment well! These heartfelt words can also be shared during memorials and at times of remembrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should you send thank you notes to after a funeral?

You should send thank notes to your family members, friends, and all near ones who attended the funeral or expressed their grief for the departed soul.

When should thank you notes be sent after a funeral?

It might feel a bit emotionally overwhelming to write thank you notes for the condolence messages, but you should try to send them within two to three weeks after the funeral.

How long do you have to write thank you notes after a funeral?

There is no set deadline for sending out thank you cards, but it is relatively okay to just send them once after the funeral to all the critical people and express your gratitude.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending thank you notes after the funeral to friends and family is a beautiful effort to express gratitude for the support and care.
  • Try to express your gratitude by appreciating the benign presence of your loved ones.
  • Extending heartfelt acknowledgement through kind words makes it easy for well-wishers to know their contribution was appreciated.
  • These healing messages may help bring closure to relatives and friends, along with the family, and aid in dealing with the bereavement.
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A helpful guide on how to write meaningful funeral thank you cards. Through this video learn how to express your gratitude in a heartfelt way. Check it out!

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