The Ultimate Guide To Merkaba Meditation

Harness your energy fields to their best potential with these meditative sequences.

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Merkaba meditation is an excellent way to get yourself pumped with energy by bringing alive the energy fields that come from within and surround you. The word ‘Merkaba’ may sound strange to many of us, but it is a popular technique to realize your capabilities to the maximum and attain inner-peace.

In this article, we understand what this meditative technique is all about, how to practice it by following the right sequence of steps, its many benefits, and more. So, let us get started!

What Is The Meaning Of Merkaba?

Ah! Such an unusual name, right? Let’s break it down and figure it out. Let’s divide the word Merkaba into three parts – Mer-Ka-Ba. The word is of Egyptian origin.

Similar to the Egyptian mummies, Merkaba is intriguing and layered. To put it simply, ‘Mer’ means a light that rotates within itself, ‘Ka’ means spirit, and ‘Ba’ means the physical body.

The parts have many other similar meanings, and so does the word ‘Merkaba.’ It is also known as Merkavah, Merkava, etc.

Merkaba is the primal pattern of existence. It is mentioned in the Bible as ascension energy. In ancient Egypt, Mer-Ka-Ba was considered as three separate words. Merkaba must be turned on by meditation, and that’s what we are going to learn here through Merkaba meditation.

What Is Merkaba Meditation?

What is Merkaba meditation
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Energy surrounds your body. Energy fields, in fact, can be associated with sacred geometry, which means they take the form of geometric shapes. The energy fields come from within your body and surround it. They rotate around your body at high speeds.

But sadly, the high-speed rotation has slowed down for a lot of us, and for some, it has completely stopped due to the pressures of everyday life that have made your mind, body, and spirit polluted.

If your energy fields become inactive or blocked, then that is cause for worry. You will not feel completely alive and miss out on the little enriching details of life. Merkaba meditation helps you recharge your energy fields and become fully alive.

Merkaba meditation involves breathing patterns, changes in the mind, body, and heart, and altering your perception. It is a journey towards enlightenment and achieving a sense of harmony in your life.

Merkaba is said to be present at the base of your spine, affecting your Kundalini energy present nearby. Merkaba meditation makes it easier for the Kundalini energy to rise and spread across the body by unblocking channels and cleansing the chakras.

Merkaba is said to be present at the base of your spine, affecting your Kundalini energy present nearby. Merkaba meditation makes it easier for the Kundalini energy to rise and spread across the body by unblocking channels and cleansing the chakra points.

It is an advanced meditation technique and is recommended to be studied and practiced carefully under a certified guide.

Take a look at its procedure below.

protip_icon Trivia
Merkaba meditation is believed to be an ancient practice that has existed since 100 BC and was first performed by Egyptian priests of that era.

How To Practice Merkaba Meditation

How to practice Merkaba meditation
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Practice Merkaba meditation through the 18 breaths spherical breathing process. Check it out below.

  1. First Breath
  2. Second Breath
  3. Third Breath
  4. Fourth Breath
  5. Fifth Breath
  6. Sixth Breath
  7. Seventh Breath
  8. Eighth Breath
  9. Ninth Breath
  10. Tenth Breath
  11. Eleventh Breath
  12. Twelfth Breath
  13. Thirteenth Breath
  14. Fourteenth Breath
  15. Fifteenth Breath
  16. Sixteenth Breath
  17. Seventeenth Breath
  18. Eighteenth Breath

1. First Breath

Step 1 for Merkaba meditation
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Inhale and open your heart to feel love for all lives. Begin with the visualization of a bright white light surrounding your body. As you inhale, place your thumb lightly onto your first finger and part the other fingers. Keep your palm facing upwards.

Breathing in must be done in a yogic manner. Breathe in through both nostrils, first from the stomach, then the diaphragm, and then the chest. Do it in one swift swipe.

Exhale with your abdomen drawn in and lift it as you breathe out. Keep your chest firm. Relax after exhalation.

Keep your breathing pattern rhythmic. Count 7 seconds as you inhale and do the same while you exhale.

Move your eyeballs slightly towards each other as you exhale and then gently look up. You will feel a tingling sensation in between your eyes. Look down after this – you will feel a charge going down your spine.

2. Second Breath

As you feel the energy going down the spine, change the mudra. Join the thumb and the second finger. Inhale and exhale in the same manner as you did in the first breath.

3. Third Breath

Change the mudra. Shift the thumb onto the third finger and breathe in the same manner as you did in the first breath.

4. Fourth Breath

Join the thumb and little finger in the fourth breath. Inhale and exhale in the same manner as you did in the first breath.

5. Fifth Breath

Bring back the thumb to the first finger and breathe the same way as you did in the first breath.

6. Sixth Breath

Repeat the second breath and mudra.

The first six breaths balance your polarities and cleanse your electrical system. The next seven breaths are the second part.

7. Seventh Breath

Step 7 for Merkaba meditation
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The seventh breath begins with a new style of breathing. Feel the love in your heart and inhale. Visualize a tube running from above your head to down below your feet.

Feel a pranic energy moving from the top of the tube towards the navel and the same moving upwards from the bottom of the tube towards the navel. As you inhale, the two points meet and expand.

Get your thumb, first, and second fingers together and keep your palms up. Breathe in and out deeply in a yogic rhythmic manner without holding your breath at any point.

8. Eighth Breath

Inhale naturally as your lungs empty out on their own in the previous exhalation. The pranic energy at your navel continues to grow in size. As you exhale, the pranic energy reaches its maximum size.

Keep the rhythmic breathing pattern going on with the same hand mudra.

9. Ninth Breath

As you inhale and exhale in a similar breathing pattern and the same mudra, the pranic energy gets concentrated at the navel region as it cannot grow any bigger.

With the inhalation and exhalation, the pranic energy gets brighter and brighter. Keep the rhythmic breathing pattern going on with the same hand mudra.

10. Tenth Breath

Step 10 for Merkaba meditation
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As you inhale, the pranic energy becomes brighter, reaches its maximum limit and becomes a blinding ball of white light. As you exhale, make a small hole with your lips and blow out air with pressure.

As you exhale, the white sphere extends through your fingertips and encloses your body in a sphere of white light. Keep the rhythmic breathing pattern going on with the same hand mudra.

11. Eleventh Breath

Relax and breathe rhythmically with the same hand mudra. Feel the prana flow from up and down, meet at the navel, and extend to a larger sphere.

12. Twelfth Breath

Relax and breathe rhythmically with the same hand mudra. Feel the prana flow from up and down, meet at the navel, and extend to a larger sphere.

13. Thirteenth Breath

Relax and breathe rhythmically with the same hand mudra. Feel the prana flow from up and down, meet at the navel, and extend to a larger sphere. This breath stabilizes the pranic field.

14. Fourteenth Breath

Feel the love in your heart and inhale. As you do, shift the original meeting point of the pranic energy from the navel to the sternum. The brighter large sphere that contains the original field moves along to the sternum within the energy tube.

Change your mudra by placing the left palm on the right palm for males and vice versa for females. Breathe rhythmically and comfortably. Focus on the pranic flow in your body meeting at the sternum and expanding. Feel the breath, energy flow, and your connection to life.

The last three breaths are crucial. Do this only when you connect with your higher self.

15. Fifteenth Breath

Step 15 for Merkaba meditation
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Fill your heart with love and become aware of the three tetrahedrons superimposed on each other. One tetrahedron does not move usually and is fixed in the body.

One is male and is electrical. It represents the human mind. This tetrahedron rotates counter-clockwise.

The third tetrahedron is a magnetic female one that rotates clockwise, and it represents the human emotions.

Keep your hands held and breathe in, thinking in your mind that the two movable tetrahedrons should rotate at equal speeds.

Make a hole with your lips and exhale with the star tetrahedrons spinning in opposite directions with equal speed. The experience of Merkaba begins from here on.

protip_icon Quick Tip

You may experience dizziness while trying to visualize the high-speed rotating energies. However, it is pretty normal in the initial phase.

16. Sixteenth Breath

Keeping the same folded arms mudra, inhale. And as you exhale through the mouth, similar to the fifteenth breath, you can feel the speed of the tetrahedrons doubling, and they form a disk around your body at the base of the spine. The disk is wobbly and needs stability.

17. Seventeenth Breath

Keeping the same hand mudra and feeling unconditional love for life, breathe in, telling your mind to increase the Merkaba to nine-tenths the speed of light. Exhale through the mouth in the same manner as the fifteenth breath.

Breathe in and out in a balanced and yogic way. Exhale forcefully and stabilize your Merkaba.

Bodhi Joshua, a YouTuber, shared his profound experience with Merkaba activation and encounter with an astral being, a mantis being. In one of his blogs, he states, “I practiced these last three breaths, but I could never get the 17th breath correctly… eventually, I’d get tired and I’d just return to my body (i).” He then described an encounter with the mantis being who guided him in achieving the correct spin, which led to a transformative journey for him.

18. Eighteenth Breath

You will receive the eighteenth breath from your higher self. It will take you through the speed of light into another world for a while.

Benefits Of Merkaba Meditation

  • Merkaba meditation expands your awareness and elevates your consciousness.
  • It helps you experience the infinite possibilities of your being in this universe.
  • Merkaba increases the intuitive and receptive aspects of your mind.
  • It balances your mind and relieves stress.
  • By healing you, Merkaba assists you in connecting with your higher self.
  • It increases your energy and enables a stronger connection with life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn Merkaba Meditation on my own through media?

It is not recommended to learn Merkaba on your own as it’s an esoteric meditation. You can study and become aware of the process by reading and watching, but it is best to learn it from a trained teacher.

Is Merkaba religious?

No, Merkaba is a purely spiritual process that helps you understand metaphysical realities.

Key Takeaways

  • The Merkaba meditation recharges energy fields that revolve around a person to enhance one’s spiritual growth.
  • It can be performed by visualizing 3-star tetrahedrons and practicing an 18-breath-controlled breathing process.
  • The Merkaba meditation is known to heighten one’s awareness, relieve stress and enhance one’s personal growth.
Merkaba Meditation

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Infographic: Simple Steps To Practice Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation is a way to restore balance to the energy fields that surround us. This process helps us feel more relaxed and energized by allowing energy to flow more easily. It has a multidimensional approach, it can elevate our consciousness, reduce stress, and improve our physical, mental health. It will take you to a stage of transcendence. And you will be able to experience and achieve a higher frequency of energy or vibration through this astral projection-guided meditation. Further, you can also think of a mantra to repeat during meditation. Make sure to set your intentions clear before beginning the meditation process.

Let’s learn the simple steps that focus on breathing, hand mudras, and concentration to practice Merkaba meditation.

simple steps to practice merkaba meditation (infographic)

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Merkaba meditation is more like a spiritual introspection rooted in ancient Egyptian mysticism. It draws energy from the energy fields that surround us. Our hectic life often affects these energy fields, impacting our physical and mental well-being. Merkaba meditation addresses this by aligning the energy fields and enabling easier energy flow. This technique elevates your consciousness, revitalizes the body, balances the mind, relieves stress and tension, and enable you to attain inner peace. So, make it a point to practice it regularly to meet your higher self and transform yourself to realize your potential to the maximum. Likewise, you can also practice yoga. It promotes mindfulness and can help in the manifestation of your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does focusing on the Merkaba shape help with spiritual growth and development?

Merkaba meditation shape helps one to connect with the higher consciousness and detach from the material world in order to grow spiritually.

Can anyone practice Merkaba meditation or is it only for certain individuals?

Merkaba meditation is for people who already identify as spiritual beings and want to experience a deeper connection with the higher consciousness. It is advised to do it under the guidance of a trained spiritual teacher.

Are there any potential dangers or negative side effects associated with Merkaba meditation?

There may be a few potential dangers or negative side effects associated with Merkaba meditation such as one may experience insomnia, sudden changes in emotions, and may also have intrusive thoughts.

How does Merkaba meditation differ from other forms of meditation and spiritual practices?

Merkaba meditation derives its power from geometric energy fields that are dynamic and which spin and radiate light around the meditator. Unlike other forms of meditation, it does not require you to sit still in one position, rather it involves different hand movements as you move forward in the process of a rhythmic breathing pattern of 18 steps.

Experience the power of Merkaba meditation and unlock your spiritual potential. Learn how to access higher states of consciousness and manifest your dreams.

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