These 8 Amazing Benefits Of Frangipani Essential Oil Will Leave You Spellbound!

by Sruthi Chowdhry

Frangipani Essential oil is derived from the magical flowers of the ‘Tree of Life.’ Have you ever held the flowers? With their heady, romantic scent, they soothe you right down to the soul.

You and I, we’ve got to find out what this essential oil is all about. Excited? Well, here we go!

Tree Of Life

Frangipani or Plumeria produces alluring, beautiful, yellow flowers. These flowers have long, creamy and soft petals that produce a heady perfume. Ancient Indians believed that the tree represents the infinite life of our soul.

Apparently, if you cut a Frangipani branch, it will still blossom. Its capacity to grow symbolizes eternity, and hence, it is considered sacred as the ‘Tree of Life.’ Other cultures also revered the tree, with its flowers in particular.

Frangipani fragrance is connected to divinity itself. The flowers are worshiped to inspire spirituality and invoke love. Yes, the romantic perfume has been associated with sensual love across the ages. Did you know that Lord Krishna favored Frangipani?

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Frangipani Essential Oil Benefits

While the flowers can be used to decorate the hair, the essential oil derived from the ingredients of this divine plant has many benefits. They are as follows.

1. Makes You Feel The Love

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Frangipani essential oil is said to be one of the best perfumes in the world. Its fragrance has a provocative effect on those who inhale it, producing sensual feelings.

The flower is linked to the feminity, and in Feng Shui, Frangipani is associated with love. It can apparently be used magically in love spells as well.

2. Reconnects You With Inner Peace

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Frangipani essential oil brings peace and harmony back into your life. Now you can reconnect with yourself, nature, and the universe. Its calming qualities reduce the negative effects of everyday stresses, uplifting the inner spirit (1). Nourish your soul and bring self-awareness with this magical oil.

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3. High Self Confidence Is Back Again

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Been through a low path in the recent times? Use a little Frangipani essential oil and you can put the ‘high’ in your self-confidence right back in. The oil promotes high, positive self-esteem and lifts your emotions overall.

4. Gives You Soft, Beautiful Skin

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Frangipani essential oil is an astringent. It is used in massage therapy to moisturize the skin. The oil will ensure the skin remains soft and works well with cracked and dry skin also.

5. De-Stresses The Mind By Letting You Sleep

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Frangipani essential oil has a sedative effect, letting you sleep. The oil will calm your mind and also relieves stress in the process.

6. Maintains Healthy Body With Antioxidants

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The essential oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This maintains a healthy body by virtue of eliminating harmful toxins and free radicals from the tissues. So, the oil’s purifying qualities protect the organs from damage, requiring no trips to hospitals.

7. Relaxes That Banging Feeling In Your Head

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Is headache giving you anxiety? Kill two birds with one stone. Frangipani oil can relieve headache and even back pain. The oil can further relax muscles and nerves, letting you treat all kinds of pains.

8. Aphrodisiac To Set The Mood

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Frangipani essential oil and its scent work as aphrodisiacs. They allow you to connect passionately while inculcating trust in the spiritual design. One would even go as far as to find divinity in intimacy. Trust and loyalty in your partner come more easily with the calming but romantic Frangipani fragrance.

Isn’t this essential oil quite unique? It is also very expensive compared to other essential oils with a 10ml bottle costing nearly $40. Still, the price could be worth it once you’ve tried it.

Do leave a comment about your experience with the benefits of this amazing oil. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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