34 Best Volumizing Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Flaunt your thin locks in these hairstyles to make them look voluminous and thicker.

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Medium-length thin hair can look a bit drab. But not anymore! With the right medium-length hairstyles for thin hair, your tresses will never be the same.

Thin hair may look ultra-silky and smooth, but it tends to get greasy fast and ends up looking flat and dull. If your hair is medium-length, it can look oily. Moreover, washing your hair to make it look good constantly can lead to hair loss. Also, you should be careful about the products you put on your hair, as some may even cause hair thinning.

Styling your hair in the right hairstyle can dramatically change your thin hair maintenance routine. Scroll down and have a gander at these 32 medium-length hairstyles handpicked especially to make your thin locks look amazing!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Use a silk pillowcase to protect your thin hair from damage, frizz, and breakage.
  • Thin hair is especially prone to split ends, so make sure to opt for regular trims or haircuts every 6-8 weeks.
  • Avoid brushing your wet hair, and apply styling products like a volumizing mousse when your hair is slightly damp.
  • Limit brushing your hair excessively, and use your fingers to gently detangle it to avoid breakage.
  • Massage your scalp with argan, coconut, or almond oil twice a week to promote blood circulation, hair thickness, and overall hair health.

34 Volumizing Hairstyles For Thin Medium Length Hair

Yes, these hairstyles do help you get voluminous-looking hair. But before that, here’s a little advice on some other hair issues you may be facing.

If you sweat from your head too much, opt for loose hairstyles. The minute you feel your hair beginning to get damp from the sweat, simply tousle it up and allow it to breathe.

If your hair tends to look flat, keep changing the parting of your hair.

For the more formal occasions, try adding a pouf to your hairstyle as it adds height to your locks. For more tips on how to make you your thin hair look thicker

Now that you know how to curb some of your thin hair woes, here are 32 volumizing hairstyles that you can try out!

1. Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Sporting a bang directly implies you have enough volume to chop off in the front! It is a default volumizing style. Thick blunt-cut bangs may not be ideal with fine hair, but wispy bangs can do the job just as nicely. A few spritzes of texturizing spray will ensure the bangs stay bouncy and do not lie flat.

2. Loose Side Braids

Loose Side Braids
Image: Shutterstock

A loosely done side braid can conveniently create the illusion of volume owing to its puffy stitches. Add to it some soft side-swept hair, and you have yourself a dreamy, volumizing hairdo, perfect for casual and semi-formal events.

3. The Shag Cut

Shag for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

The shag cut comprises many layers. If you have thin hair, these layers help add volume and depth to it. Use a volumizing spray to lift the hair on top of your head. I would advise against tying your shaggy hair in a ponytail as it will look thin and lifeless.

protip_icon Trivia
The shag haircut was created by hairstylist Paul McGregor for actress Jane Fonda. It was seen for the first time in her 1971 film, Klute, where her character Bree Daniels sported this haircut.

4. Stacked Bob

Stacked bob for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

A slightly angled stacked bob can give your hair loads of volume. It also helps in framing your face. It makes your face look slender, which, in turn, makes your hair look thicker.

5. Feathered Tips

Feathered tips for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

If you have fine hair, I understand your struggle for volume is real. No matter what haircut you have, just feather the very ends of your hair. The thinned ends will make the rest of your hair look thicker. They also accentuate your jawline.

6. Naturally Wavy Hair

Naturally wavy hair for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

We all know that wavy hair looks voluminous and perfect. But, using heat styling tools is not good for your hair. Don’t worry, there is a solution. Simply weave your hair in a French braid. Make sure your hair is damp, and leave the braid on overnight. The next morning, you will have some spectacularly wavy hair!

7. Finger Waves

Finger waves for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Finger waves are sculpted by hand. Since all your hair looks like waves moving together, this hairstyle creates the illusion of volume. Opt for large or medium-sized waves to make the most of this look.

8. Layers In The Front

Layers in the front for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

When you have really fine, straight hair, layers can make it look scanty. I suggest getting only the front of your hair cut in layers. This will also help in slimming down your face while making your hair look thicker.

9. Permed Hair

Permed hair for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Permed hair is permanently curled hair, so I suggest you really think it through before you get your hair permed. A friend of mine really hated her thin hair. It always looked flat, and she complained that it took way too long to style it. So, she took the plunge and loves how thick her hair looks now.

10. Flowy Big Curls

Flowy big curls for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Curls automatically make your hair look thick, and even more so when they are big curls! You can use rollers to achieve these big curls. This is the perfect look for formal events like weddings or prom.

11. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Tousled waves look incredible and are really easy to achieve. You can use rollers or leave your hair in a braid overnight to make your hair look beach-perfect. Use hair accessories like bandanas for a free-spirited look!

Maddie Clark, a blogger, shares her experience of experimenting with her sleek straight tresses with a beachy hair look. She exclaims, “I’ve always loved that beachy hair look (a-la-Olsen twins), but spraying salt water and scrunching my hair does absolutely nothing!” To resolve this major hair issue, she has added an insightful tutorial along with to achieve a perfect glam beachy hair look (i).

12. Curly Ends

Curly ends for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Curling the ends of your hair gives it an almost triangular look, which makes your face looks slimmer and your hair look thicker. You can also thin out the ends to make the rest of your hair look thicker.

13. High Ponytail

High ponytail for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

A high ponytail takes the focus off your hair and shifts it to your face. It also pulls up your cheeks, giving them more definition. Loosen your high ponytail before you tie it with an elastic. This will add height to your hair.

14. Curly Ends Ponytail

Curly ends ponytail for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Normally, when you tie your thin hair in a ponytail, the ends tend to look squiggly. Adding curls to the end of your ponytail makes it look thick and flowy. It also infuses life into your hairstyle.

15. Textured Waves

Textured waves for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Jennifer Lawrence’s textured hair here looks amazing. The side parting adds height to her hair. Instead of parting your hair on the side that you normally do, try the opposite side. If your go-to is a middle parting, you can also try parting it on one side or brushing it all back without parting it. Doing any of these things will add height and volume to your hair.

16. The S Wave

The S wave for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Adding an S wave to the ends of your hair can make it more bouncy. This way, you don’t need to curl all your hair. It still looks natural with just a bit of added texture.

17. Curls And Bangs

Curls and bangs for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Like we mentioned before, bangs automatically give your hair a fuller look. Adding in curls will really make it look voluminous. Tousle the curls with your hands to add more height and volume to it.

18. The Double Curl

The double curl for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Curl your hair in smaller sections but spread out each curl. The smaller sections give your hair more depth, making it look thicker. Instead of doing multiple curls, opt for double or triple curls depending on your hair length.

19. One Side Pin

One side pin for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Placing a pin on one side of your hair flattens that side while making the other side look thicker. Make sure the loose side is the one with the bangs.

20. Deep Side-Swept Bangs

Deep bangs swept at the sides for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Deep side-swept bangs are great for women who have thin hair and a large forehead. They look great even when you tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun because they manage to make your hair look thicker.

21. Blunt Hair

Blunt hair for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

When you have extremely thin hair, going for layers may not be a good idea. Opt for a blunt cut instead. Blunt hair will make your hair fall straight, which will make it look thicker. Take a close look at Emma Stone’s lob hair. Though it is not very thick, it certainly looks like it.

22. Waves

Waves for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Whether big or small, waves make your hair look bouncy and thicker. To make them look more natural, begin the waves a little away from the roots. This makes them flow seamlessly.

23. Middle Parting With Layers

Middle parting with layers for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Who better to take hairstyle inspiration from than the lady who started “The Rachel”? Add some layers to the front of your hair to frame your face. Part your hair down the middle to add ample volume to your hair.

24. Light Waves

Light waves for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Make sure your hair is damp when you try this hairstyle. Spritz on some volumizing spray on your hair. Twist your hair in small sections and scrunch it up to the roots. This will create these voluminous, light waves.

25. Side-Swept Hair

Hair swept at the sides for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Sweeping your hair to one side is a great way to make your hair look thick. Push all your hair to one side and pin it. Fluff it up just a bit or style it in curls. This is a glamorous look that you can sport to any fancy event.

26. Middle Parting

Middle parting for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Parting your hair down the middle helps in framing your face. It slims down your face shape, making the ends of your hair look thicker. Who said you can’t be an illusionist?

27. Sharp Layered Ends

Sharp layered ends for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Adding heavy and sharp layers to the ends of your hair will make it look fluffier than it is. Then, spritz on some volume spray to your roots and fluff up your hair to create this “big hair” look.

28. Ombre

Ombre hairstyle for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

An ombre is a great way to add dimension and faux thickness to your locks. It also helps in framing your face beautifully. Go for some highlights at the top as well to add more depth to your locks. You may also try balayage for a subtle gradient effect.

29. Bouffant Bun

Bouffant bun for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Most thin-haired women complain about how updos tend to look flat or small on them. A great way to solve this problem is to add a bouffant to your updo. It will add height to your hair. Just backcomb some hair at the top or use small chignon bun maker to achieve this look.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Rumor has it that the bouffant was created for Marie Antoinette who had thinner hair and wanted to create an illusion of fuller hair.

30. Bouffant With A Low Bun

Bouffant with a low bun for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Tease the hair at the crown of your head to create a bouffant. Twist the front hair to loosely fall over the bouffant and pin it at the back. Roll the rest of your hair into a twisted bun and pancake it. Use pins to keep it in place.

31. French Twist

French twist hairstyle for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

Backcomb all your hair to create this bouffant and pin the ends at the back. Then, tie all your hair in a French twist. This is easy to achieve if you have thin hair. Spritz on some hairspray to set the ‘do in place.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can create wispy tendrils to frame your face or triple twists in symmetrical lines along the back of the head to elevate your French twist.

32. Contrast Ombre

Contrast ombre hairstyle for thin hair
Image: Shutterstock

A stark contrast, like a brown to blonde ombre, helps in framing and softening your face. If you curl your ombre-d hair, it will look more bouncy and full of life. Just make sure that the hair colors you choose look good with your skin undertone.

33. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Need a style that is simple and sexy at the same time? Ask your hairdresser to give you curtain bangs with layered hair, just like Jennifer Lopez. Curl your hair into loose waves and use a lot of hair spray to give your hair a volumized appearance. Straighten your curtain bangs to set them in place and run your fingers lightly through the rest of the hair for a touseled effect.

34. Asymmetrical Lob

Asymmetrical Lob
Image: Shutterstock

With its daring contrast in length, this asymmetrical long bob adds an edgy vibe to an already ultra-cool look. Side-part your hair and spritz on a lot of hair spray. Style it into loose beachy waves to get that stunning texture like the Queen PeeCee.

Favour Akinjiyan of Favoured Beauty adds, “Whether your thin hair is layered or of a single length many styles can work for you. The focus is to make hair look thicker, especially at the roots. Teasing your hair may help with this.”

Infographic: 12 Tips To Care For Fine (Thin) Hair And Make It Look Great

Fine hair can be a little difficult to maintain; it tangles easily, is prone to breakage and ends up either looking too dry or too greasy way too often! However, don’t worry, as with the right hairstyles, haircuts, and hair routines, you can make it look and feel great!

Check out this infographic for simple and practical ways to make your fine hair be absolutely fine!

12 tips to care for fine (thin) hair and make it look great (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Many medium-length hairstyles for thin hair give a voluminous look to the hair and can change the way your hair looks. The shag cut, stacked bob, feathered tips, naturally wavy hair, finger waves, layers in the front, permed hair, flowy big curls, beachy waves, curly ends, high ponytail, curly ends ponytail, curls, bangs, double curl, one side pin, deep side-swept bangs, and blunt hair are a few ways to style medium length hair. Choose a hairstyle that perfectly suits you to impart a new and fresh look to your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should thin hair be layered or one length?

Both layers and one-length hairstyles can look good on someone with thin hair. Consult a professional to understand which hairstyle is suitable for your face type.

Are curtain bangs good for thin hair?

Yes, curtain bangs can highlight your facial features and add softness to your face. Additionally, it is a low-maintenance and versatile hairstyle that can go with all face types.

What is a good length for thin hair?

Shoulder-length hair is considered the ideal length for people with thin hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Thin medium-length hair can look drab and oily.
  • A shag or layered cut is the best way to add volume to medium-length hair.
  • You can also consider getting a perm if your hair is thin.
medium length hairstyles for thin hair

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Learn how to create volume and texture for a fuller look and amaze everyone with your gorgeous, voluminous tresses! Check out this video now!

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