21 Things to Talk About On A First Date

by Harini Natarajan

Have you ever gone on a date where both of you didn’t really know what to talk about?

A research conducted by a famous lifestyle magazine found that more than 80% of the respondents said that they never got a second date because they ran out of things to talk about on the first date. This usually happens because we don’t prepare ourselves mentally for the conversation aspect of a date. We focus on externalities. We put all our energy into how we look, what we are going to wear, and where are we going to go on our first date. We are so caught up in these things that we forget to even think about what we are going to talk about after the sheen of all external things wears off.

Well, here are 21 things to talk about on a first date that will up your game and make sure you score a second date!

1. Admit That You Are A Little Nervous

Nothing works better than honesty. Everyone knows that dates are taxing. You have numerous questions running through your mind. Will they like me? Do I look good? Does this dress look pretentious?

We want to say, it’s okay! You are a normal human being. You get nervous. Just talk about it with the other person. There is a high chance that when you open up about feeling nervous, the other person may admit the same. This can be a great way to build rapport.

2. Ask Them About Their Roots

Asking the other person about where they originally are from brings up warm feelings about their childhood. If they have shifted to a new city, they surely must be missing their home. In that case, they will like talking about that and lightening up.

3. Ask Them About Their Childhood

Talking about your childhood brings up naughty and fun memories. You can ask them about their school life and childhood friends.

It is important that they start trusting you. People generally trust those with whom they have spent many years of their childhood. The same trust can be built for a new person later when they share those childhood memories with them as it activates the area of the brain associated with old memories.

4. Ask Them About Their Family

Talking about family is a risky thing, but it is a risk worth taking. Some people don’t like to talk about their family. But if it’s the other way round, then there is no better topic than family.

Every family has similar characters, so it gives you a chance to connect over similar experiences. You can both talk about that uncle who does weird and funny things or that aunty who likes to poke her nose in everybody’s business.

5. Ask Them About Their Work

People love talking about their job. After all, it takes up a majority of their time. If the conversation has found a smooth flow, you may also ask them where they have worked in the past. If both of you work in the same industry, there is a chance that you may have a common friend.

6. Ask Them Whether They Like What They Do

Not all people like what they do. So, this could be a good talking point, especially if a person is frustrated with their job. It will give both of you a good opportunity to vent out to each other about your jobs. Bonding over something negative can also be a good sign.

7. Talk About Their Dream Job

Now, it’s time to take the discussion deeper. Let’s enter the world of hypotheticals. Asking about their dream job may make their face light up. It can help them open up about their dreams and aspirations.

Discussing these things will give you a deeper understanding of how the other person thinks and what sort of personality they have.

8. Talk About Their Taste In Music

Having completely different tastes in music could be a deal-breaker, especially if one of you is a music snob. If you both have similar music tastes, the first date could fly by just talking about your favorite bands and singers. If you both belong to the same music scene, there is a high possibility of going to a gig on the second date.

9. Talk About The Places They Have Traveled

They say that the world is a book, and those who do not travel see only one page. Tell them about all the pages you have read from this book, and ask them about their traveling experiences.

If both of you have visited similar places, the conversation will flow naturally. Both of you might have a different way of looking at the same place. This will help you understand how your date perceives and thinks about things.

10. Ask Them About Their Hobbies

Every person is unique, and so are their hobbies. Talking about their hobbies will give both of you a peek into your deeper self. Delving deeper into the reasons why both of you have these hobbies will make you understand each other more. It can also show the other person that you are really interested in them.

11. Talk About The Last Book They Read

Talking about books can be a great conversation topic if both of you are bibliophiles. As they say, a person lives as many lives as the books they have read.

You won’t run out of things to talk about if you both love reading. Talk about why you like a certain author. Tell them what you love about your favorite novel. This can give you a deeper insight into each other.

12. Talk About Their Favorite Movie

Getting to know about their favourite movie can be fun. If you guys have the same taste in movies, you can go one a movie date some time in the future.

13. Discuss The Craziest Thing They Have Ever Done

After you have talked about the regular stuff and established a little bit of comfort, it’s time to get to know the crazy side of each other. You can start off by telling them about a risky thing that you have done to make them trust you. This can also help them gauge what kind of things you feel comfortable talking about.

14. Talk About The Things They Like To Do When Not At Work

How a person spends a day-off tells a lot about them. Whether your date likes to spend time with their family or party hard with friends will tell you the type of person they are and the type of company they are seeking. They may also like to spend that time alone in their house, reading a book or binging on Netflix. This could give you an insight into what your daily life would look like if you guys started dating seriously.

15. Talk About The People In Their Tribe

You are a sum of the five people you spend the maximum time with. Talking about friends is quite fun. Share the silly and interesting things that you do with your friends.

This will also tell you about the kind of company they prefer and the kind of person they are. It will become clear whether they are an introvert or a hyper-social person.

16. The Things You Like To Spend Your Hard Earned Money On

Talking about the things you can’t help splurging your money on can be a fun topic for conversations. People have all sorts of vices. Maybe they like to spend money on expensive Marvel toys or on designer clothes. This is a good way to connect over your vices.

17. Discuss What You Are Most Afraid Of

Talking about fears is a great topic. Some people have boring fears like the fear of darkness, which is known as achluophobia. Some people have very interesting fears like cynophobia, which is the fear of dogs, or elurophobia, which is the fear of cats.

Finding something common between your fears, or trying to connect one fear with another, can be an entertaining talking point. This may take your conversation to weird places, but it will be great fun.

18. Share Your Idea Of The Perfect Date

This will help you find out their likes and dislikes. Funny stories about awkward previous dates would be a bonus. It could also help you correct your course when you get some hints.

19. Discuss Your Dream Holiday Destinations

Talk about whether they are a beach worshipper or a mountain person. Share your holiday experiences. Tell them about the holy men you met when you were trekking in the Himalayas. This could lead to all sorts of weird and wonderful conversations. You can also talk about where you would like to live in the future.

20. Talk About What You Would If You Had All The Money In The World

Ask them this question and brace yourself for some crazy answers. It will be fun fantasizing about what you would do with all that cash.

21. Ask What They Would Do If They Had Only 24 Hours Left To Live

This is a very interesting question. It will tell you what the other person values the most in their life. In many ways, how they answer their conversation can help you decide if you want to get serious with this person.

These are some conversation starters that will make sure that your date does not become boring. Believe that your next date is going to be the best date ever, and it will be.

This is it What To Talk About On A First Date. Do you any standard questions that you like to ask on the first date? Leave them in the comments section and let us in on the fun!

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