101 Things To Talk About With A Girl For A Great Conversation

Leave the worry of grasping for a topic of conversation and follow our lead!

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You have been waiting to meet your crush for a long time, and finally, she appears in front of you. Suddenly, you go blank and gasp for conversation starter ideas or things to talk about with your girl. Don’t worry!

You are not the only one to experience this. However, a little preparation can help you strike meaningful conversations with your loved one quite comfortably. In this article, we have curated a list of things you can ask your crush to establish a icebreaker conversation and greater connection. Keep reading

101 Interesting Things To Talk About With A Girl

If you don’t know what to say to a girl you like, here are 101 topics to get you started!

  1. Hobbies: Discussing how you spend your free time and the skills you both love to develop is a great way to understand each other. Also, in case you do share a common hobby, you will always have a running conversation on it!
  1. Favorite Childhood Memories: This is something that will bring a smile to both of your faces as you are engulfed in nostalgia. Besides, it adds a layer of meaning to your conversation and makes it memorable.
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  1. Life Goals: An important way to connect with her is to know her career aspirations and future plans. From this, you also learn what she is passionate about and her priorities.
  2. Places You Both Have Traveled: Bonding over a love for travel will have you sharing several stories. Through this, you both let each other know about adventures, friends, and things you dislike and appreciate about the world.
  3. Music: From your most loved songs to ones that you absolutely cannot stand, share with her all and ask her about her list. This also leads the way to further conversations in the form of sharing playlists.
  4. Vacation Bucket List: Every person has dream destinations that they would love to visit. Ask her about hers and what she would love to do on these vacations.
  5. People You Admire: Discussing the people that inspire you both is a simple way of knowing the qualities she admires in people and hopes to inculcate in herself.
  6. Your Week: This is a straightforward topic that unravels on its own as you both share details about your days. Make sure to give her all the scoop, from office drama to the secret hiking spot you came across.
  7. Movies You Have Just Seen: Here’s another topic where you never really run out of things to speak about. Sharing reviews about movies lets you see the world from each other’s perspectives.
  8. Current Affairs: There is no end to all that happens around, so ask her about news stories that intrigue her and share your thoughts as well. A lot of it can pave the way to healthy debates.
  9. Something You Are Passionate About: Share what you love and ask about her passions as well – whether it is video games or photography. People love to talk about things they are passionate about.
  10. Food: Be it a new dish you saw on the internet or just discussing cuisines you love – conversations around food are always acceptable. Plus, you get to know where to plan a date!
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  1. A Running Social Media Trend: Whether you hate them or love them, trends can be quite entertaining. You can discuss clever ads that brands have put up or show each other some of the funniest social media challenges you have seen.
  2. A Challenge You Overcame: Opening up about yourself will make her feel more comfortable with you. In sharing stories about your struggles, you may also find a similar strength in each other.
  3. Ask About Her Family: Ask if she has siblings, which parent she adores more, what it is like at home, and how close she is to her family. These questions help you know more about how she bonds with people.
  4. A City Attraction: You can share a fun anecdote, urban legend, or even your own experience about visiting a tourist attraction in your city.
  5. A New Restaurant: You can discuss new places that have opened up in your city. If you both love the concept of a certain new restaurant in town, you could always make plans to visit it together!
  6. Art That You Admire: Art has a deep connection with emotions, so ask her about works that speak to her.
  7. Your Favorite Book: Discussing books is a lot like movies: you can discuss plots, analyze characters, and even exchange the ones you love!
  1. Ask Her What School Was Like For Her: Her favorite and least liked education subjects, how you both studied, academic achievements, and all the stories within – school years are filled with good humor and fond memories.
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  1. What Her Favorite Scent Is: This one gives you another peek into the world from her perspective.
  2. Fitness Fads: If you are big on health and nutrition, bring it up with her and get talking about what motivates you!
  3. Philosophy: This is one of the best things to talk about with a girl, as each person has their own perspective on life that can be enlightening. Philosophy also breaks the barrier of small talk, making conversations feel deeper.
  4. Animals: If you adore animals, ask her about them so that you know where she stands on this topic. If she is not into animals or pets, ask her what her spirit animal is or what animal she identifies with. It could give you her view on animals and how she understands them.
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  1. Documentaries: Unlike movies, these are rooted in real life and may have a stronger effect on people. A discussion on the ones you admire will be great and interesting!
  2. Work: From horrible bosses and projects you loved working on to entertaining office stories and any current events, let her know all about them and ask her about hers.
  3. Celebrity Gossip: Tabloids are filled with drama that can be exciting to discuss sometimes. Let loose on this one.
  4. Her Most Embarrassing Memory: Say what you will about awkward moments, but they make for really funny stories! You also get an idea about how she learns to cope with embarrassment.
  5. The Worst Pick Up Lines She’s Heard: If you have some, run them by her as well! Together, you can mock cheesy lines in shared laughter.
  6. What She Does To Comfort Herself: This topic can make you both share things that upset you and the cure to them! It can range from eating comfort food, music, meditation, or anything else. Moreover, in case you see her feeling down, you’ll know how to cheer her up!
  7. Pet Peeves: Knowing what irks her is a must! Share your pet peeves as well. It would also be a heads up about what to be more mindful about in the future.
  8. One Thing That People Always Incorrectly Assume About Her: Ask her to share a few personal experiences where people have gotten her wrong and how she went about diffusing the situation. You get to understand how others perceive her.
  9. Would-You-Rathers: Here’s a fun game that can go on forever! Give her some fun would-you-rathers and get to know her better.
  10. What Her Dream House Would Look Like: Discuss furniture, design concepts, and just about anything that relates to both your visions and dreams!
  11. A Fact That Scares Or Fascinates You: It can be something mind-blowing or an overlooked realization that you found down a Reddit rabbit hole. Share them with her and ask her the same.
  12. A Superpower She Would Love To Have: This is an easy one that gives endless options and leads to funny banter.
  13. Your Definitions Of Fulfillment: Fulfillment is a deep topic to talk about with a girl, as it can transcend materialistic needs and focus more on emotional well-being.
  14. What Self-Care Means To Her: Know what helps her unwind after a hard day. You might even want to try a few of her hacks or share some of your own.
  15. Celestial Events That Excite You: Super moons, eclipses, or meteor showers – in case you share a common love for them, you could plan to watch the next one together.
  16. Guilty Pleasures: Funny and embarrassing, guilty pleasures are a light way to get to know someone on a more personal level.
  17. A Time Period You Would Love To Visit: If you are a history buff, this one is for you! It is sure to lead to funny debates and interesting discoveries.
  18. An Adventure Sport That You Want To Try: Asking about adventure sports and activities is an easy way to gauge her thirst for thrills.
  19. Advice Or Quote That Impacted You: This would make for another deep topic to talk about with a girl. It is something that can make you both feel more connected.
  20. Her Views On Religion: Religion may influence one’s upbringing, so it is important to know each other’s views. This topic is a little controversial, though, so remember to tread with caution.
  21. Games You Used To Play As Children: Filled with nostalgia, this topic might even have you both playing one of them!
  22. Collectibles: These may include paintings, stamps, wine, teas, or even scented candles. Ask if she has such a collection and get to know more about it!
  23. Dating History: This one is applicable only if you know each other well. Knowing more about this will help you understand her stance on dating and the opinions and beliefs she has developed from her past relationships.
  24. Concerts Or Plays: Saw an artist you adore? Or interested in watching a play? Bring this up with her – she may have stories of her own to share or might be interested in attending one with you.
  25. Her Go-To Person: They say a person can be defined by those they surround themselves with. So getting to know more about her closest companion will also give you an understanding of who she is and what she values.
  26. The Most Bizarre Thing That Has Happened To Her: A fun conversation cue that opens doors to larger conversations. Be it a supernatural experience or a hilarious coincidence, share your stories with her.
  27. Where She Grew Up: Knowing where and how a person grew up greatly helps in understanding their behavior and what influences their personality. You can travel back to her hometown together to get to know her better and the places she would hang out.
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  1. Her Weekend Plans: This is a veiled way of knowing if she is free on weekends and asking her out. You can explore her interests and hobbies and how she likes to spend her free time.
  2. The Teachers Who Motivated Her The Most: A conversation topic that helps you understand her motivations and inspirations. Ask her what made her respect the favorite teachers and view them as her mentor.
  3. Her Experience With Dance: Ask her if she likes to dance and how good she is at it. Show her your fun-loving side and maybe you will grab yourself an opportunity to share a dance together.
  4. Your Favorite Poet: Poetry touches people’s hearts and reflects their true emotions. Discussing your favorite poet gives you an understanding of each other’s outlook on life and love.
  5. Go-To Clothing Shops: Knowing about a girl’s favorite clothing brand or store helps you learn a lot about her personality, lifestyle, and interests. You can talk about famous fashion houses or budding designers and of course trends that should have never gone out of style.
  6. Things Around Your Surroundings: If you feel you have run out of topics, you can comment on your surroundings and pick up many conversation threads at once to keep it flowing and engaging.
  7. Her Closest Friends: Show interest in knowing about her closest friends and her relationship with them. It helps you know about her views on friendship and gives you an important insight into her life.
  8. Languages You Speak: Ask if she speaks another language and what prompted her to learn the language. Learn a few fun phrases of the language from her to keep things breezy.
  9. Her Zodiac Sign: This can be a fascinating topic of conversation. Check out your horoscopes and read up on your own personality traits and comment on how accurate it is.
  10. Share Your Fears: Discussing each other’s fears opens up the opportunity to get closer. You can start by sharing your fears to make her feel comfortable and safe in sharing her own.
  11. Weather: If you feel the conversation has gone flat, you can comment on current weather and steer the conversation to her favorite weather or season. You can also share how you would prefer to spend time in different weather conditions.
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  1. What Her Ideal Date Night Looks Like: Ask her what comprises her ideal date night. It keeps things going romantically and also gives you an upper hand in winning her heart by organizing the same for her.
  2. Her Funniest Experiences: Recount some hilarious encounters of your life to maintain the flow of the conversation and keep it light. It is a good chance to impress her with your humor and wit, and to find out what her sense of humor is like too.
  3. Sports She Likes: Ask her if she has a favorite sport. Talk about her favorite team and players and share some of your thoughts on the sport and teams.
  4. Her Favorite Flowers: Flowers are a good way to impress your lady love for ages. So buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and make her swoon.
  5. Common Interests: Try to find common interests and beliefs you share. It will help you build the foundation for your relationship and improve interpersonal closeness between you (1).
  6. What Makes Her Feel Alive: It is important to know what makes her blood pump. Whether it is an adventure or peaceful activity or doing volunteer work, you can do the activity together and form a deeper connection.
  7. Her Love Language: Ask her what her love language is. It is important to make her feel loved and valued in the relationship in a way she understands best. It will also show her you are equally invested in the relationship and want it to work.
  8. Her Favorite Coffee Order: This can be a pleasant way of surprising her in the morning and scoring some brownie points with her. It also helps you understand her other beverage preferences.
  9. Her Idea Of Intimacy: Talking about intimate preferences will give her space and make her comfortable in sharing her feelings. This will bring you two closer on an emotional level and develop trust between you.
  10. What Makes Her Worry: If you know what makes her worry the most, it will help you avoid misunderstandings by enabling you to communicate better. You will better understand what might trigger her anxiety and easily navigate the situation without taking things personally.
  11. What Relaxes Her: It is a nice idea to know what helps your girl de-stress. Show her you empathize with her feelings and are in this for the long haul.
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  1. Reacting To Conflicts: This will give you an insight into how you both handle difficult situations. Talking about it can give you the benefit of the doubt during an argument without getting offended by the other person’s reaction.
  2. What Makes Her Feel Excited: Learn about small events that make her excited, whether it is a gig or a flea market or even a thrift store. You can plan your day or date accordingly to make her feel loved and giddy.
  3. Her Thoughts On Afterlife: Discussing your thoughts on the afterlife and eternity helps you better understand each other’s personality and beliefs. It will also make you respect and appreciate different viewpoints.
  4. Things You Are Grateful For In Your Daily Life: Expressing your gratitude openly helps you stay humble and not take each other for granted. Let each other know what you are most thankful for in terms of each other’s presence.
  5. Her Political Opinions: One’s opinions on politics are greatly influenced by their personal beliefs and personality. Keep an open mind when discussing politics, even if her views do not align with yours.
  6. Ask Her Questions On Off-The-Wall Topics: This works as a great icebreaker in the relationship. Ask crazy questions and be prepared for equally intriguing answers. It will keep the conversation fresh and encourage you to embrace each other’s crazy streak.
  7. Life Aspirations: Talk about your aspirations with each other. Discuss your long-term and short-term goals in your career, personal life, and with respect to finance. It helps you share and know what motivates her and drives her as a person.
  8. Ask About Her Accomplishments: Ask her about her accomplishments in life, however small, and share yours. It will bring positivity to your conversation and make her happy.
  9. Her Future Plans: Talk about what she is looking forward to, the opportunities she is waiting for, her dream job, and if she wants to move cities to pursue her dream and tell her yours. It will clear things between you from the start and prepare you for the future.
  10. Ask About Her Likes And Dislikes: This helps you establish an understanding between each other. Spend some time on dates trying to learn each other’s likes and dislikes and know more about each others’ personalities.
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  1. Share Your Special Memories: This makes for a topic of intense conversation. Ask about her special memories and ask questions here and there to show her you are interested in knowing more about her. It gives you an insight into her personality and character.
  2. Compliment Her On Any Changes Done: Girls appreciate men noticing small things about them. Maybe she got a new haircut or changed her clothing style. Verbally noticing such changes show her that you are serious with her.
  3. Ask Her About Her Travel Memories: This will give you hints and help you plan your future dates successfully. Ask her what she enjoys doing while traveling, what kind of locations she loves best and places she loves going back to. This can help strengthen your bond, and you can create some fun memories together.
  4. Her Childhood Pet: This emotional topic helps you know her on a personal level. You can plan a visit to an animal shelter or adopt a pet together to take your relationship to the next level.
  5. Share Fantasies: Discussing your fantasies will improve your intimate connection. It also fosters a healthy relationship and establishes confidence and trust in it.
  6. Share Why You Asked Her Out: If you were the one to take the first step in the relationship, share why you asked her out in the first place or what attacted you to her. This will give her confidence in the strength of the relationship. If it was the other way around, you can ask what made her ask you out.
  7. Share Your Secret Spots: Trade secret spots that you have around the city and urge her to do the same. Ask her why she prefers these places and then you can plan dates where you take each other to your secret spots. This will foster a sense of camaraderie and trust. Moreover, it will give you an insight into the things/moments that she values and holds dear.
  8. One Thing That You Would Never Guess About Her: Learning about her hidden talents or weird habits would help you form a deep relationship with each other. It shows that she trusts you with her quirks and expects you to keep it to yourself.
  9. The Weirdest Date She Has Had: Keep the conversation going and lighten the atmosphere with this topic. This helps you know what not to do on a date!
  10. What Were Her Views Of You On The First Date: If it has been years since your first date or you are past a few dates in your relationship, it is a good idea to cherish the memories of it.
  11. Her Childhood Career Choice: If you can’t think of any other topics, you can ask her about her childhood career and if it is still the same or if it has changed over the years and why.
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  1. Which Parent Is She More Like: This can be a smart way of knowing about her parents and her personality together. You can also mentally note down points to be on her parents’ good books when and if you meet them.
  2. Her Definition Of Romance: It can be a great opportunity for you to learn about ideas on romance and what she expects from a relationship.
  3. Share Your Secrets: Share some of your secrets that you hold close. If you are at the start of a relationship, it could be a fun or embarrassing moment for you. But if you are in a serious relationship, you can share a deep secret you have never shared with anyone to show her that you trust her.
  4. Tell Her What You Love About Her: This is a sweet romantic gesture when wooing a woman. This reestablishes her trust in the relationship and assures her of your feelings.
  5. One Phase Of Her Life She Wants To Revisit: Ask her which phase of life she wants to time travel to. Maybe she wants to relive a specific moment, change a decision that shaped their life, or correct a mistake that she regrets. This can really help you understand her at a deeper level.
  6. Your Biggest Life Lesson: This helps you know what principles she holds dear and mistakes she would never commit again. It will give you a chance to do better for yourself and the relationship.
  7. What Is A Dealbreaker For Her: Knowing her hard limits and things that are a dealbreaker for her makes you aware of the things that she does not like. It will make you more sensitive to her needs and she will be more comfortable to share what she does not like.

However, sometimes, it is important to listen to her openly and with no judgment by showing a sincere interest in what she says. Furthermore, the key is not to only focus on what you have to say but rather, to be so good at making her feel at ease that she is open to speak. In this way, any possible communication barrier has no reason to exist and you both will feel free to talk about anything you want and learn about your common interests.

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You can also ask her about her favorite food during her childhood or the favorite dish made by her mother or grandmother to understand her food preferences better.

Things To Talk About With A Girl Over Text

Conversations over text can be more abrupt and harder to decipher, leading to more stress on how to navigate them. Here are a few ideas to keep the conversation going in a fun way:

  1. Memes: The internet world’s favorite pastime, memes are now called a love language! Share one that you feel she might love. If you aren’t sure about her sense of humor, send a few different types of memes to gauge her reactions.
  2. Interesting Articles: Found something that piques your interest? Share it with her and ask what she thinks. This lets you know if you appreciate the same things.
  3. Songs That You Listen To: Did you just find a song that you are in love with? Send her a link! In case you both have similar tastes in music, you can start a collaborative playlist. This way, you both can share songs with each other.
  4. Daily Routine: Ask her about her day and let her know about yours. Enquire what a regular day is like for her – from this, you will also know the best time to text her.
  5. A TV Show/Movie You Want To Watch: You can suggest her or even send her the link to a trailer. Then, in case she is also interested in it, you could propose watching it together through an online watch party session!
  6. Inside Jokes: If you have inside jokes, be sure to text her about anything related to them. This way, you will let her know that you are listening when she speaks and appreciate your connection.
  7. Share Something Interesting About Your Day: Saw a funny ad or an outrageous email? Share a picture with her! Little things like this can keep the conversation fun when talking to a girl on text.
  8. Pop Culture: There will always be a new release or something beautiful in the making. Be it an iconic music video, a cast announcement, or even relevant stickers – share all with her!
  9. Holiday Destinations: Discussing dream holiday destinations on text is so much more fun as you can share references and related articles. The next time you find a beautiful destination when scrolling through your social media feed, share it with her!
  10. Cartoons/Movies You Watched As Kids: Nothing says nostalgia like the things you watched in your childhood! Some are gems that you will always cherish and have precious memories associated with. If you both are quite caught up in this wave of nostalgia, suggest a rewatch marathon of some of your absolute favorites.

When texting, remember to not take yourself too seriously and match the energy of your texter. Most importantly, be your authentic self!

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You can even ask her about the songs she listens to in the morning, while working out, or on friday nights.

Infographic: What To Avoid When Talking To A Girl

Talking to a girl isn’t just about their topics of interest. Your body language and mannerisms can affect your impression, too. Check the infographic below for some mistakes to avoid when talking to a girl.

what to avoid when talking to a girl (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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There are endless conversation topics to pick from when talking to a girl. You can talk about anything that intrigues you about them, and if you aren’t pushy, they will carry the conversation along. But if you are still confused about how to start a conversation with a girl or things to talk about with your girlfriend, take ideas from the above list to become a great conversationalist and a real smooth talker. Remember to be respectful and considerate if they seem uncomfortable with any topic, and do not try to rush anything. People are different, and sometimes it takes time to build a rapport. Let things flow naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a girl blush over text?

Here are some things you can tell a girl over text to make her blush:
• You were the final component I was missing from my life’s jigsaw puzzle. My puzzle has been solved now that you’re here.
• I’ve been thinking about you ever since we first met. I never want to lose you for a second.
• I am missing sixty seconds of unadulterated joy for every minute you are away from me.

What to talk to girls to impress?

Begin by saying “hello” and tell her how lovely she looks. A woman loves compliments. Then, gradually get to know her and what she likes and dislikes. Also, some ladies prefer calm men who are neither boastful nor outspoken. So try to maintain your composure and pay attention to what she has to say.

How do I avoid awkward silences while talking to a girl?

To avoid awkward silences while talking to a girl, you can prepare some conversation starters or ask open-ended questions that encourage her to talk more.

How do I find common interests to talk about with a girl?

Ask her about her hobbies, interests, or favorite movies or TV shows. You can also share your own interests and see if you have any common ground.

How do I show genuine interest in what a girl is saying during a conversation?

Showing genuine interest involves actively listening, making eye contact, nodding your head, and responding thoughtfully. Ask follow-up questions or clarify points to show that you are engaged in the conversation.

What are some ways to make a girl feel comfortable and open up during a conversation?

Create a safe and non-judgmental environment by being friendly, respectful, and attentive. Avoid interrupting or talking over her, and be patient and understanding if she seems hesitant to share.

Key Takeaways

  • Initiating a funny conversation can be tricky. You can start with simple things like hobbies or even talk about life goals.
  • Music, favorite travel places, movies, or even current affairs can be a part of the conversation.
  • Food, favorite restaurant, social media, or even favorite scent can be the best pick-up options to initiate a conversation.

Struggling to find something to talk about with an attractive girl? Check out this video for the best topics to get the conversation flowing!


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  1. Shared reality: from sharing-is-believing to merging minds
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