“Thinking Of You” Quotes For The One You Are Missing

It is such a bittersweet feeling to have someone to yearn for across time and distance.

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Thinking of someone whom you love dearly can be a bit intense. These special souls can be right there in your head any time of the day. Especially when you hear their favorite song, watch a movie they love, or even when you see or are eating their favorite food. To that end, today, in this article, we have in store some of the most relatable “thinking of you” quotes that you can share with your dearest person to show them how much you miss their presence in your life. So go ahead and pick your favorite “missing you” quote from below.

Best “Thinking Of You” Quotes

Best Thinking Of You quotes
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When you are obsessively missing someone and need to let them know how you feel, here are a few quotes you can use!

  •  “Even if we have never met, I think I would be missing you!”

Some connections are much beyond meeting each other.

  •  “Sending you virtual hugs to let you know that I am thinking of you.”

These words are just enough to put a smile on them.

  •  “I found a hack to smile anytime. I close my eyes and think of you.”

Now, who doesn’t get flattered by this?

  •  “I know we have our own lives, and they are keeping us busy, but I just want to drop this message to let you know that you are in my thoughts every day.”

Because such small attempts matter.

“Thinking Of You My Friend” Quotes

Your friend always has your back irrespective of the distance between the cities or countries you both are in. And one way to let them know that their presence matters is to make them aware that you think about them with the help of some unique friendship quotes. We have in store some catchy quotes for best friends below. Read on!

  •  “I had the last cookie of my favorite cookie packet today evening, and I thought, whom would I share it with? And you came to my mind.”

Looking for cute “thinking of you” quotes? This is the best one to make your loved ones go all, “awww”?!

  •  “When I think of you, I realize about the beautiful discovery I had in my life that we can grow separately but still not grow apart!”

Well, that’s what friends are there for!

  •  “If you felt a little squeeze, it is me hugging you in my thoughts!”

Telling them, you are thinking of them and are sending them virtual hugs cannot get more adorable!

  •  “When I think of you, I think of all the wisdom, kindness, and warmth you have given me, and it helps me to move on with the day!”

Miles apart, they do not fail to do their job, which will let them know that.

  •  “Thinking of you brings back all the beautiful moments we shared and all those that we are going to as beautiful memories.”

There would be no one else who shares the best of your memories.

“Thinking Of You” Love Quotes

Best Thinking Of You love quotes
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If you are in love and wanna make your human understand how much you think of them, the quotes below shall rescue you:

  •  “I wrote your name in my heart, and It will stay there forever.”

Because once you convince yourself, there is no going back.

  •  “Keep your chin up and move on with the days until we get to that day when we unite again.”

Waiting to meet your loved one can be a motivation to go ahead with the days.

  •  “I live in your thoughts. Your promise that you are never gonna leave me is the only thing that gives me strength to stay apart!”

Some promises are meant to be kept! And this seems like one!

“Thinking Of You” Love Quotes For Her

Best Thinking Of You love quotes for her
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Wait no more! Share these heartfelt quotes with her already and show her some love.

  •  “The first and last thing in my heart is you, and you are all I think of!”

Because she is the favorite one!

  •  “In between millions of yesterdays and tomorrows, there is only a single today. And today will not pass without you in my thoughts!”

It’s her thoughts that make your day complete.

  •  “I feel a gut-wrenching pain in my heart every time I think about you. I never knew missing someone could be this painful!”

Indeed a realization of how painful missing someone can be.

  •  “I run out of words to tell you what I feel when I think about you. But I can tell you that my world is filled with happiness with you in my head!”

Well, one person can help you lift your vibe altogether!

  •  “I can now tell you that my feelings for you are 100 percent real because I think of you more than I think of anything else.”

Is there any other way to understand the intensity of love?

  •  “I might be able to go on without talking to you for days and weeks, but I cannot go without thinking about you even for a minute!”

Pretty much summarises those intense feelings!

“Thinking Of You” Love Quotes For Him

The best Thinking Of You quotes for him
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Sometimes missing him can get way too intense, and thoughts of him will be cluttered in your head as a matter of consequence. Pick your favorite romantic and sweet quotes to let him know you are thinking of him from below!

  •  “I suddenly realized that I was smiling at nothing and then understood that I was thinking of you.”

Things we do when in love, don’t we?

  •  “Thinking of you has become a way of my life; it is much more than a mere habit!”

No other way to tell him that he is in your head 24/7.

  •  “Thinking of you reminds me how butterflies feel like.”

How simple but intense is that!

  •  “Even if I let my thoughts flow freely, they only choose the direction that leads to you.”

Because it is not the head that controls your thoughts, it’s your mind as well.

  •  “Every day is too short to think of all the things that I want to do with you. Long walks, late-night conversations, listening to our favorite songs, and whatnot!”

Most of our thoughts are of imaginary situations rather than real ones, aren’t they?

Funny “Thinking Of You” Quotes

If you are someone who cannot slide into your loved ones’ DMs without a note of humor in your messages, then below are some funny quotes that will be of help.

  •  “If someone gives me a dollar every time I think of you, I am sure I could have gotten you everything you ever wanted!”

That would have been an easy way to get rich too!

  •  “Dropping by to say that I am thinking of you all day today. Not because my work is boring!”

Well, enough to cheer them up on a dull day.

  •  “The most tiring thing I do all day is thinking of you. I would be fit if it helped in burning calories.”

It might be a mental exertion, but it is indeed a pleasure!

  •  “Three things I think of; food, naps, and you.

PS: Not in the same order always!”
Well, these are pretty much enough for survival!

“Thinking Of You” Sympathy Quotes

Here are a few quotes for your loved ones that have a sympathetic tone in them. Let us check’em out.

  •  “You are in my thoughts, and I wish for all comfort and happiness in your life.”

For someone going through heartbreak or loss, this would be a ray of hope.

  •  “Even if I am not able to be near you, I feel my thoughts are capable of bringing me closer to you.”

Hopefully, your thoughts can make them understand the intensity of your feelings!!

  •  “Do not ever feel that you are alone. I think of you with every inch of my soul and heart.”

Such sweet words to cheer someone up!

Romantic “Thinking Of You” Quotes

Best romantic Thinking Of You quotes
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Wanna add some romance to your quotes? We got ya! We have collected a few romantic quotes for your beloved too. Scroll down.

  •  “With every waking moment of my life, in every dream, and every chore I do, it is you who are my thoughts!”

It is a painful pleasure to carry someone in your heart and mind all day, every day!

  •  “My love for you makes me think of hours like days. Days, and months and every moment feel like forever without you.”

When in love, every moment apart does feel like forever.

  •  “Whenever I am lonely, it is only your thoughts that keep me occupied.”

After all, thoughts are also a good companion.

These ‘thinking of you’ quotes can perfectly sum up your feelings. Whether it is a heartfelt saying, a funny quote, or a motivational quote, you can express yourself in many styles. Our collection also includes some sweet words and uplifting quotes for your friends as well. There is something for everyone here, and you can make them your own by putting your twist on any positive quote. And don’t be afraid to think out of the box too, sometimes cliche’ inspirational quotes can be tweaked to make funny and creative messages. Now that you know what to say feel free to write your feelings down in a sweet text or pass them along by handwritten note. We are sure they will appreciate your kind words.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell someone you’re thinking of them during a hard time?

You can either motivate them to stay strong or ensure that you will have their backs no matter what. Words like “hang in there” and “I am sorry for your loss” can comfort people during a difficult time.

How do you say “I’m thinking about you” without saying it?

Sometimes the gestures are more impactful than the words. Some gestures may help you convey that you are thinking about someone without saying it. For example, sending beautiful flowers or heartfelt notes, baking their favorite cookies/cakes, and planning a meetup, are some cute gestures that may help.

What does “thinking of you” mean in a text?

It is used to indicate that you are thinking of someone or that you are remembering them fondly.

How can you use “thinking of you” quotes to initiate conversation or reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while?

If you want to initiate a conversation with “thinking of you” quotes, keep it simple. Choose a quote that best applies to your situation, add a personal touch by remembering a fond old memory with them and send it their way.

How can you personalize a “thinking of you” quote to make it more meaningful and specific to your relationship with the person you are thinking of?

To personalize a “thinking of you” quote, note a shared moment between the two of you, use their name in your message, and add some details about that person that you love and miss having around in the quote.

What are some different types of relationships that “thinking of you” quotes can be used for?

Thinking of you quotes can be used for a variety of relationships, including romantic partners, family members, friends, colleagues, and long-distance relationships.

What are some creative ways to send a “thinking of you” quote?

A handwritten note, a personalized video message, or a professionally created piece of art are just a few of the creative ways to send a “thinking of you” quote.

How can you use “thinking of you” quotes to express your own feelings and emotions?

By selecting quotations that connect to your own growth or struggles, writing them down in a journal, and then reflecting on how they relate to your own experiences and emotions, you can utilize “thinking of you” quotes to communicate your own feelings and emotions.

How can you use “thinking of you” quotes to express feelings of admiration or respect for someone’s accomplishments or character traits?

Select a quote that reflects the traits you value in that person and how proud you feel of their achievement and send it along with a unique message, or make a customized gift with the quote and message included in it.

How can you use “thinking of you” quotes as a way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone, such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation?

By choosing quotes that are appropriate for the occasion, incorporating them into a card, a handwritten message, or social media post, and adding specific well wishes or congrats, are various ways “thinking of you” quotes can be used to celebrate a special occasion or milestone.

Is someone you know feeling low and needs a dose of positivity? Check out this video of inspiring thinking-of-you quotes that will help you brighten their day!

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