201 “This Or That” Questions

Fill your day with fun & laughter and get to know your bestie better with these questions.

By Harini NatarajanHarini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner  • 

The This Or That Questions are the best way to go about it if you seek the perfect game to play with your buddies and have an amazing time. The questions prompt the participants to pick one from two given choices. The topics are frequently amusing, but they can also be challenging.

After playing this game with your pals, you will be shocked at how much more there is to learn about them! The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t have to be enjoyed as a game all of the time. You can also utilize it to discover more about someone’s preferences. You may also use it as a basic game to keep everyone amused at your next party.

In any case, the participants will have a better understanding of their peers and will show fewer signs of weariness. Scroll down for some fun and interesting ’this or that’ questions!

How To Play The This Or That Game

There are many ways to play the This Or That game. It is better if it is played one-on-one or in a small group where you can note down the answers and concentrate on the other players’ responses.

One way to play this game is to give two choices to the player and guess their answer. If you guess the answer right, you get a point. Prepare a set of questions (or use the ones listed below), write them down on a sheet of paper, and let the player mark their choices with a marker. The other players can then guess the choices marked by the player. Here are a few ways to make the game more interesting:

1. Take Turns

Some people prefer taking turns and asking questions, where one person answers just one question and the rest of the people guess the answer. It keeps the players active and attentive throughout the game.

2. Multiple Choice

To keep the game exciting, each player can be given a set of questions until the majority of players guesses their choices right. The limit of questions can range from 5-10.

3. Similarity Check

The best way to play it is with your date or your best friend. You can prepare a set of questions and mark your choices. You can then check how many questions you both answered similarly.

Rules Of Playing The This Or That Game

There are no hard and fast rules for playing this game. The main objective is to have a fun time getting to know your friends or date. To make the game interesting, you can list out all the This Or That questions in two columns – A and B. All the players can write A or B next to the corresponding question number.

After they are done noting down their guesses, the other people playing the game have to take a poll on the answers that the player picked. If you choose the correct answer marked by the player, you earn a point. There can be a scorekeeper to keep things fair and hassle-free.

Here is a list of 201 This Or That questions to get you started.

This Or That Questions For Couples

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The best way to discover things about your better half would be to help them open up to you in unique ways. Playing the This Or That game with them will help you find out about their preferences and understand them better without asking them anything directly. These are the best This Or That Questions for new couple.

  1. Cuddling or sleeping?
  2. Eating outside or cooking at home?
  3. Netflix or YouTube?
  4. Calls or texts?
  5. Shower or tub?
  6. Nice car or nice home interiors?
  7. Cardio or weights?
  8. Mobile games or console games?
  9. Ocean or mountains?
  10. Telepathy or teleporting?
  11. Cruise or romantic retreat?
  12. Classical art or modern art?
  13. Audi or BMW?
  14. Mansion or cabin?
  15. Large crowd or a small party?
  16. Winter or summer?
  17. Farmhouse kitchen or galley style?
  18. Card games or board games?
  19. Beer or wine?
  20. Makeup or no makeup?
  21. Long drive or long walk?
  22. Camping or binge-watching shows at home?
  23. Swimming or sunbathing?
  24. Coffee or tea?
  25. Dogs or babies?
  26. Comedy or horror?
  27. Music or podcasts?
  28. Straight hair or curly hair?
  29. Passive or aggressive?
  30. New clothes or new phone?
  31. Computer games or video games?
  32. Gold or silver?
  33. Rap or rock?
  34. Hairy or shaved?
  35. Long hair or short hair?
  36. TV shows or movies?
  37. Living room or bedroom?
  38. Good heart or good body?
  39. Dyed hair or natural hair?
  40. Brown hair or black hair?
  41. Sweater or hoodie?
  42. Serious or funny?
  43. Hot or pretty?
  44. Online shopping or store shopping?
  45. Candy or popcorn?
  46. Skylight or mirrored wall?
  47. Hugs or kisses?
  48. Boating or roller coaster?
  49. Dine out or food delivery?
  50. Pop or indie?
  51. Formal dining room or family banquet?

Hard This Or That Questions

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You can spice the game up by making the game full of tricky questions. Asking cringy questions while you are playing in a group will make the game even more interesting!

  1. Mom or dad?
  2. Your pet or neighbor’s child?
  3. Quick temper or controlled temper?
  4. Apartment or home?
  5. Girlfriend or family?
  6. Neutral colors or bold colors?
  7. Houseboat or yacht?
  8. Charger or power bank?
  9. Plants or flowers?
  10. Facts or fiction?
  11. Liquid soap or bar soap?
  12. Global warming or natural disaster?
  13. Higher studies or work?
  14. Strategy games or bingo?
  15. Performing arts or science?
  16. Rain or sunshine?
  17. New year’s eve or Valentine’s day?
  18. Instant death or prolonged death?
  19. Supervisor or hourly employee?
  20. Live in a cold area or a hot area?
  21. Government work or private sector?
  22. Thunderstorm or snowstorm?
  23. Doctor or engineer?
  24. Wax or shave?
  25. Perfume or body spray?
  26. Boss or worker?
  27. Self-employed or a company man?
  28. Google or Bing?
  29. Live in the past or present?
  30. Author or editor?
  31. Bare feet or shoes?
  32. Underwater or up in the air?
  33. Aerobics or yoga?
  34. Classic or modern?
  35. Books or magazines?
  36. Divorce or staying in a bad marriage?
  37. Student or teacher?
  38. Town or country?
  39. Doctor or patient?
  40. Trash or treasure?
  41. Fast or slow?
  42. Introvert or extrovert?
  43. Trees or flowers?
  44. Paper bags or plastic bags?
  45. Cry or scream?
  46. Alcohol or weed?
  47. Formals or casuals?
  48. Office work or outside work?
  49. Work from home or commute to work?
  50. Painfully full or starving?

Deep This Or That Questions

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Let these questions bring out your deepest thoughts. They will help you get to know the other person better than you ever did.

  1. Museum or amusement park?
  2. Intelligent or funny?
  3. Freedom or hope?
  4. Success or happiness?
  5. Money or free time?
  6. Hunting or saving?
  7. Handmade gifts or expensive gifts?
  8. Trip or staycation?
  9. Rom-coms or documentaries?
  10. Modern or rustic?
  11. Family or friends?
  12. Comfort or style?
  13. Working alone or working in a team?
  14. Pop music or rock music?
  15. Sinful or righteous?
  16. Art festivals or music festivals?
  17. Hurt or dead?
  18. Forest or beach?
  19. Cable or satellite?
  20. Family movies or adult movies?
  21. Architectural sites or shopping?
  22. Truth or lies?
  23. Paintings or photos?
  24. Strange or crazy?
  25. Concerts or movies?
  26. Morning person or night owl?
  27. Motorcycle or bicycle?
  28. Leather or fabric?
  29. Glasses or contacts?
  30. Email or letter?
  31. Piercings or tattoos?
  32. Reading books or watching videos?
  33. Work hard or play hard?
  34. Train or plane?
  35. Money or fame?
  36. Smoking or drinking?
  37. Abs or chest?
  38. Smile or eyes?
  39. Cycle or walks?
  40. Dancer or singer?
  41. Chandelier or lamps?
  42. Save or spend?
  43. Own country or abroad?
  44. Evil or good?
  45. Antique or new?
  46. Formal or casual?
  47. Twins or single kids?
  48. Morning shower or evening shower?
  49. Sunglasses or sun visor?
  50. Beach or hills?

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Funny This Or That Questions For Friends

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These set of questions will make you giggle at the replies and make the atmosphere light and filled with laughter.

  1. Skates or bike?
  2. Watch sports or play sports?
  3. Yoga pants or jeans?
  4. Flip-flops or sneakers?
  5. Marvel or DC?
  6. Bubble bath or shower?
  7. Costume party or pool party?
  8. Lost or found?
  9. Facebook or Twitter?
  10. Carnivore or herbivore?
  11. Cold or flu?
  12. Horror stories or mysteries?
  13. Puzzles or board games?
  14. Bikini or one-piece?
  15. Vampires or angels?
  16. Aerobics or Yoga?
  17. Carnival or circus?
  18. Beer or wine?
  19. Camping or safari?
  20. Pumping iron or pumping gas?
  21. Baseball or football?
  22. Fishing or kayaking?
  23. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  24. Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket?
  25. Theme park or water park?
  26. Bowling or mini-golf?
  27. Bad breath or body odor?
  28. Spa or gym?
  29. Simpsons or Family Guy?
  30. Ghost tour or historical tour?
  31. Running or swimming?
  32. Comedy or drama?
  33. Dancing or cooking classes?
  34. Hiking or monster truck rally?
  35. Drunk or sober?
  36. Chilly or lemon?
  37. Florals or stripes?
  38. Personal chef or gym trainer?
  39. Indoor or outdoor?
  40. Good looks or good sense of humor?
  41. Sunrise or sunset?
  42. Christmas or Halloween?
  43. Hot or cute?
  44. Beard or clean-shaved?
  45. Big ears or big feet?
  46. Boxers or briefs?
  47. Eating dirt or eating bad food?
  48. Holding in a fart or holding in pee?
  49. Home garden or farmers market?
  50. Sports or video games?

Infographic: This-That Questions: Topics To Avoid

It’s all fun and games until someone gets offended, and the ambiance turns sour. While we cannot assume which questions in a “This Or That” game may trigger someone, some topics are problematic from the get-go. While at a party, it is etiquette to be considerate of other people. Check out the infographic below on topics you best avoid while playing “This Or That” question games.

this that questions topics to avoid (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

This was our list of the best This or That questions. This game is an excellent way to know your folks better while having fun at the same time. It is perfect for game nights, sleepovers, get-togethers, etc. This game lightens the mood and brings joy and laughter to the gathering. However, always make sure that you are not offending anyone in the process. And do not hesitate to let your people know if you feel offended. Say it out politely. Go ahead and have a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can “this or that” questions be used to get to know someone better?

“This or that” questions are great icebreakers for people who have just met and want to get to know each other better. Start out with basic questions about their food preferences or pastimes, then move on to deeper questions about their life, childhood, previous relationships, career, etc.

What are some juicy “this or that” questions?

Make your “this or that” questions juicy or spicy by getting out of your (and your partner’s) comfort zone a little. Ask your partner about their previous relationship experiences or embarrassing situations.

Key Takeaways

  • The ‘This or That’ questions game is not just entertaining but also a great way to learn more about your friends’ preferences, personalities, and tastes.
  • There are no strict rules for playing this game – just ask the questions and be prepared to be surprised!
  • Play the game and create some unadulterated moments of joy with your friends.
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