How To Make Him Miss You – 17 Tips

Written by Harini Natarajan

You must have heard of the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Most women wish that their potential SO or current flame would miss them more often. Once that wish arises, you may try to find ways to make him want you more. The biggest issue with guys is that in the initial stages, you don’t even need to try to make him miss you. But, as time passes, those feelings of wanting and yearning and missing start waning.

If you feel his yearning for you taking a nosedive, there are plenty of ways up our alley to make him start missing you. These rules apply to all kinds of men. He may be a significant other, your boyfriend, or a husband. He may also be an ex that you want to get back with (though, let us be the first ones to tell that it’s a terrible idea). Whatever the situation, here’s how you can make him miss you.

Tips To Make Him Miss You

1. Stop Your Communication With Him For A While

We understand that when you do miss someone, the urge to text them is very real. You try to come up with texts that will make him want you or crave daily communication. In some cases, you may even want to be on an hourly communication basis with this person. Here’s some advice.

The best way to make a guy miss you is to pull away. Refrain from texting or calling him. If you reach out to him constantly, he does not have any chance to miss you. Give your special person a reason and some time to miss you. When you cut back on contact, your Mr. Right will keep wondering whether you are really interested in him. This may be quite hard for you to do, but it works like a charm in making him miss you.

2. Don’t Throw A Tantrum

A little tantrum here and there can be endearing. He may find that slight nose twitch or bout of jealousy quite cute. But when it becomes nagging, things can go south between the two of you.

One of the best ways to make him miss you is not nagging him when he expects you to. He is not taking your call? Okay. Do not create a scene about it. Basically, remain chill. This will make him crave the attention you usually give him and make him miss you.

3. Be The One Who Ends The Conversation


You had a good stint going. Every day, you would fall asleep while talking to him on the phone. Now, you can feel his attention fading away. Here is a trick up our alley to make your man miss you in such a situation – be the first one to finish a conversation.

Say “I am busy” or “Oh, my friends have come over” when the conversation gets long. You can do this with texting as well. Be the first one to send the ‘goodnight’ text. The aim here is to end the conversation abruptly when he least expects it. This will leave him aching for you. When a man misses a woman, he wants to keep talking to her. This will make him do just that.

4. Do Not Return His Calls And Texts Immediately

Yeah, we know Barney Stinson came up with this rule. But remember, there is a difference between giving him a healthy amount of attention and looking needy. The simplest trick is to ensure that you do not return calls or reply to his texts as soon as you get them. We recommend you send him texts that make him want you (maybe something a bit naughty?), but not like your life’s happiness depends on him.

Keep him waiting. Let him see that he is not the only priority in your life. Most men love a chase. But if you are right there waiting for him all the time, it sucks out all the excitement from the relationship for him.

5. Respect His Space

Guys are big on their space. If you really want to make him want you, respect his space. Have your space and let him have his. Your spaces can intersect and overlap, but not infringe on each other. This will not only make him miss you but also show that you have a life outside of him. And if you ask us, this is just as empowering for you. Everybody needs their time and space to clear their minds.

6. Restrict The Usage Of Social Media

Social media is your friend as long as you use it within limits. It has so much potential for exploitation that you can completely go wrong with your plan of making him miss you and end up turning things against you.

When you want to make him miss you, a little bit of mystery is crucial. Even if you are an avid social media user, do not keep updating your status every hour. Post only the best pictures and space out when you post them.

Also, please go easy on the Facebook/BuzzFeed quizzes. Especially ones like “Who is your soulmate?” and “What will your kids look like?” It is okay to be aspirational, but making it look like those are all your priorities will scare him away.

Share pictures of you partying with your girls and let him gawk. But if he keeps on updating, resist from making conversation. That will just give him the impression that you are stalking him online.

7. Make Your Encounters Surprising And Fun


Hey, there is no denying that a little bit of mystery is intriguing. If you want to make him miss you, don’t update him constantly on where you are what you are doing. Then, surprise him with a little spontaneity. For instance, call him for a dinner date out of the blue. Or, forget the dinner and movie, and go for paintball instead. Making these fun memories will make him miss you and want to hang out with you anymore.

8. “Forget” Your Things At His Place

If you are going for a sleepover, try to leave your scarf or sunglasses behind. You can even leave a simple hair clip in his pocket! These little quirks really keep guys interested. Seeing your things often will surely make a man miss you.

But do not let him catch on to your trick. Don’t start doing this too often. Otherwise, he may just stop finding this whole thing cute and start thinking you are careless instead.

9. Spend Time With Your Friends

Most girls, when they get into a relationship, end up spending all their time with their partner. This can get quite frustrating for the man. When you really want to make him miss you, show him that you have a life that is independent of him and are not needy for his time and attention.

This is where Instagram comes in handy – update your stories when you go out with friends. If anything, it will make him respect you more because you are an independent woman.

10. Use Social Media To Highlight Your Life, But Subtly

Do not keep updating wherever you go just to let him know. Honestly, he will know that you are trying to seek his attention. Here are certain things you really should not do on social media:

  • Do not tag him in photos that he is not in.
  • Do not send him a Snap every 10 minutes to keep getting attention from him.
  • Do not text his friends to find out what he is doing.
  • Do not try to make him jealous by posting pictures with other guys.

11. Treat Him Like A Friend And Not Really As A Flame

We tend to get really needy when we start expecting something from our partner. The very fact that you are looking for ways to find out how to make him miss you means that he is somewhat used to you gawking and fawning all over him. Thus, he is taking you for granted.

Here is what you can do. Mix things up a bit and treat him like a really good friend, but nothing more. Hold back the feelings that you get for him even though it may become difficult. Do not become rude. Simply be courteous and keep some physical distance between you two whenever you meet. But if he is sensitive, this can really hurt him emotionally. So, practice discretion when you meet him.

12. Do Away With The Pretense

This is perhaps the most useful advice we can give you for life. Be genuine with your man. The more pretentious you are, the easier it is to catch your lies. If you really want someone to miss you, show them the real you.

When you want to make a man miss you, be yourself when you are with him. Be it binging on ice cream in the middle of the night or crying while watching a Meryl Streep movie, show him who you are. These little things will surely make him remember you. Let him see why you are unique and don’t just follow the herd.

13. Take Things Slow

We would also recommend you to take things slow if you want to attract him. Don’t go all in – physically and emotionally – right from the first date. It is best to control the pace of the relationship. If you do not let him miss you at all, you will lose control of the entire situation. If things keep moving too fast, they may also end too soon.

14. Be Subtly Jealous

Hey, do not look completely disinterested. It is best to show some jealousy, but not go overboard with it. Ask subtly who that girl was, but don’t express your dismay regarding it.

He should not feel like you are trying to completely invade his life, but you are still not ignoring his actions completely. This will surely make him miss you a lot more.

15. Do Not Put All The Cards On The Table

Do not put all your cards on the table. Keep some aspects of your personality hidden. This keeps the excitement alive. It will also keep making him want you a lot more. When he knows he wants to get to know those hidden aspects, he will come back and surely miss you more.

16. Make Him Earn You Bit By Bit

This ties in with our previous point. Don’t go all in with this guy right from the first date. This includes not being totally vulnerable with him and making the space for him to be vulnerable with you.

The emotional labor you put into a relationship is valuable. Don’t dole it out freely, especially when the guy is not making an equal amount of effort in return. Make him earn you bit by bit by sharing just a little bit about you each time you guys meet. This will make him miss you and want you more.

17. Find A Scent That He Can Associate With You


It is a well-known fact that humans strongly associate certain scents with specific memories. Use this to your advantage by wearing a particular perfume every time you meet him. If things go well, you can leave a shirt of yours at his place that he can sniff whenever he misses you. And miss you, he will.

If you want to pursue a new talent, sign up for it. Pick up a new language or go to a painting class. Ensure whatever you do makes you happy. A happy person will always attract a happy person. If you are trying to make a man miss you, seeing you happy will surely help you out. While there is no denying that guys find a little drama cute, they find happy girls way more attractive. Good luck!

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