Top 10 Tongue Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Tongue Tattoo Designs May 11, 2018

Not exactly a part of the mainstream tattoo culture, tongue tattoos has however found a strong foothold in the hearts of diehard tattoo aficionados. Shocking to some and others find it as unique tattoo art. Tongue tattoos have been around for some time now and are here to stay.

If you are over 18 years of age and wish to get one done without worrying about future consequences, these top ten unique tongue tattoos should be interesting ideas for your experiments with extreme tattoo art.

Top Ten Tongue Tattoo Designs:

1. Dude Tongue Tattoo:

Everyone knows dude is a colloquial term used to refer to male companions or friends. So if you are someone looking for a tongue tattoo to impress your male buddies, this could be an ideal choice. Get it done in bold black or use other colors, the choice is yours.

2. Clover Leaf Tongue Tattoo:

This interesting tattoo on tongue depicting a clover leaf stands out for its small size and unusual color. Clover leafs represent good fortune and is a common motif for charm bracelets and other accessories. Most often clover leaf tattoos are found on the ankles, wrists or arms but you can go one step further and get yourself a clover leaf on your tongue. It may just bring you some extra good luck.

3. Mural Tongue Tattoo:

This tongue tattoo depicts a mural that is commonly seen in churches and museums. This unusual work of art cannot be easily replicated until and unless you know a tattoo artist who is indeed brilliant at what he or she does.

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4. Flower Motif Tongue Tattoo:

This trendy temporary tongue tattoo depicts a flower and is a great idea for children’s birthday parties. Hire an expert to paint on trendy designs and cute motifs such as flowers, cartoons characters and butterflies. Ensure that the ink used is non toxic and edible.

5. OMG Tongue Tattoo:

OMG is the abbreviation for “Oh my God” which is a common colloquial phrase used to express surprise, shock or overjoyed. Get an OMG tongue tattoo and stick your tongue out every time you are positively surprised.

6. Tribal Art Tongue Tattoo:

This piece of tribal art depicting a spider stands out for its clear and bold outlines and perfect inner shading. This is mostly just a fine example of how you can use tribal art concepts and motifs to conceptualize an interesting theme for your own tongue tattoo.

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7. Subtle Tongue Tattoo:

If you are looking for a tongue tattoo that is also subtle and not too over the top, do not despair because it is definitely possible and totally dependent on the color used. The above tattoo in a shade of pink would be barely noticeable from a distance and can neither draw attention every time you open your mouth to talk or eat.

8. Tiger Tongue Tattoo:

This unique tattoo effectively depicts a tiger. It’s not necessary to mention that tigers symbolize power, agility and a strong hunting instinct. If you are not specifically looking for symbolic value, you could just get this tiger tongue tattoo to show your support for the conservation of this rare creature and other species on the brink of extinction.

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9. Heart Tongue Tattoo:

It’s not necessary to mention that an actual heart doesn’t look anything like this. This is the common depiction of a heart in popular culture owing its significance mainly to greeting cards and tattoos. Since hearts are among the most common tattoo designs, it’s pretty difficult to leave out the simple heart motif from this list.

10. Stickman Tongue Tattoo:

This image commonly used to depict humans that have been popular since Neanderthal men, who used to carve them on the walls of caves. In the modern times the stickman has gained much popularity in Emo art. If you belong to young brigade and you passionately follow the Emo School of art and style, this stickman tongue tattoo is definitely for you.

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Hope this article on top 10 tongue tattoo designs was interesting. Pick your favorite pattern and define your identity with this interesting body art. Make sure you send us your valuable views.

If you are up for the pain, there are plenty of ideas you can pick from this tattoo gallery.

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