Top 54 Beautiful Wavy Long Hairstyles To Inspire You

Stylish, versatile, and gorgeous hairstyles that bring out the inner Goddess in you.

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Long wavy hairstyles make you look like a goddess no matter what you wear. It is super feminine, and girl, you can rule the world with that hair! Gone are the days when trendy hairstyles were made for straight hair only! If you have natural waves and want to style them in a stunning hairstyle, we have just what you need. Here are some hairstyles to experiment with to make you look enchanting and like the celebrity of your dreams. Keep scrolling!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Wavy hair tends to be frizz-prone. A good anti-frizz product is a must-have for styling wavy long hair.
  • Most styles look great on day-old wavy hair. Therefore, wash your hair one day before you need to style it.
  • Scrunch your wavy hair when it is dry for more piecey and plumpy-looking waves.

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1. Auburn Red Side-Parted Wavy Hair

Auburn Red Side-Parted Wavy Hair
Image: Shutterstock

This is a simple yet elegant look that will dazzle everyone who looks at you. The long side-parted wavy hair in an eye-catching auburn shade is a classic, giving you the perfect Poison Ivy vibes.

2. Aqua Blue Wavy Locks with Neon Green Curtain Bangs

Aqua Blue Wavy Locks with Neon Green Curtain Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Vibrant shades go really well with glossy wavy locks. And the uncommon pairing of a shade of blue and neon green is a definite ‘yes’ from us! This look is a good choice for those who like to experiment with their hair color.

3. Textured Soft Waves With Volumized Crown

Let your layered waves embrace your shoulders and get their ends feathered in an outward direction. The short chin-length side bang has made the hairstyle quite charming.

4. Jet Black Intense Waves with Side Sweep

Jet black intense long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Create intense waves in your side-parted hair and let them rest on one of your shoulders casually. In chorus, an elegant side sweep covering a certain part of your eye should amp up your sex appeal.

5. Fiery Red Layered Waves with Curly Ends

Fiery red long layered wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

If bright, bold, and beautiful are the definition of your signature style, these wavy layers with curly ends should not be skipped by you. Stick to the fiery red shade in order to make the most of your effort.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Fiery red hair works best for skin with golden, olive, or neutral undertones.

6. Simple Middle-Parted Layered Waves with Wispy Points

Simple middle-parted layered long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

When it comes to getting a casual look with long wavy hair, this should be the ideal choice for everyone. Just leave your center-pated layers free and give texture to their ends for a wispy flair.

7. High Wavy Ponytail with Messy Hair Wraps

Long high wavy ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Pull all your waves at the crown and secure them with an elastic band. Now, take a few hair strands and wrap the base of the high ponytail with them in an unorganized way. Absolutely gorgeous! Isn’t it?

8. Semi-High Wavy Ponytail with Lovely Poof

Long semi-high wavy ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Getting this sizzling look is quite easy. Just create a huge poof at the top by teasing the hair as well as using hairspray and turning the rest of the waves into a semi-high ponytail.

Licensed cosmetologist, Tuera Jacobs recommends, “If simply teasing your hair isn’t enough to create a huge poof, try adding extensions, in the form of clip-ins or a small ball of braiding hair, to the area where you are trying to achieve the most height and volume.”

9. Side-Parted Waves with Side Bang and Curly Ends

Side-parted long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you have naturally wavy hair, there is no need for fussy styling techniques to make it look good. Teased crown, long side bang, and curly ends are enough to give it a differently beautiful appearance.

10. Wavy Ponytail with Volumized Top and Brief Side Bang

Long wavy ponytail hairstyle with volumized top
Image: Getty

This low ponytail with delicate waves may seem to look like a boring hairstyle itself. But combine it with the loose puffed-up top and that precise side bang, and you will understand why we fell in love with it easily.

11. Smooth Wavy Ponytail with Short Side Part

Long smooth wavy ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Long wavy hair can make you look extremely smart. All you need to do is smoothen up the top hair and create a low side ponytail. It will add a sporty vibe to the waves almost instantly.

12. High and Wavy Side Ponytail with Fringes and Hair Wraps

Long high wavy side ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

A high-side ponytail can give wavy hair a whole new dimension by accentuating the texture of the locks. To make it even more striking, add thick front fringes and a simple hair wrap to it.

13. Textured Waves with Dramatic Side Sweep

Textured long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Texture can give waves a wonderful hold and that is why textured waves are so very much in fashion and beauty trends these days. That long wavy side sweep has given the entire look a dramatic retro effect.

14. Side Braided Loose Waves with Layers

Long side braided loose wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Let your frequently layered waves relax on your shoulders. Braid up a thin section of hair at the front of your head and secure it at one side. Now, here is a chic and glamorous you!

15. Relaxed Waves with Braided and Teased Top

Relaxed long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is a totally unique hairstyle, which needs you to create two side parts and braid up the hair present between them. The loose top hair should be teased and the rest of the hair should be let free. You can even jazz up the look just by wearing a nice metal head chain.

16. Multi-Braided High Wavy Ponytail with Braided Wrap

Multi-braided high and long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is another high ponytail made with long wavy locks. However, those neat braids covering the top section and the braided wrap surrounding the pony have glammed up the look significantly.

Jacobs reminds, “Be creative and have fun with the braids at the top – it’s all about the parting!

17. Single Braided Wavy Hair with Soft Layers

Single braided long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

When it comes to looking elegantly beautiful, nothing can be better than this chic yet classy hairstyle. Start with middle-parting your wavy layers. Then, braid the first layer up at one side and let the same cuddle your face on the other.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can add a vibrant pop to that single braid by using bright extensions or metallic strings while weaving them.

18. Sleek Wavy Layered Hair with Inward Curly Ends

Sleek long wavy layered hairstyle
Image: Getty

Sleek polished waves with a silky smooth texture are great for adding style to long tresses. If you want something more, curl up their edges in an inward direction and you are ready to go.

19. Loose Messy Side Braid on Side-Parted Waves

Loose messy long wavy side braid hairstyle
Image: Getty

Side-part your long beautiful wavy hair and smoothen it up. Now, turn it into a low side braid that is extremely loose and very much sexy. Doesn’t it look stunning?

20. Double-Parted Braided Hairdo with Highlighted Waves

Double-parted braided long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Make two side parts on both sides of your head and braid up the hair in between them. Once you reach the crown, turn the braid into a high half ponytail. The rest of the waves should be left loose and you may add bright highlights to them if you wish.

21. Fringed Wavy Side Braid with Soft Side Bang

Fringed long wavy side braid hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you are wondering how to achieve the most feminine look, here is your solution. Gather all your waves at one side and braid them up loosely. The front fringes and delicate side bang have added to this girly look to a great extent.

22. Layered and Outward Feathered Waves with Bangs

Layered and outward feathered long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

In this long wavy hairstyle, the layered locks are feathered precisely in an outward direction. The side bangs reaching the cheekbones and the textured ends of the waves have helped in spicing the lookup.

23. Waves with Puffy Crown and Textured Curly Ends

Long wavy hairstyle with puffy crown
Image: Getty

This sophisticated hairstyle is enough to make you the center of attraction at any event. Add a little volume to your crown and get the ends of your wavy layers curled up. Those luscious locks should cascade your back just like a waterfall.

24. Semi-High Wavy Ponytail with Textured Edges and Messy Finish

Semi-high long wavy ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

At first, tease the top hair and give it a messy finish. Then, pull all your waves back together and create a semi-high ponytail. The ends of the waves should be textured in order to get a wispy flair.

25. Side Hairdo with Smooth, Brushed Back Waves

lSide ong wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Volumize the hair at both sides of your head by teasing and brush it back. Smoothen it up by applying lots of mousse. Now, make a side ponytail and let it flow down your shoulder gracefully.

26. Simple Double-Braided Waves with Middle Part

Simple double-braided long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Here comes one of the best wavy hairstyles for long hair that can be tried by anyone. It features a center part, loose wavy hair flowing down the shoulders, and two thin side braids secured at the back together.

27. Spiral Waves with Beautiful Side Sweep

Long spiral wavy hairstyle with side sweep
Image: Getty

These long spiral waves go excellent with all types of face shapes and you can achieve a flattering look by sporting it right. However, don’t miss out on that pretty side sweep swinging over the eye.

28. Soft Side Waves with Rolled Up, Puffy Top

Soft long side rolled up wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Roll up your top hair, puff it up considerably and then apply hairspray generously to get a great hold. Your long wavy locks should be gathered at one side for a soft and subtle look.

29. Messy Wavy Updo with Multiple Bangs

Messy long wavy updo hairstyle
Image: Getty

Long wavy hair and a messy updo go hand in hand. Add substantial volume to your crown area, give a slight messy effect to your waves and finally come up with a semi-high updo. Let multiple layered and wavy bangs hug your face lovingly.

30. Low Bun with Highly Textured Waves

Low bun long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is a simple low bun formed at the nape of the neck. However, the rest of the wavy locks should be given a messy effect and textured intensely. It is a highly urbane look to try with super stylish outfits.

31. Messy Side Ponytail with Intense Waves and Zigzag Part

Messy long wavy side ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Well, it is another side ponytail that is made with long layered hair with intense waves. You can add a twist to the look by opting for a zigzag part.

32. Lovely Waves with Textured Curly Ends

Lovely long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Side-part your thick wavy hair and tuck them behind your ears for a tidy look. Now, divide the ends of the locks into small sections and add texture to them. Isn’t it super easy an one of the best hairstyles for long thick wavy hair?

33. Airy Waves with Wispy Points and Hat

Long airy wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

These nice airy waves are just perfect for a cool casual look. Also, check out those wispy points and that smart black-and-white hat. Haven’t they jazzed up the entire look?

34. Glossy Spiral Waves with Layers and Deep Side Part

Long glossy spiral wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Start with making a deep side part in your locks. Now, apply a huge amount of serum to add a glossy effect to the upper part of the hair and turn the lower sections into beautiful spiral waves.

35. Dazzling Layered Waves in Pink and Blue

Dazzling long layered wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

There is no need of fussy hairdos when you have such exclusively colored dazzling hair. Just opt for these shades of bright pink and electric blue for coloring your layered waves and be ready to snatch the attention of others.

36. Side-Shaved Lustrous Waves with Twisted Side Sweep

side-shaved long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Shave one side of your head and gather all the lustrous waves to the other side. Sweep the front section over the eye, twist it up, and secure it at the back. A very unique approach – we must say!

“This is the time to visit your local stylist and allow them to be as artistic and creative as possible, when designing the shaved side of your head,” Jacobs advises.

37. Brushed Back Half Ponytail with Wavy Hair

Brushed back long wavy half ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Brush your front hair back and turn it into a half ponytail right at your crown. Let the rest of your flowy waves stay loosely over your shoulders. A very sweet and cute hairstyle it is.

38. Shiny Fringed Waves with Highlights and Lowlights

Shiny fringed long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

This hairstyle is quite simple yet fascinating. The choice of highlights and lowlights has added a polished effect to the waves, while the rounded front fringes have complemented the look flawlessly.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Go for longer bangs that can be swept aside for a round face, as heavy or blunt bangs will not suit it.

39. Wavy Ombre Layers with Middle Part and Curly Ends

Long wavy ombre layered hairstyle
Image: Getty

In this apparently simple hairstyle, the long wavy locks are middle-parted and kept intact all through the upper section. However, they have been given an ombre effect of chocolate brown to dark brown downwards with beautifully curled ends.

40. Highlighted Layered Waves with Volumized Sides

Highlighted layered long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Tease the hair at the sides of your head in order to volumize those sections and add a few true red streaks of hair to your bright copper red layered waves. Simple and eye-catching!

41. Wavy Side Ponytail with Puffy Crown and Side-Swept Bang

Long wavy side ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Make a side ponytail at the nape of your neck and show off those wavy ends of your hair in a stylish manner. A puffy top and a smooth side sweep will make the look even more attractive.

42. Airy Waves with Textured and Highly Twisted Top

Textured airy long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Now, this is a fun, red-carpet hairstyle! Texturize your top hair and twist it up until you come up with a nice flowery structure swinging charmingly over your forehead. Pull the waves from both sides back at the crown and create a semi-high-pony with wispy points.

43. Twisted Bun Half Updo with Loose Curly Waves

Twisted bun long wavy half updo hairstyle
Image: Getty

This is basically a half updo in which the front waves are pulled back and turned into a twisted bun, while the rest of the waves are left loose over the shoulders elegantly. This is one of the easiest long wavy hairstyles to go with.

44. Messy Loose Waves with Pigtail Braided Ends

Messy loose long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Add volume to your crown and give your waves a messy effect too. Now, divide the hair into two loose sections and braid them up slackly starting from the underneath of your collarbones. Also, there is no need of using elastic bands at the ends of the braids.

45. Simple Curly Half Updo with Front Fringes

Simple curly long wavy half updo hairstyle
Image: Getty

If you want to try something new then try this simple hairstyle for wavy long hair. The high bun has added height to the crown, while the front fringes and the loose locks have balanced it off perfectly.

46. Side Fishtail Braid with Loose Waves and Long Side Sweeps

Side fishtail long wavy braid hairstyle
Image: Getty

Give your feminine quotient a significant boost by styling your long waves in this super stylish way. Long side sweeps, loose wavy hair surrounding the side fishtail braid and the pretty hair clip have made the look glorious.

47. Middle-Parted Beachy Waves with Volumized Crown

Middle-parted beachy long wavy hairstyle
Image: Getty

Tease your crown and volumize it in order to create a bouffant effect. Now, middle part the remaining front hair and turn your locks into enviable beachy waves.

Becca Tilley, a Youtuber, shared her personal experience about how she likes to style her hair and create beach waves tresses that are perfect for all occasions, “I have one signature look and the only way I really do my hair is the beach waves.” Becca then proceeds to depict how she sections her hair before starting the process, “…I just feel like I have so much of it (hair) that I like to keep it sectioned off. So I’m gonna start on my… bottom layers of my hair.” She likes to reverse the curling direction towards the back to give it more texture. “To finish it off, I use this dry spray, it smells amazing and you just spray it in there… and that gives it some volume (i).”

48. Loose Hair-Wrapped Side Ponytail with Wavy Locks and Bang

Loose long wavy side ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

This Selena Gomez-look is sure to impress women like you with long wavy hair. Create a loose side ponytail with your textured as well as layered waves and wrap it up with a section of hair. This is one of the best hairstyles for wavy long hair with bangs to go with.

protip_icon Quick Tip
For a soft, fairytale look, use an accessory like a satin bow in solid colors to adorn your side ponytail.

49. Romantic Side Hairdo with Waves and Headband

Romantic long wavy side hairstyle
Image: Getty

Roll up your front waves and secure it at the back. Now, gather all your locks at one side and give a messy finish to it. Wearing a headband can also help you create an illusion of having a puffy top. A perfect hairstyle for a romantic date!

50. Messy High Ponytail with Hair Wrap and Intense Volume

Messy long wavy high ponytail hairstyle
Image: Getty

Make a high ponytail right at your crown and wrap its base with a certain section of hair. Now, tease the wavy pony a lot in order to create a messy voluminous look. You can use hairspray to get proper hold of it.

51. Tousled Waves with Mini Bouffant, Sexy Fringes, and Bow

Toussled long wavy hairstyle with mini bouffant
Image: Getty

Volumize the hair at your crown in order to create a mini bouffant and adorn it with a nice bow! Let your tousled waves stay over your shoulders in a relaxed manner. Also, add a touch of elegance to the entire look by adding a few soft front fringes.

52. Twirled Beachy Waves

Twirled beachy waves with head accessory
Image: Shutterstock

Big is better! At least when it comes to these twirl-tastic waves. Spritz some volumizing or texturizing spray on your tresses and then use a large-barrelled curler to create big twirls. Gently run your fingers through your hair, careful not to undo the big waves. Finish with a sparkly hair accessory for the mermaid vibes.

53. Easy Choppy Waves

Easy and carefree choppy waves
Image: Shutterstock

Sometimes you do not want to look put-together. Consider long hair with choppy waves for such days when you want to look effortless and carefree. Use a curler to create the top waves and a flat iron to straighten your hair at the bottom. Brush your locks with a wide-tooth comb after using hairspray to get a cool finish.

54. Smooth Formal Waves

Formal waves for long hair
Image: Shutterstock

Waves have character when compared to poker straight hair. This look is ideal for those greasy hair days. Apply on some texturizing powder and then wave your hair. Avoid adding waves to the ends of your locks. Finish off with a spritz of hairspray.

Infographic: Top 5 Wavy Long Hairstyles With Layers

Long, wavy hair can be styled in many ways. You can curl it, straighten it, or leave it open with bangs or without. There are several hairstyles that you can choose from if you have long, wavy hair. While the article discusses them in detail, the infographic below lists a few hairstyles with layers that you can try if your hair lacks volume. Check it out!

top 5 wavy long hairstyles with layers(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team


It is surprising how a picture-perfect season like winter can affect your wavy and curly tresses. Thankfully, following some simple yet effective maintenance tips can help. All you need to do is practice the winter wavy and curly hair tips to keep your tresses healthy and beautiful, despite the snow and cold. Stop using heat on your hair, apply a hair conditioner after shampooing, massage your scalp and hair with hot oils, protect your hair from sun and pollution, stay hydrated, sleep properly, and decrease your caffeine and alcohol intake. So, scroll up, learn these tips properly, and care for your curls and waves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is long wavy hair attractive?

Yes. It is commonly believed that having long, wavy hair is the epitome of femininity.

Is step cut good for wavy hair?

Yes, a step cut is good for people with thick, wavy hair trying to look edgy.

What’s the easiest way to smooth wavy hair?

You can apply mousse on your wavy hair to reduce frizz and easily smooth it. It also helps condition the hair, smoothes the cuticles, and adds a more luster to it.

What’s the easiest way to avoid frizz for those with curls or waves?

One of the easiest ways to avoid frizz is to swap your regular towel for a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt, which easily soak in the water and help reduce damage caused by friction.

What types of products are necessary for wavy hair?

Hydrating and frizz-fighting shampoos, moisturizing leave-in conditioners, and hair masks made with the goodness of keratin and coconut and argan oil are necessary to maintain wavy hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Wavy long hairstyles are easier to wear than most, but they are prone to frizz and tangles.
  • Wavy long hair can be worn in varying ponytail styles, such as high ponytails, side ponytails, and braided ponytails, or you can leave it open.
  • You can opt for different types of bangs such as blunt, feathered, layered, or curtain to flaunt your wavy hair.
  • Add some definition or a pop of color to your hair by opting for highlights, balayage, or ombre styles.
long wavy hairstyles

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Calling all wavy-haired beauties! In this video discover a treasure trove of adorable and effortless hairstyles tailored just for you. Check it out!

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